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Isaiah 2

The end-time restoration of Zion/Jerusalem contrasts Jehovah’s judgment of the world at his coming.

1 A prophecy concerning Judea and Jerusalem which Isaiah the son of Amoz saw in vision:
2 In the latter daysthe mountain of Jehovah’s houseshall become establishedasa the head of the mountains;it shall be preeminent among the hills,and all nations will flow to it. 3 Many peoples shall go, saying,Come, let us go upto the mountain of Jehovah,to the house of the God of Jacob,that he may instruct us in his ways,that we may follow in his paths.For out of Zion shall go forth the law,and from Jerusalem the word of Jehovah. 4 He will judge between the nationsand arbitrate for many peoples.They will beat their swords into plowshares,their spears into pruning hooks:nation will not lift the sword against nation,nor will they learn warfare any more.
5 O house of Jacob, come,let us follow the light of Jehovah.
6 For you, O Jehovah, have forsaken your people,the house of Jacob, because,like the Philistines,they provide themselves withbmystics from the Eastand are content with the infantile heathen. 7 Their land is full of silver and goldand there is no end to their wealth;their land is full of horsesand there is no end to their chariots. 8 Their land is full of idols:they adore the works of their hands,things their own fingers have made.
9 Mankind is brought lowwhen men thus debase themselves.Forbear them not!
10 Go into the rocks; hide in the dustfrom the awesome presence of Jehovahand from the brightness of his glory. 11 The haughty eyes of men shall be loweredand man’s pride abased;Jehovah alone shall be exalted in that day.
12 Jehovah of Hosts has a day in storefor all the proud and arrogantand for all who are exalted,that they may be brought low.
13 It shall come against all the loftycedars of Lebanon that lift themselves up high,and against all the oaks of Bashan, 14 against all high mountains and elevated hills, 15 against every tall tower and reinforced wall, 16 against [all vessels at sea,]cboth merchant shipsd and pleasure craft. 17 The haughtiness of men shall be abased,and man’s pride brought low;Jehovah alone shall be exalted in that day.
18 He will utterly supplant the false gods.
19 Men will go into caves in the rocksand holes in the ground,from the awesome presence of Jehovahand from the brightness of his glory,when he arises and strikes terror on earth. 20 In that day men will throw awayto the moles and to the batstheir idols of silver and gods of goldwhich they have made for themselvesto adore.
21 Men will go into crevices in the rocksand fissures in the cliffs,from the awesome presence of Jehovahand from the brightness of his glory,when he arises and strikes terror on earth.
22 Desist from the things of man,in whose nostrils is but breath!For of what consideration is he?

  • a2 So 1QIsaa; MT has bet essentiae: in/as.
  • b6 Hebrew conjunctive emended to preposition .
  • c16 So LXX; not in MT.
  • d16 Hebrew ships of Tarshish.


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