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33:19 babbling tongue was unintelligible


3:12 babes subject them; women wield


13:1 oracle concerning Babylon, which

13:19 children. And Babylon, the most

14:4 taunt against the king of Babylon,

21:2 sighing that Babylon has caused I

21:9 fallen; Babylon has fallen. All her

39:1 of Babylon, sent letters and gifts to

39:3 to me from Babylon. And Isaiah

39:6 carried away to Babylon. Nothing

39:7 palace of the king of Babylon. But

43:14 launch an attack on Babylon and

47:1 Daughter of Babylon; squat on the

48:14 shall perform his will in Babylon;

48:20 out of Babylon, flee from Chaldea

52:11 as you leave Babylon. Come out


13:22 near; Babylon’s days shall not be

14:22 I will cut off Babylon’s name and


19:22 it: they will turn back to Jehovah,

21:12 so by repenting and coming back

24:20 sway back and forth like a shanty

36:17 until I come back and take you to

37:20 and turn you back by the way you

50:5 and I rebel not, nor back away: I

50:6 my back to smiters, my cheeks to

51:23 so that you made your back as the

54:2 Do not hold back; lengthen your

54:6 the earth. Jehovah calls you back

55:12 joy and be led back in peace; the

59:14 is compelled to back away, and

60:9 lead, to bring back your children

66:20 shall bring back all your brethren


59:13 backing away from following our


30:6 on the backs of young asses, their


29:17 be considered backwoods? In that


44:15 to bake bread, of that they create


44:19 the fire; I also baked bread in its


39:1 son of Baladan, king of Babylon,


38:10 gates, deprived of the balance of

40:12 in scales, hills in a balance? Who

40:15 more than dust on a balance; the


15:2 shall be bald, every beard cut off


3:17 the women of Zion with baldness

3:24 instead of the coiffure, baldness,


11:5 will be as a band about his waist,

37:32 Mount Zion a band of survivors.


21:13 bands of Dedanites, who sojourn

52:2 from the bands around your neck


58:9 if you will banish servitude from


8:22 and thus are banished into outer

49:21 I was exiled, banished; by whom


27:8 them by utterly banishing them,


8:7 all his banks. He will sweep into


5:12 at their banquets, but they regard


27:10 bare the young branches of trees.

32:11 daughters! Strip yourselves bare;

47:2 grind flour; unveil, disrobe, bare


21:15 bared sword, the drawn bow and

52:10 * bared his holy arm in the eyes of


20:2 had done so, naked and barefoot.

20:3 barefoot for three years as a sign

20:4 naked and barefoot, with buttocks


57:8 And you bargain with those with


56:10 watchdogs unable to bark, lolling


28:25 barley and plant buckwheat in its


13:2 barren mountain; sound the voice

41:18 barren hill country, springs in the

49:9 find pasture on all barren heights;

49:21 while I was bereaved and barren?

54:1 O barren woman who did not give

56:3 eunuch say, I am but a barren tree.


26:1 as walls and barricades! Open the


45:2 doors and cut through iron bars. I


2:13 all the oaks of Bashan, against all

33:9 dry waste, Bashan and Carmel are


5:10 but one bath, and a homer of seed


57:9 nakedness. You bathe with oils for


2:20 and to the bats their idols of silver


10:34 be battered down with the force of

24:12 the gates lie battered to ruin. Then


22:5 a day of battering down walls, and


9:5 in battle and tunics rolled in blood

22:2 in battle! Your chiefs, altogether in


11:1 from its graft bear fruit. The Spirit

11:7 and bear browse, their young shall

23:4 no longer labor and bear children!

37:31 below and bear fruit above. For out

46:4 made you, and I who bear you up;

46:7 to and worship. They bear it aloft,

52:11 be pure, you who bear Jehovah’s

65:23 bear children doomed for calamity.


7:20 cut off even your beard. In that day

15:2 bald, every beard cut off. They will

50:6 to those who plucked out the beard


18:5 the fruit-bearing twigs with knives

53:11 by bearing their iniquities, shall my

60:6 Sheba will come, bearing gold and


59:11 dead. We grumble like bears, all of


1:11 of rams and fat of fatted beasts; the

18:6 beasts of the land: the birds of prey

18:6 and the beasts of the land all winter

30:6 An oracle concerning the Beasts of

30:6 lions and the roaring king of beasts,

35:9 there, nor shall wild beasts intrude.

40:16 a fire, nor all its beasts be adequate

43:20 beasts do me honor, the jackals and

46:1 upon beasts and cattle; the images

56:9 All you wild beasts, you animals of


2:4 many peoples. They will beat their

25:4 the blasts of tyrants beat down like

32:12 sackcloth around your waists. Beat


17:6 an olive tree is beaten, having two

24:13 an olive tree is beaten, or as grapes

28:27 cumin: fennel is beaten out with a


41:7 * he who beats with a hammer urges


4:2 shall be beautiful and glorious, and


60:13 to beautify the site of my sanctuary


3:24 for in place of beauty there shall be

28:5 be as a crown of beauty and wreath

44:13 likeness, resembling man’s beauty,


13:2 them! Beckon them with the hand


14:11 a bed of maggots; you are covered

57:7 prominent your bed, and there you

57:8 others than me: mounting your bed

58:5 one’s bed of sackcloth and ashes?


7:19 with one accord in the river beds of

19:5 lakes shall ebb away as stream beds

57:2 rest in their beds. As for you, come


15:8 echo as far as Beer Elim. Although


7:18 the bees in the land of Assyria. And


9:8 Jacob, and it shall befall Israel. And

47:11 disaster shall befall you from which


51:19 Twofold calamity has befallen you:


41:26 Who announced this beforehand, so

48:3 past I made known long beforehand

48:5 them beforehand; I announced them


59:4 beget wickedness. They hatch vipers’


1:26 your counsellors as in the beginning

46:10 foretell the end from the beginning,


44:12 drink water, he begins to grow faint


45:10 Father, What have you begotten? or


1:17 on behalf of the widow. Come now

8:19 behalf of the living for doctrine and

34:8 year of retribution on behalf of Zion

37:4 prayer on behalf of the remnant that

64:4 on behalf of those who wait for him


36:4 you behave with such confidence?


1:1 Amoz which he beheld concerning


22:3 left behind are caught easily before

26:20 and shut the doors behind you; hide

28:15 hiding behind falsehoods, to have

30:21 hear words from behind you saying

38:17 my sins behind you, [restoring and

45:14 shall walk behind you in chains and

52:12 you, the God of Israel behind you.

57:8 Behind doors and facades you have


30:27 their open wound. Behold, Jehovah

33:17 Your eyes shall behold the King in

33:20 Behold Zion, the city of our solemn

38:11 I shall not now behold Man among

40:9 to the cities of Judah: Behold your

62:2 behold your righteousness and all

63:15 celestial abode, and behold! Where

66:18 may approach and behold my glory


46:1 Bel slumps down, Nebo is stooped


29:3 you round about, and beleaguer you


7:9 you will not believe it, because you

28:16 sure foundation. They who believe

43:10 believe me, and perceive that I was


53:1 believed our revelation? On whose


37:29 snortings and bellowings against me


49:1 me before I was in the belly; before


15:7 personal belongings, they will carry


5:1 rain. Let me sing for my Beloved a

5:1 My Beloved had a vineyard on the

41:8 of Abraham my beloved friend, you


5:27 waist-belts come not loose nor their


19:8 in canals bemoan themselves; those


14:11 your lyres. Beneath you is a bed of

44:23 cause it to resound, O earth beneath

51:6 the earth beneath: the heavens shall


30:5 shall be of no help or benefit, but a

44:10 idol that cannot benefit them? Their


30:2 bent on going down to Egypt—but


3:26 Her gateways shall lie bereaved and

47:8 be widowed or bereaved of children

49:21 bore me these while I was bereaved


47:9 Bereavement and widowhood shall

49:20 time of your bereavement shall yet


17:6 beaten, having two or three berries


38:3 prayed to Jehovah: I beseech you to


47:10 I exist, and there is none besides me

64:4 has any eye seen a God besides you


5:13 best men die of famine, their masses

40:6 at its best like a blossom of the field


51:9 O arm of Jehovah! Bestir yourself,


61:3 who mourn in Zion, bestowing upon


16:3 Shelter those dispossessed; betray

33:1 through betraying, they shall betray


24:16 turncoats have deceitfully betrayed!


33:1 through betraying, they shall betray


3:9 The look on their faces betrays them


10:9 Samaria no better than Damascus?

56:5 of my house that is better than sons

56:12 today, only far better! The righteous


16:7 all have cause to bewail Moab: they


36:18 Beware, lest Hezekiah mislead you


29:9 and become bewildered; preoccupy


50:1 is your mother’s bill of divorce with


9:18 jungle forests, and they shall billow


8:16 said, Bind up the testimony; seal the

22:18 dart. He will bind you tightly about

22:21 with your robe and bind your girdle

49:18 all as with jewels, bind them on you

61:1 me to bind up the brokenhearted, to


30:26 day Jehovah binds up the fracture of


46:11 will. I summon a bird of prey from


13:21 birds of prey will find lodging there

16:2 Like fluttering birds forced out of the

18:6 birds of prey of the mountains and to

18:6 to the beasts of the land: the birds of

31:5 upon its heights. As birds hover over

34:13 creatures, a reserve for birds of prey.

43:20 honor, the jackals and birds of prey,


7:14 woman with child shall give birth to

8:3 she conceived and gave birth to a son

26:17 a woman about to give birth cries out

37:3 reached the point of birth, but there is

46:3 a load on me since birth, borne up by

54:1 barren woman who did not give birth

66:7 Before she is in labor, she gives birth

66:8 Zion gave birth to her children. Shall

66:9 a crisis and not bring on birth, shall I

66:9 who cause the birth, shall I hinder it?


37:29 your nose and my bit in your mouth


5:20 bitterness sweet and the sweet bitter.

24:9 amid song; liquor has turned bitter to


22:4 I weep bitterly; hasten not to comfort

33:7 the champions of peace weep bitterly


5:20 bitterness sweet and the sweet bitter

38:14 bitterness of soul . . . .] O Jehovah, I


28:21 his bizarre work. Now therefore scoff


50:3 with the blackness of mourning; I put


37:24 you have blasphemed my Lord. You


32:6 For the godless utter blasphemy; their


25:4 When the blasts of tyrants beat down

27:8 his fierce blasts they were flung away

29:6 tempestuous blasts and conflagrations


5:24 blazing fire consumes stubble, and as

13:13 Hosts in the day of his blazing wrath


19:25 the earth. Jehovah of Hosts will bless


19:25 Blessed be Egypt my people, Assyria

30:18 of justice; blessed are all who wait for

32:20 Blessed are you, who shall then sow

51:2 him, but I blessed him by making him

56:2 Blessed is the man who does so—the

61:9 of the lineage Jehovah has blessed. I

65:23 lineage of those Jehovah has blessed


19:24 blessing in the midst of the earth. The

44:3 on your offspring, my blessing upon


65:16 Those of them who invoke blessings


29:18 the eyes of the blind see out of gross

35:5 shall the eyes of the blind be opened

42:7 nations, to open eyes that are blind, to

42:16 I lead the blind by a way they did not

42:18 O you deaf, listen; O you blind, look

42:19 blind but my own servant, or so deaf

42:19 blind like those I have commissioned

43:8 who are blind, yet have eyes, who are

56:10 Their watchmen are altogether blind

59:10 grope along the borders like the blind


8:14 a stumbling block or obstructing rock


1:11 blood of bulls and sheep and he-goats

1:15 are filled with blood. Wash yourselves

9:5 rolled in blood have become fuel for

15:9 Dibon shall flow with blood, yet will

26:21 the earth will uncover the blood shed

34:3 a stench; their blood shall dissolve on

34:6 sword that shall engorge with blood

34:6 fat—the blood of lambs and he-goats

34:7 blood, their soil enriched with fat. For

49:26 their own blood as with wine. And all

59:3 defiled with blood, your fingers with

59:7 hasten to shed innocent blood. Their

66:3 as one who offers swine’s blood, and


4:4 bloodshed, in the spirit of justice, by


27:6 Israel bursts into blossom, the face of

40:6 at its best like a blossom of the field.

45:8 salvation blossom; let righteousness


5:24 roots decay away and their blossoms

18:5 the set blossoms are developing into

35:1 desert shall rejoice when it blossoms


43:25 blot out your offenses, remembering


13:6 as a violent blow from the Almighty

19:7 channels shall shrivel and blow away

53:8 people, to whom the blow was due?


14:6 him who with unerring blows struck


28:7 seers, they blunder in their decisions


1:29 blush for the parks you were fond of

24:23 moon will blush and the sun be put


20:5 their hope, and at Egypt, their boast

30:7 refer to her as an idle boast. Go now

45:25 themselves and have cause to boast.


10:12 his notorious boasting and infamous

16:6 its boasting, of its outbursts of false


26:19 when their bodies arise. You will say

37:36 morning, there all their dead bodies!

58:3 bodies and you remain indifferent! It


64:2 —as when fire is lit for boiling water


5:14 the masses, their boisterous ones and


58:6 to release from wrongful bondage, to


28:22 not, lest your bonds grow severe, for


9:5 have become fuel for bonfires. For to


29:11 words of a sealed book that they give

29:18 the words of the book and the eyes of

30:8 book for the end-time, as a testimony forever

34:16 read it in the book of Jehovah: None


29:6 resounding booms, tempestuous blasts


9:5 day of Midian’s defeat. And all boots


19:19 a monument to Jehovah at its border.


10:13 have done away with the borders of

26:15 you have withdrawn all borders in the

59:10 grope along the borders like the blind

60:18 disaster within your borders; you will


46:1 the images you bore aloft are piled as

49:21 to yourself, Who bore me these while

51:2 father, to Sarah who bore you. He was

51:18 among all the children she bore, none

53:4 no merit. Yet he bore our sufferings,

53:12 —he bore the sins of many, and made


9:6 to us a child is born, a son appointed,

49:20 children born during the time of your

57:4 you are born of sin, a spurious brood

66:8 but a day and a nation be born at once


45:10 to the Woman, What have you borne

46:3 birth, borne up by me from the womb


24:2 lender as with borrower, with creditor


40:11 his arm and carries in his bosom; the

63:15 your bosom and your compassion are

65:6 have paid back into their bosom their

66:11 the abundance of her bosom. For thus


49:22 will bring your sons in their bosoms


17:6 or three berries in the topmost bough


1:6 not been pressed out or bound up, nor

61:1 the opening of the eyes to the bound


54:12 and your entire boundary of precious


59:8 is not within their bounds. They have


66:12 bounty of the nations like a stream in


21:15 the bared sword, the drawn bow and

22:3 are captured without using the bow;

27:13 of Egypt shall come and bow down to

41:2 sword, as driven stubble to his bow?

44:17 idol, to which they bow in adoration

45:14 and bow down to you, entreating you

45:23 revoked; To me every knee shall bow

46:2 altogether sag and bow down, unable

46:6 a god they bow down to and worship

49:23 bow down before you, their faces to


51:14 now shall he who is bowed down be


58:5 Is it only for bowing one’s head like

60:14 you will come bowing before you; all


51:17 wrath, drinking to the dregs the bowl

51:22 no more from the bowl of my wrath.


22:24 lesser vessels, from ordinary bowls to

65:4 their bowls full of polluted broth, who


5:28 all their bows are strung. The tread of

7:24 will go there with bows and arrows,

13:18 Their bows shall tear apart the young


41:19 cypresses, elms and box trees in the


34:6 will hold a slaughter in Bozrah, an

63:1 this from Bozrah, arrayed in majesty


3:20 scarves, tiaras, bracelets and ribbons


11:1 and a branch from its graft bear fruit

17:6 four or five in its most fruitful branch

60:21 they are the branch I have planted, the


16:8 its branches spread abroad across the

18:5 remove the new branches by slashing

27:10 stripping bare the young branches of


19:16 the brandishing hand Jehovah wields


45:2 will break in pieces brazen doors and

48:4 was an iron sinew, your brow brazen


30:13 breach exposed in a high wall which


22:9 city of David increasingly breached,


30:20 Lord give you the bread of adversity

33:16 Bread is provided them, their water is

44:15 to bake bread, of that they create gods

44:19 fire; I also baked bread in its embers,

55:2 what is not bread, your labor on what


8:8 will span the breadth of your land, O


14:25 I will break Assyria in my own land,

24:19 rent; the earth shall break up and cave

28:13 might lapse into stumbling and break

30:9 people, sons who break faith, children

35:2 Joyously it shall break out in flower,

35:6 shall break forth in the wilderness and

35:7 creatures [shall marshes break out], in

42:3 even a bruised reed he will not break

45:2 will break in pieces brazen doors and

52:9 Break out all together into song, you

54:1 did not give birth; break into jubilant

58:8 light break through like the dawn and


66:3 lamb, as one who breaks a dog’s neck


16:11 My breast will vibrate like a harp for

28:9 milk, those just taken from the breast


59:17 put on righteousness as a breastplate


32:12 Beat your breasts for the choice fields

60:16 suckling at the breasts of kings. Then

66:11 contentedly at her consoling breasts;


2:22 man, in whose nostrils is but breath!

11:4 of his mouth and with the breath of

30:28 breath is like a raging torrent that

30:33 Jehovah’s breath burns within it like

33:11 fire of your own breath devours you

42:5 the breath of life to the people upon


40:7 the Spirit of Jehovah breathe within

42:14 and breathe hard and fast all at once.


66:5 brethren who abhor you and exclude

66:20 brethren from throughout the nations


5:6 but briars and thorns shall overgrow

7:23 shall be briars and thorns. Men will

7:25 for fear of the briars and thorns, but

9:18 a fire, and briars and thorns shall it

10:17 and devour his briars and thorns in a

27:4 Should briars and thorns come up, I

32:13 be overgrown with briars and thorns

34:13 thistles and briars its strongholds; it


5:23 who acquit the guilty for a bribe, but

45:13 without price or bribe, says Jehovah


1:23 with one accord they love bribes and

33:15 taking bribes, who stop their ears at

47:11 how to avert by bribes; disaster shall


9:10 bricks have fallen down, but we will

65:3 in parks, making smoke upon bricks


49:18 you as does a bride. For your ruins

61:10 a bride adorned with her jewels. For

62:5 bridegroom rejoices over the bride,


61:10 like a bridegroom dressed in priestly

62:5 bridegroom rejoices over the bride,


30:28 an erring bridle on their jaws he will


48:9 I have bridled my wrath; on account


9:2 in darkness have seen a bright light


2:10 and from the brightness of his glory.

2:19 and from the brightness of his glory,

2:21 and from the brightness of his glory,

60:3 kings to the brightness of your dawn.

60:19 nor the brightness of the moon your


34:9 earth into brimstone; her land shall


1:13 Bring no more worthless offerings;

3:14 He will bring to trial the elders of his

7:17 will bring upon you and your people

14:2 bring them to their own place. And

15:9 I will bring lions upon the fugitives

16:10 vintage shout I will bring to an end.

21:2 Babylon has caused I will bring to an

21:14 bring water to greet the thirsty; meet

26:12 Jehovah, you bring about our peace;

31:2 too is shrewd and will bring disaster

38:19 living, only they bring you praise, as

41:19 water. I will bring cedars and acacias

43:5 I will bring your offspring from the

43:6 not! Bring my sons from afar and my

43:9 pass? Let them bring their witnesses

43:14 Babylon and bring down as fugitives

43:23 bring me offerings from your flocks

46:11 I bring to pass: what I have planned

49:22 will bring your sons in their bosoms

50:8 Who will bring charges against me?

56:7 will bring to my holy mountain and

58:7 bring home the wretchedly poor, and

58:11 dearth and bring vigor to your limbs

60:9 to bring back your children from afar

60:17 In place of copper I will bring gold,

60:17 in place of wood I will bring copper

66:4 bring upon them the thing they dread

66:9 Shall I bring to a crisis and not bring

66:20 nations and shall bring back all your


38:13 you are bringing on my end. Like a

43:20 for bringing water to the wilderness

51:3 Zion, bringing solace to all her ruins


34:16 by his Spirit he brings them together

40:23 who brings potentates to nought and

40:26 formed these? He who brings forth

52:7 brings tidings of good, who heralds

61:11 the earth brings forth its vegetation,


30:33 for rulers; broad and deep is its fire

33:21 country of rivers and broad streams


48:20 resounding voice; broadcast it to the


44:16 they broil a roast; they eat the meat


7:17 broke away from Judah—the day of

37:37 of Assyria broke camp and withdrew


5:5 have its wall broken through and let

8:15 fall shall be broken, and when they

14:5 ceased! Jehovah has broken the staff

14:29 the rod which struck you is broken.

15:4 Moab, but their spirit shall be broken

24:10 The towns of disorder are broken up

27:11 harvest of twigs dries, broken off by


61:1 sent me to bind up the brokenhearted


65:14 heartbreak, howling from brokenness


14:20 people. May the brood of miscreants

31:2 the brood of miscreants and allies of

34:15 eggs, hatch them and brood over her

57:4 you are born of sin, a spurious brood


32:2 like brooks of water in a desert place

44:4 like willows by running brooks. One


14:23 it with the broom of destruction, says


65:4 polluted broth, who think, Keep your


19:2 they will fight brother against brother


1:2 I have reared sons, brought them up,

2:9 Mankind is brought low when men

2:12 exalted, that they may be brought low

2:17 abased, and man’s pride brought low

3:9 their souls; they have brought disaster

5:15 Mankind is brought low when men

8:4 of Samaria will be brought before the

14:15 have been brought down to Sheol, to

18:7 be brought to Jehovah of Hosts from

26:18 in labor, but have brought forth only

33:11 brought forth stubble, the fire of your

37:26 planned it? Now I have brought it to

38:15 when he himself has brought it about

42:4 has brought about justice in the earth

46:13 have brought near my righteousness

48:15 have brought him, and I will prosper

53:6 way; Jehovah brought together upon

59:16 own arm brought about salvation for

60:11 of nations may be brought to you and

63:5 own arm brought about salvation for

63:11 who brought them up out of the Sea

66:20 as the Israelites brought offerings in


5:1 vineyard on the fertile brow of a hill

48:4 sinew, your brow brazen—therefore


11:7 When a cow and bear browse, their


32:14 animals, a browsing place for flocks


42:3 bruised reed he will not break; a dim

42:4 himself grow dim or be bruised until


1:6 and bruises and festering sores; they


32:15 be reckoned as brushwood. So shall


64:2 lit for boiling water, which bubbles


40:15 nations are but drops from a bucket,


28:25 and plant buckwheat in its own plot


46:7 stands, unable to budge from its spot


34:7 them shall fall buffalo, bulls, and steers

51:20 every street, taken in a net like buffalo.


65:21 men build houses, they will dwell in

65:22 not build so that others may dwell, or

66:1 you build me? What would serve me


54:11 I will lay antimony for your building


5:9 buildings shall lie desolate, large and

13:21 in it, and its buildings overflow with

22:10 You took a census of the buildings in

22:10 tearing down buildings to fortify the


5:2 choice vines. He built a watchtower

22:11 You built cisterns between the walls


1:11 beasts; the blood of bulls and sheep

34:7 them shall fall buffalo, bulls, and steers


1:14 detests. They have become a burden

9:6 shoulder the burden of government.

14:25 burden removed from their shoulders

22:25 the burden hanging on it cut off. The

46:2 down, unable to rescue their burden


9:4 yoke that burdened them, the staff

43:23 not burdened you with oblations or

43:24 Nor have I burdened you to buy me

43:24 burdened me with your sins, wearied


10:27 that day their burdens shall be lifted

46:1 aloft are piled as burdens on weary


57:5 burgeoning tree, slayers of children


14:20 shall not share burial with them, for

53:9 rich was his burial; yet he had done


3:24 a loincloth of burlap; for in place of


1:31 spark; both shall burn up alike, and

10:17 it shall burn up and devour his briars

44:16 Half of it they burn in the fire. Over

57:5 who burn with lust among the oaks,


1:7 ruined, your cities burned with fire;

5:5 hedge removed and let it be burned;

6:13 in it, or return, they shall be burned.

33:12 Whole nations have been burned like

43:2 the fire, you shall not be burned; its

44:19 this I burned in the fire; I also baked

64:11 been burned with fire, and all places


4:4 spirit of justice, by a burning wind

7:4 of kindling, by the burning anger of

10:16 fire to flare up like a burning hearth

25:5 the heathen: as burning heat by the

27:8 in the day of the burning east wind.

33:14 among us can abide eternal burning

34:9 land shall become as burning pitch

43:23 or wearied you with burning incense


30:33 Jehovah’s breath burns within it like

66:3 whoever burns incense, as one who


47:14 stubble they are burnt up in the fire


44:23 O earth beneath! Burst into song, O

49:13 earth! Burst into song, O mountains


27:6 root and Israel bursts into blossom,


58:13 speaking of business matters—then


20:4 barefoot, with buttocks uncovered—


43:24 Nor have I burdened you to buy me

55:1 no money, come and buy food, that

55:1 eat. Come, buy wine and milk with


24:2 with maid, with seller as with buyer


18:1 of buzzing wings beyond the rivers


43:18 prophecies of bygone events; do not