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25:6 a feast of leavened cakes, succulent


3:11 the wicked when calamity overtakes

13:11 calamity for the world, punishment

15:8 cry of calamity shall encompass the

45:7 I occasion peace and cause calamity

51:19 Twofold calamity has befallen you:

57:1 calamity the righteous are withdrawn

65:23 bear children doomed for calamity.


43:24 buy me the fragrant calamus or sate


8:12 he said, Do not call a conspiracy all

8:12 that these people call a conspiracy;

21:11 Dumah: Men call to me from Seir,

34:14 wild goats call to one another. There

43:22 not call upon me, O Jacob; you have

45:4 and Israel my chosen, I call you by

48:2 who call yourselves of the holy city

48:13 when I call them, they arise at once

55:6 is present; call upon him while he is

58:5 ashes? Do you call that a fast, a day

58:9 Then, should you call, Jehovah will

60:14 call you the City of Jehovah, Zion of

62:6 You who call upon Jehovah, let not

65:15 you. But his servants he will call by

65:24 they call I will reply; while they are


1:26 be called the City of Righteousness

4:1 called by your name—take away our

4:3 in Jerusalem be called holy—all who

6:3 about. They called out to one another

6:4 at the sound of those who called and

8:2 I called in reliable witnesses, Uriah

9:6 will be called Wonderful Counsellor

13:3 holy ones, called out my valiant ones

35:8 shall be called the Way of Holiness,

36:13 Rabshakeh stood and called out in a

41:9 the ends of the earth, called from its

42:6 I Jehovah have rightfully called you

43:1 you. I have called you by name; you

43:7 who are called by my name, whom I

47:5 longer shall you be called, Mistress

48:8 called a transgressor from the womb

48:12 and Israel, whom I have called: I am

48:15 and also called him; I have brought

49:1 peoples: Jehovah called me before I

50:2 one answer when I called? Was my

51:2 was but one when I called him, but I

54:5 One of Israel, who is called the God

58:12 be called a rebuilder of fallen walls,

61:3 downcast spirit. They shall be called

61:6 be called the priests of Jehovah and

62:2 called by a new name conferred by

62:4 shall no more be called the forsaken

62:12 They shall be called the holy people

65:12 I called, you did not respond; when I

66:4 For when I called, no one responded


40:26 forth their hosts by number, calling

41:2 calling him to the place of his foot?


22:12 Jehovah of Hosts calls for weeping

40:3 voice calls out, In the desert prepare

41:25 one from the north who calls on my

45:3 who calls you by name. For the sake

54:6 calls you back as a spouse forsaken

59:4 tongue utters duplicity. None calls

64:7 sweep us away. Yet none calls upon


7:4 it that you remain calm and unafraid

30:15 Israel: By a calm response triumph;

32:17 an assured calm forever. My people


10:9 not Calno fared like Carchemish? Is


11:6 young goats; calves and young lions


7:1 Israel came up to Jerusalem to wage

11:16 as there was for Israel when it came

14:28 Ahaz died came this oracle: Rejoice

20:1 Assyria came to Ashdod and took it

37:5 Hezekiah’s servants came to Isaiah,

37:29 turn you back by the way you came.

37:34 By the way he came he shall return;

38:1 Isaiah the son of Amoz came to him

38:4 the word of Jehovah came to Isaiah:

39:3 Isaiah came to King Hezekiah and

39:3 They came from a distant land; they

39:3 they came to me from Babylon. And

42:9 events indeed came to pass, but new

48:3 I acted and they came about. For I

50:2 Why was no one there when I came

58:12 of unfailing waters. They who came

66:2 made, and thus all came into being,


21:7 riders on asses and riders on camels.

30:6 on the humps of camels, to a people

60:6 A myriad of camels shall cover your


37:36 Assyrian camp. And when men arose

37:37 of Assyria broke camp and withdrew


19:7 wither; vegetation adjoining canals

19:8 anglers in canals bemoan themselves


21:5 deck them with candlesticks. They


54:2 site of your tent; extend the canopies


4:5 all that is glorious shall be a canopy.

40:22 suspends the heavens like a canopy,


7:8 Damascus is the capital of Aram and

7:9 is the capital of Ephraim and the son


31:9 men melt; their captain shall expire


8:15 ensnared shall be taken captive. For

14:2 Jehovah: they will take captive their

28:13 and be taken captive. Therefore hear

52:2 captive Daughter of Zion. Thus says


10:4 among the captives or fall among the

14:17 its cities, permitting not his captives

20:4 of Assyria lead away the captives of

42:7 captives from confinement and from

49:9 say to the captives, Come forth! And

49:24 the tyrant’s captives escape free? Yet

49:25 and the tyrant’s captives escape free:

61:1 captives and the opening of the eyes


46:2 captivity. Hear me, O house of Jacob


22:3 flight, are captured without using the


54:12 jacinth, your gates of carbuncle, and


10:9 Has not Calno fared like Carchemish


44:14 and care for them among the trees of


32:10 shall be in anguish, O carefree ones,


32:9 women; you careless daughters, hear

32:11 perturbed, O careless daughters! Strip


33:9 Carmel are denuded. Now will I arise

35:2 Lebanon, the splendor of Carmel and


38:12 uprooted, carried away from me like

39:6 up until now, shall be carried away to

45:20 They who carried about their wooden

63:9 he lifted them up and carried them all

66:12 you nurse and be carried upon the hip


40:11 his arm and carries in his bosom; the


10:23 Jehovah of Hosts, will carry out the

15:7 they will carry away over the Valley

30:6 fiery flying serpent, they carry their

46:4 who carry and rescue you. To whom

49:22 bosoms and carry your daughters on

57:13 A wind shall carry all of them off; a


6:6 flew to me carrying an ember which

46:7 it aloft, carrying it on their shoulders


28:28 driving horse and threshing cart over


28:27 nor is a cartwheel rolled over cumin:


40:20 sculptor to carve them an image that


51:9 Was it not you who carved up Rahab


22:16 carving out graves for themselves in


1:23 the widow’s case come before them.

16:3 say; judge our case! Overshadow us

41:1 and state their case; let us stand trial

41:21 it. Present your case, says Jehovah;

43:26 let us plead each our case. Speak up

45:21 and present your case; go ahead and


14:11 been cast down to Sheol, along with

14:19 But you are cast away unburied like

19:8 those who cast nets on water will be

26:19 earth shall cast up its dead. Come, O

30:22 silver, your cast idols gilded in gold

38:8 shadow cast by the afternoon sun on

38:17 For you have cast all my sins behind

40:19 A figure cast by the artisan, overlaid

44:10 cast an idol that cannot benefit them

50:1 of divorce with which I cast her out

63:6 when I cast their glory to the ground


26:5 by casting it to the ground, laying it


15:5 they will raise the cry of catastrophe

17:14 evening time shall be the catastrophe

47:11 me! Catastrophe shall overtake you,


14:16 who catch sight of you stare at you,


8:14 rock, and a snare catching unawares


33:4 manner of caterpillars; like insatiable


7:25 but they shall serve as a cattle range,

22:13 the killing of cattle and slaughter of

30:23 day your cattle shall graze in ample

46:1 are loaded upon beasts and cattle; the

63:14 not; like cattle descending the slopes


13:15 caught shall fall by the sword. Their

22:3 are caught easily before you can get

24:18 from the pit shall be caught in a trap.

45:20 not save them were caught unawares


1:17 the cause of the fatherless, appeal on

8:7 will my Lord cause to come up over

10:16 fertile lands, and cause a fire to flare

13:5 of his wrath—to cause destruction

13:13 will cause disturbance in the heavens

16:7 lament, and all have cause to bewail

19:20 take up their cause and deliver them.

28:19 it shall seize you; it shall cause terror

30:19 you shall have no cause to weep. He

30:30 will cause his voice to resound, and

33:21 May Jehovah cause us to dwell there

37:7 will cause him to fall by a sword in

40:27 our cause is overlooked by our God

42:3 justice in the cause of truth. Neither

44:23 cause it to resound, O earth beneath!

45:7 I occasion peace and cause calamity

45:25 themselves and have cause to boast.

49:4 to no purpose! Yet my cause rested

51:22 who defends the cause of his people

54:14 and have no cause to fear, far from

59:4 sues for an honest cause. They rely

59:16 his cause. He put on righteousness

61:11 Lord Jehovah cause righteousness

66:5 that we may see cause for your joy!

66:9 I who cause the birth, shall I hinder


21:2 that Babylon has caused I will bring

23:13 exposed it fortifications, and caused

48:3 than I caused them to be announced.

48:5 graven and wrought images caused

48:21 caused water to flow for them from


61:11 causes what is sown to spring up in


5:15 causing the eyes of the high-minded

14:9 causing all who has ruled nations to

17:11 plant them, causing them to sprout

19:14 she does, causing her to stagger like

22:1 with you, causing you all at once to

53:10 to crush him, causing him suffering,


21:9 guard. Now they come: cavalry and

22:7 and cavalry take up positions at your


24:19 and cave in; the earth shall convulse


2:19 false gods. Men will go into caves in


1:16 deeds from before my eyes; cease to

17:1 shall cease to be a city and become a

29:20 to nought and scorners cease; all who

30:11 off the path! Cease confronting with


14:4 has met his end and tyranny ceased!

16:4 more and violence has ceased, when


24:8 rhythm of drums ceases, the revelers’


2:13 the lofty cedars of Lebanon that lift

9:10 but we will replace them with cedars

14:8 rejoice over you, as do the cedars of

37:24 tallest cedars, its choicest cypresses

41:19 water. I will bring cedars and acacias

44:14 required to cut down cedars; he must


25:9 waited; let us joyfully celebrate his

49:13 Shout for joy, O heavens; celebrate


14:7 jubilant celebration! The pine trees,

66:10 who love her; join in her celebration


23:8 merchants the world’s celebrities?

23:9 and the world’s celebrities an utter


63:15 glorious celestial abode, and behold


22:10 census of the buildings in Jerusalem

33:18 are those who conducted the census


66:17 following one in the center, who eat


5:8 dwell in the centers of the land! The

6:12 exodus from the centers of the land.


17:13 wind like chaff on the mountains, or

29:5 your violent mobs like flying chaff.

33:11 chaff and brought forth stubble, the

40:24 storm sweeps them off as chaff. To

41:15 dust and make chaff of hills. As you


40:19 silver chain from the craftsman? The


3:19 pendants, chains and scarves, tiaras,

45:14 shall walk behind you in chains and


48:20 out of Babylon, flee from Chaldea!


13:19 pride of Chaldeans, shall be thrown

23:13 the land of the Chaldeans, the people

43:14 fugitives all the Chaldeans, they who

47:1 of the Chaldeans. You shall no more

47:5 Chaldeans. No longer shall you be

48:14 arm shall be against the Chaldeans.


27:9 he makes like crushed chalkstone all


26:20 my people, enter your chambers and


5:22 champions at mixing liquor! Woe to

33:7 public; the champions of peace weep


24:5 laws, changed the ordinances, set at


8:7 all his channels and overflow all his

19:7 sown along irrigation channels, shall


45:19 offspring to seek me amid chaos. I


34:11 chaotic weight. Shall they summon

45:18 organized it, not to remain a chaotic


3:6 be our leader and take charge of this


13:3 I have charged my holy ones, called


50:8 Who will bring charges against me?


5:28 resembles flint; their chariot wheels


2:7 and there is no end to their chariots.

21:7 chariots with teams of horses, riders

22:6 horses are harnessed to the chariots

22:7 your choice valleys fill with chariots

31:1 numbers of chariots and vast forces

36:9 on Egypt for chariots and horsemen

43:17 who dispatches chariots and horses

66:15 chariots like a whirlwind, to rebuke

66:20 —on horses, in chariots and wagons


37:24 account of my vast chariotry I have


54:8 with everlasting charity I will have

54:10 shaking, but my charity toward you


3:20 charm amulets, rings for the fingers


13:14 like a deer that is chased, or a flock


29:6 She shall be chastened by Jehovah


26:16 chastisements were upon them. As


50:6 to smiters, my cheeks to those who


16:9 Elealeh, when your shouts of cheer


22:2 loud cheers—a tumultuous town, a


44:9 they cherish profit nothing. Those


1:29 ashamed of the oaks you cherished

5:7 his cherished grove. He expected


37:16 cherubim, you alone are God over


22:3 in battle! Your chiefs, altogether in


7:14 young woman with child shall give

7:16 But before the child learns to reject

8:4 the child knows how to say, Father

9:6 child is born, a son appointed, who

10:19 few, a child could record them. In

26:18 We were with child; we have been

49:15 feel no compassion for the child of


1:4 of wrongdoers, perverse children:

8:18 the children Jehovah has given me

13:18 with compassion on children. And

17:3 the glory of the children of Israel,

23:4 I no longer labor and bear children

27:12 by one, O children of Israel. In that

29:23 among him his children, the work

30:9 children unwilling to obey the law

31:6 far astray, O children of Israel. For

37:3 Children have reached the point of

45:11 concerning my children, or dictate

47:8 bereaved of children: Bereavement

49:20 The children born during the time

49:25 I will deliver your children. I will

51:12 man, the children of men who shall

51:18 her among all the children she bore

51:20 children lie in a faint at the corner

54:1 labor. The children of the deserted

54:13 children shall be taught by Jehovah

57:3 you, come here, you children of the

57:5 burgeoning tree, slayers of children

60:9 bring back your children from afar

65:23 bear children doomed for calamity

66:8 birth to her children. Shall I bring


44:13 creates it by chiseling to the outline


5:2 and planted it with choice vines. He

10:18 choice forests and productive fields

17:10 Therefore, though you plant choice

22:7 choice valleys fill with chariots, and

32:12 choice fields and flourishing vines.


37:24 tallest cedars, its choicest cypresses

61:6 and be gratified with their choicest


7:15 choose what is good. But before the

7:16 reject the evil and choose the good,

14:1 Jacob and once again choose Israel

56:4 my Sabbaths and choose to do what


65:12 eyes; you chose to do what was not

66:4 they chose to do what was not my


41:8 chosen, offspring of Abraham my

42:1 chosen one in whom I delight, him

43:10 servant whom I have chosen, to the

43:20 give drink to my chosen people, the

44:1 Israel whom I have chosen. Thus

44:2 and Jeshurun whom I have chosen.

45:4 Jacob, and Israel my chosen, I call

49:7 Holy One of Israel has chosen you.

65:9 my chosen ones shall inherit them,

65:15 to serve my chosen ones as a curse

65:22 tree; my chosen ones shall outlast


36:16 own cistern, until I come back and


22:11 built cisterns between the walls for


1:7 your cities burned with fire; your

6:11 he said, Until the cities lie desolate

14:17 a wilderness, demolishing its cities

14:21 fill the face of the earth with cities

17:2 ruins. The cities of Aroer shall lie

17:9 In that day their mighty cities shall

19:18 Hebrew-speaking cities in the land

25:2 mansions shall no more form cities

27:10 them the fortified cities lie forlorn

32:19 * shall forests be felled, cities utterly

36:1 fortified cities of Judea and seized

37:13 of the cities of Sepharvaim, Hena,

37:26 to demolish fortified cities, turning

40:9 to the cities of Judah: Behold your

42:11 the desert and its cities raise their

43:28 cities be profaned; I gave Jacob to

44:26 be reinhabited, and of the cities of

54:3 and resettle the desolate cities. Be

61:4 they will renew the desolate cities

64:10 your people. Your holy cities have


1:8 city under siege. Had not Jehovah

1:21 How the faithful city has become

1:26 called the City of Righteousness,

14:31 the gates; howl in the city! Utterly

17:1 shall cease to be a city and become

19:2 city against city and state against

19:18 City of Righteousness. In that day

22:2 tumultuous town, a city of revelry

22:9 saw the city of David increasingly

23:7 your festive city of ancient origin,

23:8 imperial city, whose traders were

23:11 the merchant city that her ports of

24:12 is gone. Havoc remains in the city

25:2 the city a heap of rubble, fortified

26:1 Our city is strong; salvation he has

26:5 elite inhabitants of the exalted city

29:1 Ariel, the city where David lodged

32:13 houses in the city of entertainment

33:20 the city of our solemn assemblies

36:15 us; this city shall not be given into

37:33 shall not enter this city or shoot an

37:34 enter this city, says Jehovah. I will

37:35 protect this city and save it, for my

38:6 I will deliver you and this city out

38:6 I will protect this city. And Isaiah

45:13 he will rebuild my city and set free

48:2 yourselves of the holy city, upheld

52:1 glory, O Jerusalem, holy City. No

60:14 call you the City of Jehovah, Zion

62:12 as in demand, a city never deserted

66:6 tumult from the city, a noise from


3:16 when they walk and clacking with


24:11 heard the clamor for wine, though


32:14 shall lie abandoned, the clamorous


60:22 shall become a clan, the youngest


55:12 trees of the meadows all clap their


8:11 Jehovah spoke to me, clasping my


29:16 the potter be regarded as the clay?

41:25 as on mud, tread them as clay like

45:9 As though clay were to say to him

64:8 are the clay and you are the potter


1:16 with blood. Wash yourselves clean


4:4 Zion and cleansed Jerusalem of its


36:6 is clear you depend on the support

41:24 stand in awe. It is clear you are of


62:10 Excavate, pave a highway cleared


5:2 hill. He cultivated it, clearing it of


48:21 from the rock; he cleaved the rock


5:21 are wise in own eyes and clever in


2:21 cliffs, from the awesome presence

33:16 on high; the impregnable cliffs are


22:1 to climb onto the housetops? You


3:23 millinery, and cloaks. And instead


22:21 will clothe him with your robe and

50:3 thirst. I clothe the heavens with the

51:9 clothe yourself with power, O arm

52:1 Awake, arise; clothe yourself with

58:7 men underclad to clothe them, and


23:18 their fill and be elegantly clothed.

59:17 the helmet on his head; he clothed

63:2 clothed in red, your garments like


4:1 wear our own clothes, only let us

36:22 to Hezekiah with their clothes rent

37:1 it, he rent his clothes and put on

61:10 delights in my God. For he clothes


3:7 is neither food nor clothing in my

59:6 cobwebs useless as clothing; their


4:5 Jehovah will form a cloud by day

25:5 heat by the shade of a cloud, you

44:22 fog, your sins like a cloud of mist


9:18 in mushrooming clouds of smoke.

14:14 above the altitude of the clouds; I

19:1 Egypt riding on swift clouds, the

60:8 are these, aloft like clouds, flying


65:8 As when there is juice in a cluster


44:12 works the iron over the coals and

54:16 smith who fans the flaming coals


59:6 cobwebs are useless as clothing;


3:24 instead of the coiffure, baldness,


54:10 removed, and the hills collapse


24:20 it down, and when it collapses it

30:13 unexpectedly collapses. It shall


20:1 to Ashdod and took it by combat

30:32 in mortal combat. For Tophet has


19:9 combed linen and weavers of fine


47:9 exceedingly strong combinations

47:12 with your combinations and with


9:21 both will combine against Judah.


1:12 I do not want. When you come to

1:18 widow. Come now, let us put it to

1:23 case come before them. Therefore

2:3 saying, Come, let us go up to the

2:5 of Jacob, come, let us follow the

2:13 It shall come against all the lofty

5:19 the Holy One of Israel soon come

5:26 the horizon. Forthwith they come

5:27 asleep. Their waist-belts come not

7:19 they will come and settle with one

8:7 Lord cause to come up over them

8:10 come to nought; though you make

10:25 my anger will very soon come to

13:5 for war. They come from a distant

13:6 Jehovah is near; it shall come as a

13:9 The Day of Jehovah shall come as

14:31 North shall come pillars of smoke

19:23 come to Egypt and Egyptians go

21:1 come from the steppes, a land of

21:9 have stood guard. Now they come

26:20 Come, O my people, enter your

26:21 For now will Jehovah come out of

27:4 Should briars and thorns come up

27:6 in days to come, when Jacob takes

27:11 by women who come to light their

27:13 land of Egypt shall come and bow

28:20 of it. Then shall come to pass the

29:20 come to nought and scorners cease

31:3 both shall come to an end together

34:1 Come near, you nations, and hear

34:5 come down on Edom in judgment

34:15 too shall kites come together, each

35:4 himself will come and deliver you

35:7 the reserves shall come rushes and

35:10 come singing to Zion, their heads

36:8 this altar? Come now, wager with

36:10 come against this land and destroy

36:17 come back and take you to a land

39:3 come from? And Hezekiah replied

39:6 time shall come when everything

41:7 * with riveting that it may not come

41:1 them come forward and state their

41:5 come to one another’s aid, saying

41:11 adversaries shall come to nought,

41:22 them come forward and recount to

41:23 Tell us of events to come hereafter

41:25 come from the direction of sunrise

41:25 He shall come upon dignitaries as

42:13 him. Jehovah will come forth like

43:9 events that have come to pass? Let

44:7 foretelling things to come? Be not

45:20 Gather yourselves and come; draw

45:24 alone come vindication and might

45:24 must come in shame all who were

46:8 and come to your senses; take it to

47:9 in one day. They shall come upon

47:11 ransom yourself: there come upon

48:16 way. Come near me and hear this:

49:9 to the captives, Come forth! and to

49:18 gather and come to you. As surely

51:11 come singing to Zion, their heads

52:6 shall my people come to know my

52:11 Babylon. Come out of her be pure,

55:1 Attention, all who thirst; come for

55:1 come and buy food, that you may

55:1 eat. Come, buy wine and milk with

55:3 come unto me; pay heed, that your

55:13 shall come up the cypress, in place

56:1 my salvation will soon come when

56:9 the forest, come and devour! Their

56:12 one after his own advantage. Come

57:3 their beds. As for you, come here,

59:19 glory. For he will come upon them

59:20 he will come as Redeemer to Zion

60:3 will come to your light, their kings

60:4 come to you: your sons shall arrive

60:6 Sheba will come, bearing gold and

60:14 you will come bowing before you;

63:4 the year of my redeemed had come

65:5 your distance, don’t come near me

66:18 will come to gather all nations and

66:23 flesh shall come to worship before


52:7 comely upon the mountains are the


5:29 and escape, and none comes to the

17:3 Ephraim’s defense comes to an end

21:12 watchman replies, Morning comes

24:8 stops; the pulsating of lyres comes

30:28 severs at the neck. He comes to sift

38:16 of such trials, comes a newness of

40:10 See, my Lord Jehovah comes with

62:11 of Zion. See, your Salvation comes

66:15 comes with fire, his chariots like a


22:4 not to comfort me at the ruin of the

40:1 during my reign. Comfort and give

61:2 our God, to comfort all who mourn

66:13 his mother I will comfort you; for


32:18 comfortable dwellings. Blessed are


52:9 Jehovah has comforted his people;

66:13 knees. As one who is comforted by

66:13 Jerusalem you shall be comforted.


51:12 away. I myself am your Comforter


49:13 mountains! Jehovah is comforting

51:3 is comforting Zion, bringing solace


21:12 by repenting and coming back. An

30:18 Jehovah delay his coming, that he

30:27 Omnipotent coming from afar! His

35:4 your God is coming to avenge and

36:16 coming out to me. Then every one

48:7 things now coming into being, not

48:16 in secret; at their coming to pass, I

49:12 high. See these, coming from afar,

63:1 coming from Edom in red-stained


37:28 and your comings and goings, and


14:12 commanded the nations have been

36:21 king had commanded them not to


10:8 will say, Are not my commanders

21:5 you commanders! Oil the armor!


29:13 me consisting of commandments

48:18 obeyed my commandments, your


12:4 commemorate his exalted name.


30:29 night when a festival commences


23:18 commerce shall provide for those


10:6 commission him against a godless

22:20 day I will commission my servant


42:19 like those I have commissioned,


37:19 committing their gods to the fire.


8:1 and write on it in common script:

22:24 most common containers. In that


14:9 Sheol below was in commotion

17:12 commotion like the turbulence of

22:5 day of commotion and trampling


25:3 community of tyrannous nations


46:5 you. To whom will you compare


40:25 can I be compared? Says the Holy


9:19 compassion for one another. They

13:18 will not look with compassion on

14:1 Jehovah will have compassion on

49:13 compassion for his afflicted. But

49:15 no compassion for the child of her

54:7 but with loving compassion I will

54:8 charity I will have compassion on

54:10 Jehovah, who has compassion on

63:9 them. In his love and compassion

63:15 compassion are withheld from us


59:14 redress is compelled to back away


40:12 of his fingers? Who compiled the


32:9 listen to my voice, O complacent

32:11 complacent women; be perturbed


40:13 has comprehended the Spirit of


44:19 have the sense or comprehension


1:15 I will conceal my eyes from you;

6:2 presence, with two conceal their

26:21 it and no more conceal its slain.


10:12 and infamous conceit, because he


59:4 spoken; they conceive misdeeds,


7:5 Aram has conceived an evil plot

8:3 conceived and gave birth to a son

33:11 who conceived chaff and brought


59:13 extortion, conceiving in the mind


33:15 conduct themselves righteously

57:18 I have seen his conduct and I will


33:18 those who conducted the census?


62:2 name conferred by the mouth of


30:15 quiet confidence gain the victory

36:4 you behave with such confidence


24:22 shut in confinement many days

42:7 free captives from confinement


29:6 and conflagrations of devouring

66:15 to rebuke with conflagrations of


45:9 conflict with their Maker, mere


50:7 shall not be confounded. He who

54:4 for you shall not be confounded;


50:8 Let him confront me with them!


30:11 path! Cease confronting us with

42:16 the darkness confronting them I


9:16 those who are led are confused.

44:11 Their whole society is confused


19:14 them with a spirit of confusion;

37:27 away in confusion, becoming as

42:17 retreat in utter confusion. O you


29:7 Ariel, all who congregate at her


37:24 conquered the highest mountains


23:18 shall be consecrated to Jehovah;


14:21 of their sons, in consequence of


22:9 breached, you conserved water in


41:20 may see it and know, consider it,

47:7 forever! And not consider these,

52:15 had not heard, they shall consider

58:13 day—and consider the Sabbath a

64:9 See, consider that we are all your


2:22 For of what consideration is he?


29:17 fruitful be considered backwoods

32:5 nor rogues considered respectable

62:4 your land considered espoused.


34:2 doomed them, consigned them to


59:6 themselves. Their works consist


29:13 their piety toward me consisting


57:18 and amply console him and those


12:1 have consoled me. In the God of


51:19 sword—and who consoles? Your


66:11 at her consoling breasts; draw at


8:12 not call a conspiracy all that these

8:12 these people call a conspiracy; be


51:13 go all day in constant dread of the


27:3 water it constantly, watch over it

52:5 my name is constantly abused all

65:3 a people who constantly provoke


13:10 and constellations of the heavens


58:3 and constrain all who toil for you


45:21 go ahead and consult one another


8:10 you hold consultations, they shall


9:18 briars and thorns shall it consume

10:18 productive fields it will consume

43:2 flame shall not consume you. For

50:9 garment; the moth shall consume

51:8 the moth shall consume them like


5:24 a blazing fire consumes stubble,

26:11 for your enemies consumes them


6:3 the consummation of all the earth


10:16 consumption into his fertile lands


38:13 loom. Can I contain myself until


22:24 most common containers. In that


26:8 contemplate your name. My soul


33:8 in contempt; man is disregarded.

37:22 Zion holds you in contempt; she


3:13 stand and contend with them; he

41:12 look for those who contend with

49:25 I myself will contend with your

57:16 of the humble. I will not contend


49:25 with your contenders, and I will


2:6 the East and are content with the


66:11 now on nurse contentedly at her


58:4 fast amid strife and contention,


18:2 a people continually infringing,

18:7 a people continually infringing,

49:16 you to be continually before me

58:11 you continually; he will satisfy


29:16 contradiction you are! Shall the


3:8 contrary to Jehovah, an affront


66:2 of a humble and contrite spirit


29:15 contrive to hide their schemes


31:6 have contrived to go far astray,


1:13 convening meetings at the new


22:18 and your inglorious conveyance


24:19 cave in; the earth shall convulse


60:17 In place of copper I will bring

60:17 of wood I will bring copper, in


33:20 of its cords severed. None who

54:2 your cords and strengthen your


51:20 corner of every street, taken in


28:16 cornerstone, a sure foundation.


5:25 their corpses lie like litter about

34:3 and their corpses emit a stench;

66:24 upon the corpses of the people


58:2 concerning correct ordinances,


55:1 no money and at no cost. Why


28:20 couch is too short to stretch out


11:2 the spirit of counsel and of valor

19:11 give absurd counsel. How can

28:29 Jehovah of Hosts, whose counsel

41:28 not one who could offer counsel

46:11 who performs my counsel. What


40:14 Of whom was he counselled that


9:6 be called Wonderful Counsellor


1:26 at the first, and your counsellors


46:5 you compare or me or count me


40:15 counting no more than dust on a


36:20 gods of those countries saved his


22:18 a top into an open country. There

32:2 a large rock in arid country. The

33:21 to dwell there, a country of rivers

41:18 barren hill country, springs in the


8:9 may take courage in one another

35:4 Take courage, be unafraid! See,

41:6 each to his fellow, Courage! But


16:1 Send couriers to those who rule in


26:7 undeviating course for the upright


29:21 who ensnare the defender at court


1:12 requires you to trample my courts


24:5 nought the ancient covenant. The

28:18 covenant with Death shall prove

42:6 to be a covenant for the people, a

49:8 covenant of the people, to restore

54:10 covenant of peace be shaken, says

55:3 with you an everlasting covenant:

56:4 holding fast to my covenant—to

56:6 it, holding fast to my covenant

59:21 for me, this is my covenant with

61:8 eternal covenant. Their offspring


28:15 have covenanted with Death, or


50:3 I put up sackcloth to cover them.

60:6 myriad of camels shall cover your


14:11 of maggots; you are covered with

29:10 has covered your heads, the seers


28:20 out on, the covering too narrow to

59:6 covering themselves. Their works


60:2 darkness covers the earth, and a


25:4 a covert from the downpour and


13:17 who do not value silver, nor covet


57:17 of covetousness I was provoked; I


7:21 keep alive a young cow and a pair

11:7 cow and bear browse, their young


2:16 and pleasure craft. The haughtiness

18:2 in swift craft across the water. They


40:19 a silver chain from the craftsman?


3:3 craftsmen, and orators. I, Jehovah


57:5 the gullies under the crags of rocks


49:20 ears, This place is too cramped for


30:14 It shall shatter with a crash like an


29:8 but wakes up faint and craving. So


7:15 Cream and honey will he eat by the

7:22 will eat the cream. All who remain

7:22 land will feed on cream and honey.


44:15 create gods which they adore, from

45:8 forthwith. I, Jehovah, create it. Woe

54:16 I who create the smith who fans the

54:16 I who create the ravager to destroy

65:17 create new heavens and a new earth

65:18 be glad forever in what I create. See

65:18 create Jerusalem to be a delight and


41:20 One of Israel created it. Present your

42:6 have created you and appointed you

43:1 Jacob, he who created you, O Israel

44:21 I have created you to be my servant,

45:12 who made the earth and created man

45:18 Jehovah who created the heavens,

49:8 have created you and appointed you


44:13 creates it by chiseling to the outline


40:28 is the God of eternity, Creator of the

43:15 Holy One, Creator of Israel, am your


13:21 demonic creatures prance about in it

13:22 creatures from its amusement halls.

34:13 haunt of howling creatures, a reserve

35:7 the haunt of howling creatures [shall

42:5 the earth and its creatures, the breath


24:2 with borrower, with creditor as with


50:1 which of my creditors did I sell you


3:18 and crescents, the pendants, chains


2:21 crevices in the rocks and fissures in


21:8 fully alert. Then the lookout cried, I


26:17 give birth cries out from her pangs


53:8 the land of the living for the crime


50:1 yourselves; because of your crimes


1:28 by righteousness. But criminals and

53:12 numbered with criminals—he bore


1:18 as crimson, they may become white


44:11 they would at once cringe in fear.


66:9 bring to a crisis and bring on birth?


35:1 blossoms like the crocus. Joyously


59:8 made crooked their paths; none who


17:10 choice crops and sow hybrid seed,


10:29 weaponry. They cross over the pass

23:12 up and cross over to Kittim, though

43:2 are mine. When you cross the water


23:2 by the traders of Sidon crossing the


29:5 an instant, your crowds of evildoers


28:5 as a crown of beauty and wreath of

62:3 Then shall you be a crown of glory


35:10 heads crowned with everlasting joy

51:11 heads crowned with everlasting joy


28:1 Ephraim! Their crowning splendor


28:4 fading wreaths, the crowns of glory


1:25 as in a crucible, and remove all your

48:10 you in the crucible of affliction. For


13:9 cruel outburst of anger and wrath

19:4 the hand of a cruel master; a harsh


53:10 to crush him, causing him suffering


24:19 The earth shall be crushed and rent;

27:9 he makes like crushed chalkstone all

53:5 our transgressions, crushed because


3:1 Jerusalem of both staff and crutch—


10:30 Saul is fleeing. Cry out, O Daughter

13:22 Jackals will cry out from its palaces

15:4 weeping. Heshbon will cry for help

15:5 My heart will cry out for Moab; its

15:5 they will raise the cry of catastrophe

15:8 The cry of calamity shall encompass

19:20 land of Egypt: when they cry out to

29:9 until you cry for help. Be drunk, but

30:19 will graciously respond at the cry of

42:11 joy and cry out from the tops of the

42:13 give the war cry, raise the shout of

46:7 spot. Though they cry to it for help,

52:8 as one they cry out for joy, for they

57:13 you cry out in distress, let those who

58:9 respond; should you cry, he will say

65:14 heart, while you shall cry out with

65:19 of weeping or the cry of distress. No


22:5 crying in distress, To the mountains


66:17 for the cultists who fornicate in the


5:2 He cultivated it, clearing it of stones

7:25 on all hillsides cultivated by the hoe


28:25 not sprinkle fennel and scatter cumin

28:27 nor is a cartwheel rolled over cumin:

28:27 is beaten out with a stick and cumin


51:17 Jehovah’s hand the cup of his wrath

51:22 people: I am taking the cup of stupor


7:23 worth a thousand pieces of currency


44:27 drying up your currents, who says of


8:21 and, gazing upward, curse their king

24:6 The curse devours the earth, for those

65:15 my chosen ones as a curse when my


11:11 Assyria, Egypt, Pathros, Cush, Elam

18:1 Cush, which sends emissaries by sea

20:3 against Egypt and Cush, so shall the

20:4 Cush, both young and old, naked and

20:5 perplexed at Cush, their hope, and at

37:9 Tirhakah king of Cush had set out to

43:3 Cush and Seba I give in place of you

45:14 Egypt and merchandise of Cush shall


7:20 legs, and to cut off even your beard.

9:14 Jehovah will cut off from Israel head

11:13 the hostile ones of Judah be cut off;

14:22 cut off Babylon’s name and remnant

15:2 every beard cut off. They will wear

18:5 will cut down the fruit-bearing twigs

22:25 and the burden hanging on it cut off

29:20 watch for iniquity shall be cut off—

38:12 life is cut off like woven fabric; he is

44:14 required to cut down cedars; he must

45:2 pieces brazen doors and cut through

48:19 not have been cut off and obliterated

51:1 the rock from which you were cut, to

53:8 cut off from the land of the living for

56:5 everlasting name that shall not be cut


55:13 thornbush shall come up the cypress


37:24 tallest cedars, its choicest cypresses

41:19 place cypresses, elms and box trees

60:13 —cypresses, pines, and firs together


44:28 says of Cyrus, He is my shepherd; he

45:1 his anointed, to Cyrus, whom I grasp