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58:2 Yet they importune me daily, eager


7:8 Damascus is the capital of Aram and

7:8 Rezin the head of Damascus, within

8:4 wealth of Damascus and the plunder

10:9 Samaria no better than Damascus?

17:1 Damascus: Damascus shall cease to

17:3 so shall the sovereignty of Damascus


34:5 sentenced to damnation. Jehovah has


66:12 the hip and dandled on the knees. As


29:15 in the dark, thinking, Who will see us

50:10 he walk in the dark and have no light

59:10 at noon as in the dark of night; in the


5:30 shall be darkened by an overhanging


5:20 They put darkness for light and light

5:20 for light and light for darkness; they

8:22 are they banished into outer darkness

9:2 people walking in darkness have seen

29:18 of the blind see out of gross darkness

42:7 from prison those who sit in darkness

42:16 darkness confronting them I will turn

45:7 I fashion light and form darkness; I

45:19 somewhere in a land of darkness; I do

49:9 to those in darkness, Show yourselves

58:10 shall your light dawn amid darkness

59:9 light, but there prevails darkness; for

60:2 darkness covers the earth, and a thick


22:17 will make you soar like a dart. He will


13:16 Their infants shall be dashed in pieces


1:8 Daughter of Zion is left like a shelter

10:30 O Daughter of Gallim! Hear Laishah

10:32 the mountain of the Daughter of Zion

16:1 the mountain of the Daughter of Zion

22:4 the ruin of the Daughter of my People

23:10 Daughter of Tarshish: the harbor is no

23:12 O ravished virgin, Daughter of Sidon

37:22 Virgin Daughter of Zion holds you in

37:22 The Daughter of Jerusalem shakes her

47:1 Virgin Daughter of Babylon; squat on

47:1 Daughter of the Chaldeans. You shall

47:5 Daughter of the Chaldeans. No longer

52:2 around your neck, O captive Daughter

62:11 Tell the Daughter of Zion, See, your


32:9 women; you careless daughters, hear

32:11 perturbed, O careless daughters! Strip

43:6 and my daughters from the end of the

49:22 daughters on their shoulders. Kings

56:5 that is better than sons and daughters

60:4 from afar; your daughters shall return


31:4 voice nor daunted by their numbers,


7:2 it. And when the house of David was

7:13 of David! Is it not enough for you to

9:7 end; that, on the throne of David and

16:5 be set up in the abode of David, and

22:9 city of David increasingly breached,

22:22 of the house of David: when he opens

29:1 the city where David lodged! Though

37:35 and for the sake of my servant David

38:5 the God of your father David: I have

55:3 my loving fidelity toward David. See


14:12 morning star, son of the dawn! You

58:8 break through like the dawn and your

58:10 your light dawn amid darkness and

60:3 kings to the brightness of your dawn.


9:2 the light dawned. You have enlarged

60:1 Arise, shine, your light has dawned;


2:11 shall be exalted in that day. Jehovah

2:12 of Hosts has a day in store for all the

2:17 alone shall be exalted in that day. He

2:20 on earth. In that day men will throw

3:7 he will raise his hand in that day and

3:18 that day my Lord will strip away their

4:1 will take hold of one man in that day,

4:2 In that day the plant of Jehovah shall

4:5 cloud by day and a mist glowing with

4:6 and shade from the heat of the day, a

5:30 be stirred up against them in that day,

7:17 day unlike since Ephraim broke away

7:17 Judah—the day of the king of Assyria

7:18 In that day Jehovah will signal for the

7:20 In that day my Lord will use a razor

7:21 In that day a man will keep alive a

7:23 that day every plot of ground worth a

9:4 as in the day of Midian’s defeat. And

9:14 and reed, in a single day; the elders or

10:3 day of reckoning when the holocaust

10:17 his briars and thorns in a single day.

10:20 could record them. In that day those

10:27 day their burdens shall be lifted from

10:32 full flight. This same day he will but

11:10 with waters. In that day the sprig of

11:11 be glorious. In that day my Lord will

12:1 In that day you will say, I praise you,

12:4 In that day you will say, Give thanks

13:6 earth. Lament, for the Day of Jehovah

13:9 faces set aflame. The Day of Jehovah

13:13 Hosts in the day of his blazing wrath

14:3 the day Jehovah gives you relief from

17:4 In that day Jacob’s glory shall wane,

17:7 that day men will have regard to their

17:9 images. In that day their mighty cities

17:11 the day you plant them, causing them

17:11 a day of diseases and incurable pain.

19:16 or reed. In that day the Egyptians will

19:18 that day five Hebrew-speaking cities

19:19 day there shall be an altar erected to

19:21 shall know Jehovah in that day. They

19:23 heal them. In that day there shall be a

19:24 that day Israel shall be the third party

20:6 boast. In that day shall the inhabitants

21:8 on the watchtower day in and day out

22:5 day of commotion and trampling and

22:5 riot in the Arena of Spectacles, a day

22:8 in the day Judea’s defensive screen is

22:12 ago. In such a day my Lord, Jehovah

22:20 that day I will commission my servant

22:25 containers. In that day, says Jehovah

23:15 is desolate! In that day Tyre shall be

24:21 rise no more. In that day will Jehovah

25:1 that day you will say, O Jehovah, you

25:9 that day you will say, This is our God

26:1 that day shall this song be sung in the

27:1 that day will Jehovah, with his great

27:2 the Sea. In that day, sing of the earth

27:3 over it night and day, lest anything be

27:8 the day of the burning east wind. But

27:12 In that day Jehovah will thresh out his

27:13 of Israel. In that day a loud trumpet

28:5 In that day shall Jehovah of Hosts be

28:19 by day and by night it shall seize you;

29:18 that day shall the deaf hear the words

30:23 abundant. In that day your cattle shall

30:25 on the day of the great massacre when

30:26 the day Jehovah binds up the fracture

31:7 that day every one of you will despise

34:8 For it is Jehovah’s day of vengeance,

34:10 and day it shall not be quenched; its

37:3 This is a woeful day, a day of reproof

38:13 followed day, you are bringing on my

38:19 I do this day; from father to sons they

47:9 you, both in one day. They shall come

49:8 in the day of salvation I have come to

51:13 you go all day in constant dread of the

52:5 name is constantly abused all the day

52:6 in that day they shall know that I, who

58:3 on your fast day you pursue your own

58:5 fast, a day of Jehovah’s good graces?

58:13 your own ends on my holy day—and

58:13 holy day of Jehovah venerable, and if

60:11 not be shut day or night, that a host of

60:19 shall the sun be your light by day, nor

61:2 and the day of vengeance of our God

62:6 shall nor be silent day or night. You

63:4 I had resolved on a day of vengeance

65:2 out my hands all the day to a defiant

65:5 a fire smoldering all day long. See, it

66:8 the earth labor but a day and a nation


26:9 at daybreak my spirit within me seeks


5:30 for the daylight shall be darkened by


2:2 In the latter days the mountain of the

13:22 Her time draws near; Babylon’s days

24:22 and shut in confinement many days,

27:6 me. For in days to come, when Jacob

30:26 as the light of seven days shall it be,

37:26 ago, how in days of old I planned it?

38:1 those days Hezekiah became gravely

38:20 all the days of our lives in the house

53:10 offspring and prolong his days, and

54:9 This is to me as in the days of Noah,

60:20 days of mourning are fulfilled. Your

63:9 carried them all the days of old. Yet

63:11 people recalled the days of Moses of

65:20 there be infants alive but a few days


41:23 will be dazzled and all stand in awe.


8:19 one inquire of the dead on behalf of

26:14 are dead, to live no more, spirits who

26:19 Yet shall your dead live when their

26:19 the earth shall cast up its dead. Come

37:36 the morning, there lay all their dead

59:10 we resemble the dead. We grumble


29:18 that day shall the deaf hear the words

35:5 the ears of the deaf unstopped. Then

42:18 O you deaf, listen; O you blind, look

42:19 so deaf as the messenger I have sent

43:8 yet have eyes, who are deaf, yet have


24:21 In that day will Jehovah deal on high


30:12 on manipulation and double dealing,


59:6 manipulate injurious dealings. Their

61:8 just dealings—but I abhor extortion


27:8 You have dealt with them by utterly


64:11 with fire, and all places dear to us lie


58:11 needs in the dearth and bring vigor to


6:1 In the year of King Uzziah’s death, I

9:2 of the shadow of Death has the light

25:8 nations, by abolishing Death forever

28:15 Death, or reached an understanding

28:18 covenant with Death shall prove void

38:18 cannot praise you, nor Death glorify

53:9 wicked in death, among the rich was

53:12 unto death, and made intercession for


2:9 is brought low when men thus debase

5:15 men debase themselves, causing the

57:9 far abroad and debase yourself to the


24:2 borrower, with creditor as with debtor


5:24 shall their roots decay away and their

40:20 select a wood that resists decay. They


64:6 We are decaying like leaves, all of us


53:9 no violence and deceit was not in his


24:16 have deceitfully betrayed! Terrors and

59:4 They rely on empty words, deceitfully


28:15 taking refuge in deception and hiding


28:7 seers, they blunder in their decisions.


21:5 deck them with candlesticks. They are


42:9 spring up I declare them to you. Sing

58:1 like a trumpet! Declare to my people

66:19 they shall declare my glory among the


23:4 mighty haven of the Sea, has declared

41:26 know, declared it ahead of time, that


1:24 of Israel declares, Woe to them! I will


34:4 on the mountains, their fat decompose


45:23 decree that cannot be revoked: To me


10:22 although annihilation is decreed, it

10:23 out the utter destruction decreed upon

13:11 I have decreed calamity for the world

28:22 I have heard utter destruction decreed


21:13 Dedanites, who sojourn in the forests


1:16 deeds from before my eyes; cease to

3:11 shall be paid back for the deeds they

12:4 name. Make known his deeds among

14:21 in consequence of their fathers’ deeds

45:11 to me about the deeds of my hands?


53:3 he was shunned, deemed by us of no


29:10 a spirit of deep sleep: he has shut your

30:33 for rulers; broad and deep is its fire pit

44:27 the deep, Become dry; I am drying up

51:10 waters of the mighty deep, and made

63:13 when he led them through the deep?


13:14 deer that is chased, or a flock of sheep

35:6 lame leap like deer, and the tongue of


9:4 them, as in the day of Midian’s defeat


29:21 ensnare the defender at court, who for


51:22 Lord and God, who defends the cause


17:3 When Ephraim’s defense comes to an


22:8 in the day Judea’s defensive screen is


65:2 to a defiant people, who walk in ways


47:6 I let my inheritance be defiled. I gave

52:1 uncircumcised and defiled enter you.

52:11 away, depart; touch nothing defiled as

59:3 For your palms are defiled with blood

64:6 defiled, the sum of our righteousness


38:8 dial of Ahaz recede the ten degrees it

38:8 reversed its descent by ten degrees on


16:7 of Kir Hareseth in utter dejection. For


30:18 Then will Jehovah delay his coming,


46:13 salvation shall no longer be delayed.


25:6 succulent and delectable, of matured


47:1 no more be spoken of as delicate and


16:10 delight shall sound in the vineyards.

35:2 flower, singing with delight; it shall

42:1 chosen one in whom I delight, him I

58:13 and consider the Sabbath a delight,

58:14 —then shall you delight in Jehovah,

62:4 known as she in whom I delight and

62:4 espoused, For Jehovah shall delight

65:18 create Jerusalem to be a delight and

65:19 will delight in Jerusalem, rejoice in


27:2 as of a delightful vineyard of which


66:3 ways, their souls delighting in their


61:10 my soul delights in my God. For he


3:4 adolescents their rulers; delinquents


19:4 deliver the Egyptians into the hand

19:20 take up their cause and deliver them

31:5 he will deliver it, by passing over it,

35:4 and deliver you. Then shall the eyes

36:14 you! He cannot deliver you. Do not

36:19 Did they deliver Samaria out of my

37:3 is no strength to deliver them. It may

37:12 fathers destroyed deliver them? Did

37:12 Did they deliver Gozan and Haran,

37:20 Jehovah our God, deliver us out of

38:6 I will deliver you and this city out of

43:13 hand none can deliver; when I work

49:25 will deliver your children. I will feed

50:2 you; have I no power to deliver? By


20:6 deliverance from the king of Assyria

46:13 I will grant deliverance in Zion, and


41:2 his foot? Who has delivered nations


63:9 the angel of his presence delivering


66:7 ordeal overtakes her, she delivers a


36:14 Do not let Hezekiah delude you! He

37:10 delude into thinking that Jerusalem


19:13 officials of Noph deluded; the heads

44:20 deluded minds have distracted them


28:2 inundating deluge of mighty waters


1:17 good: demand justice, stand up for

62:12 shall be known as in demand, a city


42:22 spoil, yet none demands restitution


28:25 Does he not demarcate wheat from


37:26 destined to demolish fortified cities


61:4 demolished generations ago. Aliens


14:17 a wilderness, demolishing its cities


13:21 demonic creatures prance about in


11:8 will play near the adder’s den, and


32:7 accusations to denounce the needy


10:34 The dense forests shall be battered


33:9 and Carmel are denuded. Now will


5:23 but deny justice to the innocent! As


10:2 legislation—denying justice to the

59:13 willfully denying Jehovah, backing


38:10 of life must I depart through Sheol’s

49:17 —those who ruined you shall depart

52:11 Jerusalem. Turn away, depart; touch

55:12 shall depart in joy and be led back in

59:21 in your mouth shall not depart from


49:19 the departure of your devourers. The


36:6 It is clear you depend on the support


30:12 dealing, and on them are dependent,


36:9 lord’s servants, depending as you do


19:8 Fishermen will deplore their lot and


8:22 but there shall be a depressing scene


38:10 deprived of the balance of my years.


3:1 Hosts deprives Judea and Jerusalem


3:14 houses by depriving the needy. What

10:2 the needy, depriving the poor of my

32:6 soul empty, depriving the thirsty soul


7:11 whether in the depths below or in the

14:15 Sheol, to the utmost depths of the Pit

51:10 and made of ocean depths a way by

57:9 the depths. Though wearied by your


44:9 who manufacture idols are deranged


5:14 it descend their elite with the masses

55:10 the rains and snows descend from the

64:1 would rend the heavens and descend


14:22 and descendants, says Jehovah. I will

14:29 among the descendants of that snake

14:30 But your descendants I will kill with

22:24 house: his descendants and posterity

39:7 offspring and descendants, they shall

48:19 descendants as many as their grains.


30:30 make visible his arm descending in

63:14 not; like cattle descending the slopes


31:4 when he descends to wage war upon


38:8 its descent by ten degrees on the dial

64:3 by us: your descent of old, when the


16:1 Sela in the desert to the mountain of

16:8 Jazer, trailing through the desert; its

25:5 like scorching heat in the desert, you

32:2 like brooks of water in a desert place

32:15 be poured out on us; the desert shall

32:16 the desert, and righteousness abide

35:1 desert shall rejoice when it blossoms

35:6 streams flow in the desert. The land

40:3 voice calls out, In the desert prepare

41:18 the desert into lakes, parched lands

42:11 desert and its cities raise their voice,

43:19 am making roads through the desert,

50:2 up the Sea; rivers I turn into desert—

51:3 her wilderness like Eden, her desert

63:13 of the desert, they stumbled not; like

64:10 a desert, Jerusalem a desolation. Our


17:9 cities shall be like the deserted towns

27:10 deserted habitations, forsaken like a

32:14 the clamorous towns deserted. High

54:1 of the deserted wife shall outnumber


59:18 to what they deserve, he will repay


10:6 people deserving of my vengeance,


41:15 new design, full of spikes: you shall


14:31 and no place he has designated shall


22:11 regard for the One who designed it

45:18 but designed it to be inhabited. I am


29:16 or a work of its designer, He doesn’t


26:8 soul’s desire is to contemplate your

42:24 have no desire to walk in his ways

55:11 empty; it accomplishes what I desire


58:2 correct ordinances, desiring to draw


2:22 earth. Desist from the things of man


5:9 buildings shall lie desolate, large and

6:11 said, Until the cities lie desolate and

15:6 Waters of Nimrim shall be desolate;

19:5 streambeds become desolate and dry

23:14 ships; your haven is desolate! In that

33:8 highways are desolate, travel is at an

49:8 and reapportion the desolate estates,

54:3 nations and resettle the desolate cities

61:4 renew the desolate cities demolished

62:4 nor your land referred to as desolate;


5:6 trampled. I will make it a desolation:

13:9 wrath to make the earth a desolation

17:9 during the desolation. For you have

51:19 calamity has befallen you: desolation

64:10 a desert, Jerusalem a desolation. Our


19:10 will know despair, and all who work

57:10 have not admitted despair; you have


31:7 of you will despise your idolatrous


5:24 dust. For they have despised the law

49:7 who is despised as a person, who is

53:3 was despised and disdained by men


47:13 you are powerless, despite all your

49:19 inhabitants, despite the departure of


17:14 us, the fate of those who despoil us


33:1 who yourself was not despoiled; O


33:1 to you, despoiler, who yourself was


42:24 Israel to despoilers, if not Jehovah,


65:12 destine you to the sword; all of you


37:26 destined to demolish fortified cities

51:14 not die as those destined for the Pit


47:7 these, or remember her final destiny


3:26 she shall sit on the ground destitute.


25:7 he will destroy the veil that veils all

36:10 come against this land and destroy it

37:19 and stone, and so they could destroy

54:16 I who create the ravager to destroy.

65:8 says, Don’t destroy it, it is still good


14:20 destroyed your land and murdered

15:1 Moab shall be destroyed. They will

16:4 tyrants are destroyed from the earth,

23:11 that her ports of haven be destroyed.

36:10 this land and destroyed it without the

37:12 nations my fathers destroyed deliver

37:18 of Assyria have indeed destroyed all


21:2 the destroyer laying waste. Attack,


48:9 by not entirely destroying you. See,

65:8 by not destroying everything: I will


10:23 destruction decreed upon the whole

13:5 to cause destruction throughout the

14:23 broom of destruction, says Jehovah

21:15 For they flee from destruction, from

26:14 appoint them to destruction, wiping

28:22 have heard utter destruction decreed

51:13 readies himself to wreak destruction


40:20 not deteriorate. Are you so unaware


14:26 These are things determined upon

14:27 has determined, who shall revoke?


1:14 my soul detests. They have become


47:1 the ground, dethroned, O Daughter


15:1 in one night Ar is devastated, Moab

33:1 you shall be devastated; when you


33:1 done with devastating, you shall be


18:5 and the set blossoms are developing


47:15 youth—each deviates his own way;


32:7 means and insidious devices to ruin


27:1 Leviathan, that devious sea monster


23:8 devised this stratagem against Tyre,

23:9 Jehovah of Hosts devised it, to make

54:17 Whatever weapon is devised against


8:20 while they utter such words devoid


29:23 hallowing my name, devoted to the


66:17 the parks, the devotees of one in the


9:12 will devour Israel with open mouth.

9:20 they will devour on the left, but not

10:17 it shall burn up and devour his briars

31:8 a sword not of mortals shall devour

51:8 a garment; moths shall devour them

56:9 come and devour! Their watchmen


1:7 fire; your native soil is devoured by

3:14 have devoured the vineyard; you fill


49:19 the departure of your devourers. The


29:6 conflagrations of devouring flame.

30:27 tongue is like a devouring fire. His

30:30 devouring fire, explosive discharges

33:14 can live through the devouring fire


24:6 devours the earth, for those dwell on

28:4 sees it devours it the moment he has

33:11 the fire of your own breath devours


26:19 dust; your dew is the dew of sunrise


62:3 Jehovah, a royal diadem in the palm


44:13 draws a diagram, sketching his idol


38:8 on the dial of Ahaz receded the ten

38:8 by ten degrees on the dial. Hezekiah


15:2 in Dibon to the hill shrines, to weep

15:9 of Dibon shall flow with blood, yet

15:9 I impose more than this upon Dibon


45:11 dictate to me about the deeds of my


10:11 its images even as I did to Samaria

10:24 raise their staff over you, as did the

10:26 he will lift it over them as he did to

28:21 rise up as he did on Mount Perazim

41:20 hand did this, that the Holy One of

48:5 idols did it; my graven and wrought

65:12 You did what was evil in my eyes;

66:4 They did what was evil in my eyes;


5:13 of knowledge; their best men die of

22:2 the sword; they did not die in battle

22:13 dine and drink, for tomorrow we die

22:14 cannot be forgiven you till you die,

22:18 die, and your inglorious conveyance

38:1 You will die; you will not recover.

43:17 they flicker and die, snuffed out like

51:6 a garment—its inhabitants shall die

51:14 not die as those destined for the Pit

65:20 years; those who die young shall be

66:24 whose worms do not die and whose


14:28 the year King Ahaz died, came this


59:5 whoever eats of their eggs dies, and


65:15 different name. Those of them who


41:25 dignitaries as on mud, tread them as


3:3 and elder, the officer and dignitary


1:22 dross, your wine diluted with water


42:3 break; a dim wick he will not snuff

42:4 grow dim or be bruised until he has


24:6 be diminished and little of mankind


24:8 revelers’ din stops; the pulsating of


22:13 and drinking wine: Let us dine and


30:14 fireplace, or dip water from a tank.


38:17 own good I am in such dire distress


58:11 Jehovah will direct you continually


28:26 God instructs him, directing him in


41:25 come from the direction of sunrise.


11:12 from the four directions of the earth


15:6 vegetation disappear, and no green

57:1 far better! The righteous disappear


49:23 in me are not disappointed. Can the


3:9 brought disaster upon themselves!

31:2 shrewd and will bring disaster upon

47:11 avert by bribes; disaster shall befall

59:7 mischief; havoc and disaster follow

60:18 land, nor dispossession or disaster


30:22 will discard as unclean your graven


19:12 tell you, if they can discern it, what


27:11 not a discerning people. Therefore


44:18 are incapable of discernment. They


47:10 one discerns me. By your skill and


30:30 explosive discharges and pounding


8:16 seal the law among my disciples. I


54:11 tempest-tossed and disconsolate! I


38:3 And Hezekiah wept disconsolately.


34:14 discover for herself a resting place.


40:14 path of discretion, imparting to him


33:15 in word, who disdain extortion and


53:3 was despised and disdained by men


1:5 the whole heart diseased. From the


17:11 a day of diseases and incurable pain


24:1 will disfigure its surface and scatter


14:19 exposed like the slain disfigured by


22:18 conveyance there shall be a disgrace

30:5 humiliation and disgrace. An oracle

37:3 reproof and disgrace. Children have

41:11 shall earn shame and disgrace; your

45:16 retired in disgrace, utterly dismayed


50:7 be disgraced; I have set my face like

54:4 for you shall not be disgraced. You


30:5 they shall be utterly disgusted with


48:11 it, that my name be not dishonored.


28:24 to sow seed, disking and harrowing


22:25 shall be dislodged and fall, and the


26:11 perceive with dismay your zeal for

44:9 mindless, to their own dismay. Who


19:9 fabrics will be dismayed. The textile

23:4 Be dismayed, O Sidon, because the

29:22 No longer shall Jacob be dismayed;

31:4 and is not dismayed at the sound of

41:10 be not dismayed, for I am your God.

41:14 O men of Israel, [be not dismayed]:

45:16 retired in disgrace, utterly dismayed

45:17 you shall not be dismayed or put to

65:13 you shall be dismayed. My servants


1:20 you are unwilling and disobey, you


24:10 towns of disorder are broken up; all


43:17 who dispatches chariots and horses


41:16 tempest dispel them. Then will you


1:23 not dispense justice to the fatherless

42:1 will dispense justice to the nations.


40:15 displaces as mere specks. Lebanon


59:15 and it displeased him. When he saw


54:3 left; your offspring shall dispossess


16:3 Shelter those dispossessed; betray


60:18 nor dispossession or disaster within


50:8 near me. Who has a dispute with me


44:21 O Israel; do not disregard me. I have


33:8 disregarded. The Land lies withered


47:2 flour; unveil, disrobe, bare your legs


45:15 are a God who dissembles himself,


38:17 my soul out of the Pit of Dissolution


34:3 shall dissolve on the mountains, their


59:14 righteousness to stand at a distance;

65:5 who think, Keep your distance, don’t


5:26 He raises an ensign to distant nations

8:9 Give heed, all you distant lands! You

13:5 come from a distant land beyond the

39:3 from a distant land; they came to me

46:11 a distant land the man who performs

49:1 you distant peoples: Jehovah called

66:19 to Tubal and Javan, and to the distant


53:2 no distinguished appearance, that we


44:20 deluded minds have distracted them.


21:3 too distraught to see. My mind reels


19:10 wages suffer distress. The ministers

22:5 crying in distress, To the mountains!

23:11 over the Sea and distress kingdoms;

25:4 needy in distress, a covert from the

26:16 the earth. O Jehovah, in their distress

29:2 succession, yet will I distress Ariel:

29:7 at her stronghold to distress her, shall

38:17 am in such dire distress; by its means

57:13 you cry out in distress, let those who

65:19 of weeping or the cry of distress. No


5:30 there too be a distressing gloom, for


17:2 to recline, where no one will disturb


13:13 will cause disturbance in the heavens


7:19 rocky ravines, and by all ditches and


56:11 diverted to their own way, every one


9:3 when they divide spoil. For you have

53:12 shall divide the spoil with the mighty


33:23 * shall spoil in abundance be divided,

63:12 who divided the waters before them,


44:13 outline of the dividers; he gives it a


34:17 his hand that divides it by measure.


31:3 The Egyptians are human, not divine

43:12 I am divine, that from the first I have

46:9 God, there is none other. I am divine;


44:25 impostors and makes fools of diviners


50:1 mother’s bill of divorce with which I


1:16 to do evil. Learn to do good: demand

1:17 to do evil. Learn to do good: demand

5:5 you what I will do to my vineyard: I

10:3 you do in the day of reckoning when

10:10 As I could do this to the pagan states

10:11 do to Jerusalem and it images even as

19:15 nothing the Egyptians can do about it

21:12 do so by repenting and coming back.

28:21 his act, his unwonted act, and do his

38:7 that Jehovah will do the thing he has

38:19 praise, as I do this day; from father to

43:19 I do a new thing; it is now springing

44:28 will do whatever I will. He will say,

45:7 I, Jehovah, do all these things. Rain

46:11 pass; what I have planned I do. Hear

48:11 on my own account, I do it, that my

56:4 keep my Sabbaths and choose to do

65:8 will I do for the sake of my servants

65:12 eyes; you chose to do what was not

65:16 the earth shall do so by the true God

65:16 earth shall do so by the God of truth.

66:4 to do what was not my will. Hear the


8:20 doctrine and for a testimony? Surely,


5:12 does, nor perceive his hands at work

19:14 have misled Egypt in all that it does,

56:2 Blessed is the man who does so—the


56:11 Gluttonous dogs, and insatiable, such


66:3 lamb, as one who breaks a dog’s neck


45:9 it. What are you doing? Your hands

56:2 his hand from doing any evil. Let not


28:28 cumin out with a rod. Domestic grain


3:11 for the deeds they have done! As for

5:4 What more could have been done for

5:4 my vineyard than I have done for it?

10:13 conceit, because he said, I have done

20:2 your feet. And he had done so, going

26:12 accomplished you have done for us.

33:1 you have done with devastating, you

33:13 heed what I have done, you who are

37:11 what the kings of Assyria have done,

38:3 have done what is good in your eyes

44:23 heavens, for what Jehovah has done;

46:10 ancient times things not yet done. I

53:9 had done no violence, and deceit was

55:13 not be done away. Thus says Jehovah

63:7 Jehovah has done for us, according to


34:2 he has doomed them, consigned them

65:23 or bear children doomed for calamity


26:20 the doors behind you; hide yourselves

45:1 opening doors ahead of him, letting no

45:2 will break in pieces brazen doors and

57:8 sacrifices. Behind doors and facades


30:12 manipulation and double dealing, and

40:2 received from Jehovah’s hand double


38:14 a mounting lark I twitter, like a dove


59:11 of us; we moan incessantly like doves

60:8 clouds, flying as doves to their portals


5:15 the high-minded to be downcast. But

61:3 place of a downcast spirit. They shall


23:13 and caused her downfall? Sound your


4:6 secret refuge from the downpour and

25:4 covert from the downpour and shade


10:1 laws, who draft oppressive legislation


51:9 up Rahab, you who slew the dragon?


27:1 when he slays the dragons of the Sea


19:3 spirit shall be drained from within; I


38:17 by its means you draw my soul out of

45:20 and come; draw near, all you fugitives

58:2 desiring to draw nearer to God: Why,

66:11 at her consoling breasts; draw at your


12:3 you rejoice in drawing water from the

30:1 says Jehovah, for drawing up plans,


5:18 affluent. Woe to those drawn to sin by

21:15 from the bared sword, the drawn bow

38:14 are drawn looking heavenward; [I am


5:25 he draws back his hand against them

13:22 time draws near; Babylon’s days shall

44:13 draws a diagram, sketching his idol


19:17 all reminded of it shall dread what the

51:13 you go all day in constant dread of the

66:4 bring upon them the thing they dread.


18:2 nation dreaded far and wide, a people

18:7 nation dreaded far and wide, a people


29:7 dream in the night: like a hungry man


29:8 hungry man who dreams he eats, but

29:8 dreams he drinks, but wakes up faint


51:17 wrath, drinking to the dregs the bowl


3:22 elegant dress, the shawl, the kerchief

3:24 the festive dress, a loincloth of burlap


61:10 bridegroom dressed in priestly attire,


37:25 of my feet I have dried up all Egypt’s

51:10 Was it not you who dried up the Sea


27:11 harvest of twigs dries, broken off by


22:13 dine and drink, for tomorrow we die!

24:9 Men no longer drink wine amid song;

28:7 wine and are giddy with strong drink:

28:7 of strong drink; they err as seers, they

29:9 strong drink. Jehovah has poured out

32:6 soul of drink. And rogues scheme by

36:12 to eat their own dung and drink their

36:16 and drink water from his own cistern

43:20 I may give drink to my chosen people

44:12 if he fails to drink water, he begins to

51:22 shall drink no more from the bowl of

62:8 shall foreigners drink the new wine

62:9 who gather it shall drink it within the

65:13 my servants shall drink indeed, while


24:9 liquor has turned bitter to drinkers.


5:22 who are valiant at drinking wine and

21:5 eating and drinking . . . Mobilize, you

22:13 eating meat and drinking wine: Let us

51:17 wrath, drinking to the dregs the bowl


29:8 thirsty man who dreams he drinks but

34:5 sword drinks its fill in the heavens, it


6:12 drive men away, and great shall be the


17:13 will flee far away; they will be driven

41:2 as driven stubble to his bow? He puts


28:28 driving horse and threshing cart over


60:6 the dromedaries of Midian and Ephah

66:20 and on mules and dromedaries—just


40:15 but drops from a bucket, counting no


1:22 become dross, your wine diluted with

1:25 smelt away your dross as in a crucible


5:27 does any stumble; they do not drowse


5:12 are harps and lyres, drums, flutes, and

24:8 rhythm of drums ceases, the revelers’

30:29 [and drums and lyres] on their way to


29:9 drunk, but not with wine; stagger, but

37:24 dug wells and drunk of foreign waters

49:26 be drunk with their own blood as with

51:17 have drunk from Jehovah’s hand the

51:21 wretched one, drunk, though not with

63:6 made them drunk by my rage when I


19:14 causing her to stagger like a drunkard

24:20 to and fro like a drunkard, sway back


28:1 the garlands of glory of the drunkards

28:3 garlands of the drunkards of Ephraim


5:24 as dry weeds wane before the flame,

11:15 Jehovah will dry up the tongue of the

15:6 dry up, vegetation disappear, and no

19:5 streambeds become desolate and dry

19:6 waterways recede and dry up. Reeds

33:9 turned into a dry waste, Bashan and

42:15 wither; I will turn rivers into dry land

43:20 to the dry land, that I may give drink

44:3 dry ground; I will pour out my Spirit

44:27 who says to the deep, Become dry; I

50:2 mere rebuke I dry up the Sea; rivers


44:27 drying up your currents, who says of


53:8 people, to whom the blow was due?

66:6 paying his enemies what is due them


37:25 have dug wells and drunk of foreign


6:10 fat; dull their ears and shut their eyes

59:1 save, nor his ear dull of hearing! It is


21:11 oracle concerning Dumah: Men call


6:5 Woe is me: I have been struck dumb

35:6 the dumb shout for joy. Water shall

53:7 a sheep, dumb before its shearers, he

56:10 but dumb watchdogs unable to bark


23:2 be informed of it. Be dumbfounded


25:10 as straw is trampled in a dung pit.

36:12 are to eat their own dung and drink


24:22 prisoners to a dungeon and shut in


42:22 in holes, hidden away in dungeons.


59:3 guile, your tongue utters duplicity.


2:10 dust from the awesome presence of

5:24 and their blossoms fly up like dust.

17:13 mountains, or as whirling dust in a

25:12 ground, even with the dust. In that

26:5 ground, laying it even with the dust.

26:19 who abide in the dust: your dew is

29:4 your words uttering out of the dust:

29:4 whisper out of the dust. Suddenly,

29:5 evildoers shall become as fine dust

40:12 earth’s dust by measure, weighing

40:15 bucket, counting no more than dust

41:2 dust to his sword, as driven stubble

41:15 you shall thresh mountains to dust

47:1 glory. Get down and sit in the dust,

49:23 will lick the dust of your feet. Then

52:2 rise from the dust; sit enthroned, O

65:25 serpent, dust shall be its food: there


5:8 are restricted to dwell in the centers

9:9 who dwell in Samaria—shall know

11:6 the wolf dwell among lambs and the

16:4 the exiles of Moab dwell with you;

23:18 those who dwell in the presence of

24:6 those who dwell on it have incurred

32:18 shall dwell in peaceful settlements,

33:16 shall dwell on high; the impregnable

33:21 dwell there, a country of rivers and

37:28 where you dwell, and your comings

40:22 out as a tent to dwell in. By him who

43:18 not dwell on things of the past. See,

57:15 dwell on high in the holy place, and

65:9 them, my servants shall dwell there

65:21 men build houses, they will dwell in

65:22 so that others may dwell, or plant so


18:4 my dwelling place when the searing

26:21 out of his dwelling place to punish

38:11 behold Man among those dwelling


32:18 comfortable dwellings. Blessed are

54:2 the canopies of your dwellings. Do


8:18 of Hosts, who dwells in Mount Zion

33:5 supreme, for he dwells on high; with

42:11 and the villages where Kedar dwells


37:37 returned to Nineveh, where he dwelt


41:4 foreordaining dynasties? I, Jehovah