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Check out Avraham Gileadi's exceptional and in-depth web site and commentary regarding Isaiah. Be sure to click on the ' Isaiah Explained has a amazing Commentary decoding  Isaiah by Hebrew scholar Avraham Gileadi Analytical Commentary of Isaiah ' link for each Isaiah chapter. It opens a window with a presentation player allowing you to listen to Dr. Gildeadi teach each Isaiah chapter, you can jump to any verse you want Commentary on ... simply amazing!

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“Dr. Gileadi’s work will render obsolete almost all the speculations of Isaiah scholars over the last one hundred years, enabling scholarship to proceed along an entirely new line, opening new avenues of approach for others to follow”—Professor Roland K. Harrison, Wycliffe College, Toronto, Canada.

“Only one who is truly at home not only with the Hebrew but with the ancient manner of biblical thought could have produced such an insightful and ground-breaking book”—Professor S. Douglas Waterhouse, Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan.

“Dr. Gileadi has achieved a major breakthrough in the investigation of a book of such complexity and importance as the Book of Isaiah”—Professor David Noel Freedman, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

“Dr. Gileadi has clearly demonstrated his mastery of the Book of Isaiah and of the scholarly literature dealing with it”—Professor Ronald Youngblood, Bethel Theological Seminary, San Diego, California.

“Dr. Gileadi is the only LDS scholar I know of who is thoroughly competent to teach the words of Isaiah”—Professor Hugh Nibley, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah. (1. 6. 2003)

“Dr. Gileadi’s translation [of the Book of Isaiah] is clear and smooth, allowing the reader to appreciate the power and beauty of Isaiah as conveyed in the Hebrew original”—Professor Herbert M. Wolf, Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois.

“Dr. Gileadi has produced a translation of the Book of Isaiah which is modern in its linguistic approach, but which also preserves all the values of more traditional renderings. This constitutes an advance upon other modern translations”—Professor R. K. Harrison, Editor-in-Chief, New King James Version.

“Isaiah Decoded is a huge breakthrough for the seeker of truth. Gileadi has brought to light eternal truths about the nature of God and our relationship to him that have lain buried for centuries in the dust of time”—Guy Wins, fifth-generation Jewish diamond dealer from Antwerp,Belgium.

“Gileadi is the only scholar I know who has been able to express the Jewish expectation of the Messiah in relation to the life and mission of Jesus of Nazareth”—Daniel Rona, Israeli tour guide, Jerusalem,Israel.

“Dr. Gileadi has awakened a whole new depth of my understanding of Isaiah’s prophetic message. His books and tapes illuminate the urgent relevance of Isaiah’s writings to our own day”—Becky Douglas, supervisor and sponsor of three orphanages in India, Atlanta, Georgia.

“Gileadi has uncovered an amazing message written in a divine code by the prophet–poet Isaiah. This will give comfort, hope, and joy to masses of people as they cope with the perplexing events now unfolding before their eyes”—Fenton Tobler, thirty years school principal, Las Vegas, Nevada.

“What power of understanding Dr. Gileadi has brought through the Book of Isaiah! He is surely to Isaiah and the end-time as Isaac Newton was to science and the Age of Enlightenment” —Kaye Bullock, midwife of over 2,000 home births —Tucson, Arizona.

“Dr. Gileadi's understanding of the textual structure of Isaiah thoroughly explodes biblical minimalists' claim that the book was written by different authors over a long period of time”—Damon Casale, biblical researcher, Tampa, Florida.

“Without a doubt one of the most influential writers of all time, Gileadi has awakened critical truths vital for navigating through these times. His research is a rare combination of scholarship and divine inspiration”—Jennifer Orten, editor, Chino Hills, California.

Avraham Gileadi has done for the Book of Isaiah what Stephen Hawking did for quantum physics. He has rolled back the ancient scroll to reveal a timeless message for all in modern times, Jew and Gentile”—Robert Kay, Utah Torah Education Society, Salt Lake City.

Dr. Gileadi's translation of Isaiah is alive with meaning. After reading many Isaiah commentaries and still feeling confused, I read Dr. Gileadi's books and the lights turned on”—David G. Young, Naturopathic Physician, Battle Ground, Washington.

“Dr. Gileadi's research has become the benchmark by which all other works on Isaiah will be judged. His love of Isaiah shows a depth of understanding never before seen, creating in me and others the same love. Thank you for what you have done”—Charles Scott Grace, JD, Llm, DDS, Boise, Idaho.

“Avraham Gileadi's translation and interpretation of Isaiah unveil not only the Book of Isaiah but the whole scriptural canon, pointing us to a clearer understanding of the climactic events now unfolding as Israel's long awaited reconciliation approaches”—Clyde Daniel Mead, writer, Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Dr. Gileadi has entirely changed my depth of vision, empowering my students and I with keys that unlock all scripture. What a joy to have a student jump out of his seat or look up with tear-filled eyes at a layered meaning of Isaiah!”—Rhonda Pickering, Christian School Administrator, Ocean View, Hawaii.

How to Use the Analytical Translation

            Passages of Isaiah translated from Hebrew prose extend from margin to margin. Passages translated from poetic verse are indented.

            Words inserted in the text to clarify incomplete or difficult phrasing appear in italics.

            A superscript letter after a problematic word or phrase in the text,a or two identical superscript letters, bone before and one after,b indicate a footnote.

            Footnotes are marked alphabetically within each chapter and identify a verse by its number.

            Abbreviations in footnotes include:
MT—The Hebrew Masoretic Text from which the new translation was made.
1QIsaa—The complete Dead Sea scroll of Isaiah of St. Mark's Monastery.
LXX—The Greek Septuagint Version of the Old Testament.

            Words or phrases relocated in the text are offset by brackets [....] and indicated by footnotes. a

            Verses relocated in the text are indicated by footnotes. a

            Metaphorical key words that function as pseudonyms of Jehovah, his servant, or the king of Assyria/Babylon appear in bold.

            Cross-referenced passages in the margins may throw light on the adjoining verses. A cross-referenced passage marked by an asterisk* indicates a relocated passage in the text.



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Search the Metaphorical key words that function as pseudonyms.

      ARM ARMS ANGER      
      DEATH DEEP       
      HAND HANDS HEAT      
      LAMB LIGHT LIPS      
      SEA SHOOT SIEVE      
      WRATH YOKE ZEAL      


































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