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38:12 life is cut off like woven fabric; he is


59:6 useless as clothing; their fabrications


44:11 society is confused; their fabricators


19:9 linen and weavers of fine fabrics will


57:8 sacrifices. Behind doors and facades


8:17 wait for Jehovah, who hides his face

14:21 fill the face of the earth with cities. I

23:17 of the world on the face of the earth.

29:22 dismayed; his face shall pale no more

38:2 this Hezekiah turned his face toward

50:6 out the beard; I hid not my face from

50:7 have set my face like flint, knowing

50:8 us face one another! Who will bring

54:8 exasperation I hid my face from you

57:17 struck him and hid my face in anger

59:2 your God; your sins hide his face, so

60:5 it, your face will light up, your heart

64:7 face from us and enfeebled us at the

65:3 me to my face, sacrificing in parks,


3:9 The look on their faces betrays them:

3:15 my people, humbling the faces of the

13:8 another aghast, their faces set aflame

25:8 wipe away the tears from all faces; he

49:23 faces to the ground; they will lick the

53:3 one from whom men hide their faces


45:13 him up, who facilitate his every step


40:8 that withers, flowers that fade—only


28:1 has become as fading wreaths on the

28:4 fading wreaths, the crowns of glory


32:10 over, the produce shall fail to arrive.

42:16 things I will not fail to perform. But

51:6 righteousness shall never fail. Hear

65:20 who fail to reach a hundred shall be


35:3 steady the failing knees. Say to those


44:12 strength; if he fails to drink water, he


29:8 dreams he drinks but wakes up faint

40:28 He does not grow faint or weary; his

40:30 lack strength. Youths grow faint and

40:31 and not faint. Be silent before me, O

44:12 grow faint. The woodworker draws a

51:20 children lie in a faint at the corner of

57:16 souls I have made would faint before


26:2 because it keeps faith. Those whose

30:9 who break faith, children unwilling

49:7 faith with you, because the Holy One


1:21 the faithful city has become a harlot

1:26 the City of Righteousness, a faithful


38:3 you faithfully and with full purpose


11:5 band about his waist, faithfulness a

16:5 in faithfulness a judge sit on it who

25:1 name. For with perfect faithfulness

33:6 replenish Zion. Your faithfulness in

38:18 no further hope of your faithfulness

38:19 your faithfulness. O Jehovah, may it


34:11 and falcons shall posses it, and owls


3:8 and Judea fall because their tongue

5:27 or fall asleep. Their waist-belts come

8:15 they fall shall be broken, and when

10:4 among the captives or fall among the

10:34 iron, and Lebanon fall spectacularly.

13:15 through; all who are caught shall fall

22:25 be dislodged and fall, and the burden

24:18 at the sound of terror shall fall into a

26:18 of the world might not fall. Yet shall

30:25 when the towers fall. The light of the

31:3 and those helped will fall. Both shall

31:8 Assyria shall fall by a sword not of

34:7 land of Edom; among them shall fall

37:7 cause him to fall by the sword in his

54:15 masses against you shall fall because


9:10 The bricks have fallen down, but we

14:12 you have fallen from the heavens, O

21:9 And he gave the reply, She has fallen

21:9 Babylon has fallen. All her idol gods

58:12 be called a rebuilder of fallen walls,


2:18 supplant the false gods. Men will go

16:6 its outburst of false propaganda. For

28:17 shall sweep away your false refuge

32:7 the poor, and with false slogans and

63:8 people, sons who will not play false


30:28 sift nations in the sieve of falsehood


9:15 prophets who teach falsehoods, the

28:15 falsehoods, to have covenanted with


3:8 Jerusalem will falter and Judea fall


5:13 best men die of famine, their masses

14:30 kill with famine, and your survivors

51:19 ruin—and who laments you? famine


29:8 eats but awakens famished, or like a


54:16 who fans the flaming coals, forging


7:18 the flies from the far rivers of Egypt

15:4 appeal shall be heard as far as Jahaz

15:5 Zoar and as far as Eglath Shelishiah

15:8 Eglaim and echo as far as Beer Elim

17:13 they will flee far away; they will be

18:2 nation dreaded far and wide, whose

18:7 from a nation dreaded far and wide,

23:7 to settle far-off lands? Who devised

29:13 their heart remains far from me, their

31:6 whom you contrived to go far astray

33:13 I have done, you who are far off, be

46:12 stubborn-hearted who are far from

46:13 righteousness; it is not now far off—

54:14 will be far from oppression and have

54:14 no cause to fear, far from ruin, for it

56:12 today, only far better! The righteous

57:9 your solicitors far abroad and debase

57:19 to those far off and to those who are

59:9 peace. Therefore redress remains far


30:10 flatter us; foresee a farce! Get out of


10:9 not Calno fared like Carchemish? Is


61:5 be your farmhands and vinedressers


32:16 righteousness abide in the farmland


37:24 farthest reaches of Lebanon. I have

41:9 from its farthest limits—to you I say


44:10 dismay. Who would fashion a god or

45:7 I fashion light and form darkness. I


42:14 and breathe hard and fast all at once

56:2 the person who holds fast to them—

56:4 I will—holding fast to my covenant

56:6 holding fast to my covenant—these

58:3 when we fast, do you not notice? We

58:4 toil for you. You fast amid strife and

58:5 and ashes? Do you call that a fast, a

58:6 not this the fast I require: To release


58:3 your fast day you pursue your own


22:23 fasten him as a nail in a sure place,

41:7 * It is good, though they fasten it with


22:25 nail that was fastened in a sure place


58:5 high. Is this the manner of fasting I


58:4 present fasts are not such as to make


1:11 of offerings of rams and fat of fatted

6:10 these people grow fat; dull their ears

34:4 their fat decompose [on the hills]—

34:6 and glut itself with fat—the blood of

34:6 and he-goats, the kidney fat of rams

34:7 enriched with fat. For it is Jehovah’s

43:24 sate me with the fat of immolations.


17:14 us, the fate of those who despoil us.

57:6 the ravines shall be your fate; they


8:4 the child knows how to say, Father,

9:6 Father for Ever, a Prince of Peace—

22:21 will be a father to the inhabitants of

22:23 to the house of his father. Upon him

38:5 the God of your father David: I have

38:19 do this day; from father to sons they

43:27 father transgressed; your spokesmen

45:10 those who say to their Father, What

51:2 hewn; look to Abraham your father,

58:14 the heritage of Jacob your father. By

63:16 from us. Surely you are our Father!

63:16 you, O Jehovah, are our Father; Our

64:8 you are our Father, O Jehovah; we


1:17 the cause of the fatherless, appeal on

1:23 not dispense justice to the fatherless

9:17 nor does he pity their fatherless and

10:2 widows, mere spoil of the fatherless


3:6 a kinsman of his father’s house, and

7:17 your people and your father’s house

22:24 father’s house: his descendants and


37:12 nations my fathers destroyed deliver

49:23 foster fathers, queens your nursing

64:11 fathers praised you has been burned


14:21 consequence of their Fathers’ deeds,

65:7 their own iniquities and their fathers’


40:28 his intelligence cannot be fathomed


10:27 fatness shall by fatness wear away.

17:4 shall wane, and his fatness of body


1:11 and fat of fatted beasts; the blood of


26:10 Though favor be shown the wicked,

30:18 that he may favor you; out of mercy

61:2 the year of Jehovah’s favor and the


33:2 Jehovah, be favorable toward us; we

49:8 favorable time I have answered you


27:11 mercy; he who formed them favors

63:7 of Jehovah Jehovah’s loving favors


7:25 for fear of the briars and thorns, but

8:9 one another, but shall be in fear; you

8:12 afraid or awed by the thing they fear

8:13 making him your fear, him your awe

11:2 spirit of knowledge and of the fear of

11:3 will be guided by the fear of Jehovah

12:2 my salvation I will trust without fear

21:4 am paralyzed with fear; the nightfall

25:3 community of tyrannous nations fear

33:6 salvation; your fear of Jehovah shall

33:14 are struck with fear; the godless are

41:5 The isles look on in fear; the ends of

41:13 Have no fear; I will help you. Be not

43:1 Do not fear, for I have redeemed you

43:5 life. Do not fear, for I am with you. I

44:11 me, they would at once cringe in fear

51:7 law: Do not fear the reproach of men

51:12 are you that you fear mortal man, the

54:14 have no cause to fear, far from ruin,

57:11 kept silent that you no longer fear me

59:19 fear Jehovah Omnipotent, and from

63:17 our hearts so that we do not fear you


19:16 will be as women, fearful and afraid

35:4 Say to those with fearful hearts, Take

41:10 not fearful, for I am with you; be not

54:4 the desolate cities. Be not fearful, for


50:10 fears Jehovah and heeds the voice of


25:6 a sumptuous feast for all peoples, a

25:6 feast of unleavened cakes, succulent


29:1 the feastdays recur in succession, yet


47:9 many magical feats and exceedingly

47:12 and with your many magical feats, at


35:3 Strengthen the hands grown feeble,


5:17 feed in their pasture, and proselytes

7:22 feed on cream and honey. In that day

11:6 young lions will feed together, and a

18:6 of prey will feed on them all summer

49:9 yourselves! They shall feed along the

49:26 I will feed your oppressors with their

61:6 feed on the wealth of the nations and


49:15 infant, or feel no compassion for the


1:6 the soles of the feet even to the head

3:16 and clacking with their feet, Jehovah

20:2 and remove the shoes from your feet

23:7 of ancient origin, whose feet led her

26:6 trodden underfoot by the feet of the

37:25 of my feet I have dried up all Egypt’s

41:3 on unhindered by paths his feet have

49:23 lick the dust of your feet. Then shall

52:7 the feet of the messenger announcing

58:13 your feet from trampling the Sabbath

59:7 Their feet rush after evil; they hasten

60:13 to make glorious the place of my feet

60:14 will prostrate themselves at your feet


3:25 ignominy. Your men shall be felled

6:13 terebinth or the oak when it is felled

9:10 sycamores have been felled, but we

32:19 * by a hail shall forests be felled, cities

37:24 reaches of Lebanon. I have felled its


41:6 each to his fellow, Courage! But you


28:25 not sprinkle fennel and scatter cumin

28:27 Fennel is not threshed with a sharp-

28:27 over cumin: fennel is beaten out with


5:1 vineyard on the fertile brow of a hill

10:16 a consumption into his fertile lands,

55:10 watering the earth, to render it fertile


61:3 of ashes, the festal anointing in place


1:6 and bruises and festering sores; they


30:29 a festival commences, and rejoicing


3:24 baldness, instead of the festive dress

23:7 festive city of ancient origin, whose


16:10 joyful festivity will be gone from the


14:19 a repugnant fetus, exposed like slain


18:4 rainclouds appear amid the fever of


1:9 few survivors, we should have been

10:7 and to exterminate nations not a few.

10:19 trees left of his forest shall be so few

16:14 populace there shall be very few left

21:17 sons of Kedar shall be few. Jehovah

65:20 there be infants alive but a few days,


55:3 my loving fidelity toward David. See


1:8 in a vineyard, a hut in a melon field

5:8 house to house and link field to field

40:6 at its best like a blossom of the field


10:18 choice forests and productive fields

32:12 your breasts for the choice fields and

36:17 grain and wine, a land of grain fields


27:8 fierce blasts they were flung away in


14:29 fiery flying serpent. The elect poor

30:6 vipers and the fiery flying serpent,


38:5 tears. I will add fifteen years to your


34:4 vine, or shriveled fruit from a fig tree

36:16 will eat from his own fig tree and his

38:21 * take fig packs and apply them to the


19:2 they will fight brother against brother

29:7 nations amassed to fight against Ariel

29:8 the nations that amass to fight against

37:9 Cush had set out to fight against him.


42:13 his passions aroused like a fighter; he


37:8 he withdrew and found him fighting


40:19 figure cast by the artisan, overlaid by


1:11 have had my fill of offerings of rams

3:14 you fill your houses by depriving the

14:21 take possession of the world, and fill

22:7 your choice valleys fill with chariots

23:18 eat their fill and be elegantly clothed

27:6 shall fill with fruit. Was he smitten as

34:5 drinks its fill in the heavens, it shall

51:20 like bison. They have their fill of the

56:12 have our fill of liquor. For tomorrow


1:15 not hear—your hands are filled with

1:21 a harlot! She was filled with justice;

6:4 mist filled the temple. Then I thought

11:9 mountain, for the earth shall be filled

28:8 tables are filled with vomit; no place


6:1 skirt of his robe filling the sanctuary


47:7 these, or remember her final destiny


13:21 birds of prey will find lodging there

14:32 his longsuffering people find refuge

23:12 you will find no rest. So too with the

34:14 find repose and discover for herself

41:12 contend with you, you shall not find

49:9 and find pasture on all barren heights

53:2 find him attractive. He was despised


5:9 large and fine houses unoccupied. A

13:12 make mankind scarcer than fine gold

19:9 linen and weavers of fine fabrics will

29:5 as fine dust, your violent mobs like


3:18 my Lord will strip away their finery


37:24 summit, its finest forest. I have dug


58:9 pointing finger and offensive speech


2:8 hands, things their own fingers have

17:8 to things their fingers have made—

40:12 span of his fingers? Who compiled

59:3 defiled with blood, your fingers with


1:7 ruined, your cities burned with fire;

4:5 glowing with fire by night: above all

5:24 a blazing fire consumes stubble, and

9:18 set ablaze like a fire, and briars and

9:19 people are but fuel for the fire. Men

10:16 fire to flare up like a burning hearth,

10:17 the fire and their Holy One the flame

26:11 your people when the fire prepared

30:27 is like a devouring fire. His breath

30:30 flashes of devouring fire, explosive

30:33 its fire pit and ample pyre; Jehovah’s

31:9 whose fire is in Zion, whose furnace

33:11 fire of your own breath devours you

33:14 can live through the devouring fire?

37:19 their gods to the fire. For they were

40:16 not suffice to kindle a fire, nor all its

42:25 sets them on fire; yet they take it not

43:2 you walk through the fire, you shall

44:15 warm themselves or light fire with to

44:16 Half of it they burn in the fire. Over

44:16 is warm in front of the fire! From the

44:19 part of this I burned in the fire; I also

47:14 stubble they are burnt up in the fire,

47:14 such is no fire to sit by! This is what

64:2 your presence—as when fire is lit for

64:11 been burned with fire, and all places

65:5 my nostrils, a fire smoldering all day

66:15 fire, his chariots like a whirlwind, to

66:15 to rebuke with conflagrations of fire

66:16 conflagrations of fire. For with fire

66:24 whose fire shall not be extinguished


30:14 to scoop lit embers from a fireplace


27:11 women who come to light their fires

50:11 fires, all of you, who illuminate with

50:11 Walk then by the light of your fires


8:10 shall not prove firm: God is with us!


54:14 your posterity. You shall be firmly


44:14 He plants firs, which the rain makes

60:13 pines, and firs together—to beautify


1:26 your judges as at the first, and your

19:11 are as wise as the first rulers? Where

41:4 I, Jehovah, first and last, am he. The

43:13 divine, that from the first I have been

43:27 Your first father transgressed; your

44:6 I was at the first and I am at the last;

48:12 am he who was at the first, and I am

52:4 first my people went down to Egypt


28:4 shall be like the first-ripe fruit before


50:2 I turn into desert—their fish become


19:8 Fishermen will deplore their lot and


2:21 in the rocks and fissures in the cliffs


58:4 savagely with the fist. Your present


44:13 man’s beauty, fit to lodge in a house


40:19 by the smith with gold, fitted with a


17:6 topmost bough, or four or five in its

19:18 that day five Hebrew-speaking cities

30:17 by thousands at the threat of five, till

37:36 a hundred and eighty-five thousand


30:17 left as a flagstaff on a mountaintop,


5:24 as dry weeds wane before the flame

10:17 and their Holy One the flame, and it

29:6 conflagrations of devouring flame.

43:2 its flame shall not consume you. For

47:14 escape the hand of the flame. These


42:25 till it envelopes them in flames—yet


54:16 the smith who fans the flaming coals

62:1 a light, her salvation like a flaming


11:14 the Philistine flank toward the West


10:14 not one flapped its wings, or opened


10:16 fire to flare up like a burning hearth


30:30 rage, with flashes of devouring fire,


30:10 flatter us; foresee a farce! Get out of


3:9 faces betrays them: they flaunt their


33:3 fled from your thunderous voice; at

37:38 sword and fled to the land of Ararat.


10:3 whom will you flee for help? Where

13:14 own people and everyone flee to his

17:13 rebukes them they will flee far away

21:15 flee from destruction, from the bared

24:18 those who flee at the sound of terror

30:16 For you thought, Not so; we will flee

30:16 Therefore shall you flee indeed. We

30:17 will flee by the thousand at the threat

35:10 when sorrow and sighing flee away.

48:20 out of Babylon, flee from Chaldea!

51:11 and sorrow and sighing flee away. I


10:29 Saul is fleeing. Cry out, O Daughter


54:8 up. In fleeting exasperation I hid my


33:21 warships sail or majestic fleets pass


9:20 not be satisfied: men eat the flesh of

31:3 not divine; their horses are flesh, not

40:5 all flesh see it at once. By his mouth

40:6 All flesh is grass, and at its best like

49:26 your oppressors with their own flesh

49:26 wine. And all flesh shall know that I

65:4 eat swine’s flesh, their bowls full of

66:16 all flesh, and those slain by Jehovah

66:17 flesh of swine and prawn and rodents

66:23 after Sabbath, all flesh shall come to

66:24 They shall be a horror to all flesh.


6:6 flew to me carrying an ember which


43:17 they flicker and die, snuffed out like


7:18 signal for the flies from the far rivers


10:31 of Gebim are in full flight. This same

22:3 Your chiefs, altogether in flight, are

41:3 bow? He puts them to flight, passing

52:12 shall not leave in haste or go in flight


5:28 their warhorses resembles flint; their

50:7 have set my face like flint, knowing


3:16 flirting when they walk and clacking


13:14 flock of sheep that no one rounds up

40:11 Like a shepherd he pastures his flock

41:5 They flock together and come to one

57:13 let those who flock to you save you!

63:11 the shepherd of his flock? Where is


13:20 will shepherds rest their flocks in it.

32:14 animals, a browsing place for flocks

43:23 offerings from your flocks or pay me

60:7 All Kedar’s flocks will gather to you

61:5 pasture your flocks; foreigners will be

65:10 shall become pasture for flocks, and


8:8 He will sweep into Judea like a flood

28:17 your false refuge and waters flood the

54:9 Noah would no more flood the earth.

66:12 like a stream in flood. Then shall you


28:15 flooding scourge sweep through the

28:18 the flooding scourge sweeps through


59:10 like the blind; we flounder like those


47:2 Take two grindstones and grind flour


66:14 it, limbs flourish like sprouting grass


32:12 the choice fields and flourishing vines


2:2 the hills, and all nations will flow to it

8:6 Waters of Shiloah, which flow gently,

15:9 Waters of Dibon shall flow with blood

30:27 lips flow with indignation, his tongue

35:6 streams flow in the desert. The land of

48:21 he caused water to flow for them from


35:2 shall break out in flower, singing with


18:5 when the time of flowering is past and


40:8 grass that withers, flowers that fade—


27:8 his fierce blasts they were flung away

34:3 Their slain shall be flung out and their


5:12 lyres, drums, flutes, and wine at their

30:29 men march with flutes [and drums and


16:2 Like fluttering birds forced out of the


5:24 decay away and their blossoms fly up

6:2 their location, and with two fly about.


14:29 a fiery flying serpent. The elect poor

29:5 fine dust, your violent mobs like flying

30:6 of vipers and the fiery flying serpent

60:8 clouds, flying as doves to their portals


44:22 like a thick fog, your sins like a cloud


21:10 are of my fold, I have reported what I


15:6 and no green foliage shall remain. The


2:3 ways, that we may follow in his paths

2:5 Jacob, come, let us follow the light of

8:11 not to follow the ways of these people

59:7 disaster follow in their wake. They are


38:13 Surely, as night has followed day, you


44:20 of wood? They are followers of ashes

51:1 me, you followers of righteousness,


37:30 the following year what springs up of

57:17 following the ways of his heart. Yet I

59:13 from following our God, perversely

64:5 who remember you by following your

65:2 that are not good, following their own

66:17 the parks, following one in the center,


1:29 blush for the parks you were fond of;

56:10 to bark, lolling seers fond of slumber


3:1 staff and crutch—all food supply and

3:7 neither food nor clothing in my house

4:1 will eat our own food, wear our own

21:14 the fugitives with food, O inhabitants

30:23 of food may be rich and abundant. In

51:14 the Pit, neither shall he want for food

55:1 have no money, come and buy food,

55:10 the sower and food for the eater—so

58:7 to share your food with the hungry, to

62:8 I will no more let your grain be food

65:25 for the serpent, dust shall be its food:


19:13 ministers of Zoan have been foolish,


19:11 The ministers of Zoan are utter fools;

44:25 fools of diviners, who turns wise men

11:15 seven streams provide a way on foot.

41:2 him to the place of his foot? Who has


26:6 of the poor, by the footsteps of those


66:1 the earth is my footstool. What house


27:10 wilderness; steers forage and recline


2:9 debase themselves. Forbear them not


5:6 will forbid the rainclouds to rain on it


7:6 We will take it for ourselves by force

10:34 battered down with the force of iron,

31:4 shepherds muster in full force against


16:2 fluttering birds forced out of the nest


30:2 in Pharaoh’s forces, on taking shelter

31:1 chariots and vast forces of horsemen


16:2 Moab’s women at the fords of Arnon


39:6 palace, all that your forefathers have


37:25 dug wells and drunk of foreign waters


56:3 the foreigner who adheres to Jehovah


1:7 takeover by foreigners. The Daughter

56:6 the foreigners who adhere to Jehovah

60:10 made you illustrious. Foreigners will

61:5 pasture your flocks; foreigners will be

62:8 for your enemies, nor shall foreigners


41:4 foreordaining dynasties? I, Jehovah,


14:24 As I foresaw it, so shall it happen; as


30:10 right for us; flatter us; foresee a farce


7:2 trees in a forest are shaken by a gale.

10:19 trees left of his forest shall be so few

22:8 look to the forest home as protection.

37:24 its loftiest summit, its finest forest. I

44:14 the trees of the forest. He plants firs,

56:9 wild beasts, you animals of the forest


9:18 it shall ignite the jungle forests, and

10:18 choice forests and productive fields

10:34 dense forests shall be battered down

21:13 who sojourn in the forests of Arabia,

32:19 * by a hail shall forests be felled, cities

44:23 into song, O mountains, forests, and


41:26 Indeed, not one could foretell it, not

42:9 new things I yet foretell. Before they

44:8 from of old? Did I not foretell it, you

46:10 I foretell the end from the beginning


44:7 as types, foretelling things to come?


43:9 among them foretold these things, or

43:10 that I was the one who foretold them

43:12 who foretold and wrought salvation

45:21 another. Who foretold these things

48:14 hear: Who among you foretold these


9:7 this time forth and forever. The zeal

25:8 abolishing Death forever. My Lord

28:24 plowman be forever plowing to sow

30:8 day, as a testimony forever. They are

32:17 an assured calm forever. My people

34:10 shall ascend forever. It shall remain

34:17 They shall possess it forever, inhabit

40:8 the word of our God endures forever

47:7 I, the Eternal Mistress, exist forever!

51:8 righteousness shall endure forever,

57:15 exalted, who abides forever, whose

57:16 will not contend forever, nor always

59:21 Jehovah, from now on and forever.

60:21 earth forever—they are the branch I

64:9 remember not iniquity forever. See,

65:18 and be glad forever in what I create.


44:12 forges his god by the strength of his


49:15 a woman forget her suckling infant,

49:15 womb? Although these shall forget,

49:15 not forget you. See, I have engraved

54:4 shall forget the shame of your youth

65:11 forsake Jehovah and forget my holy


54:16 forging weapons to suit his purpose


22:14 Such wickedness cannot be forgiven

33:24 * shall be forgiven their iniquity. May


17:10 forgotten your God, your salvation,

23:15 shall be forgotten seventy years, the

23:16 forgotten harlot. Play skillfully; sing

49:14 forsaken me, my Lord has forgotten

51:13 turned to grass? Have you forgotten

65:16 forgotten and hidden from my eyes.


30:24 winnowed with shovel and fork. On


3:26 lie bereaved and forlorn; she shall sit

27:10 of them the fortified cities lie forlorn

33:9 withered and forlorn, Lebanon wilts

54:6 spouse forsaken and forlorn, a wife


4:5 will form a cloud by day and a mist

8:9 O Immanuel. Though nations form

25:2 more form cities, nor ever be rebuilt

42:5 heavens, who gives form to the earth

44:24 who himself gives form to the earth,

45:7 light and form darkness; I occasion


27:11 mercy; he who formed them favors

40:26 Who formed these? He who brings

43:1 says Jehovah—he who formed you,

43:7 I have formed, molded and wrought

43:10 god was formed, nor shall one exist

43:21 people I formed for myself to speak

44:2 your Maker, who formed you from

44:24 who formed you from the womb: I

45:18 who formed the earth—who made it

49:5 has said —he who formed me from


42:9 former events indeed came to pass,

65:17 new earth; former events shall not


58:6 and abolish all forms of subjection


66:17 cultists who fornicate in the parks,


57:12 fornication and the wantonness of


1:28 shattered when those who forsake

41:17 God of Israel, will not forsake them

55:7 the wicked forsake their ways and

65:11 for you who forsake Jehovah and


1:4 have forsaken Jehovah, they have

2:6 forsaken your people, the house of

7:16 rulers you loathe shall lie forsaken.

17:2 lie forsaken and become places for

27:10 deserted habitations, forsaken like

49:14 forsaken me, my Lord has forgotten

54:6 spouse forsaken and forlorn, a wife

60:15 been forsaken and abhorred, with

62:4 no more be called the forsaken one


58:2 forsaking the precepts of their God


54:7 I forsook you indeed momentarily,


1:15 When you spread forth your hands,

2:3 of Zion shall go forth the law, and

9:7 this time forth and forever. The zeal

24:20 drunkard, sway back and forth like

26:18 in labor, but have brought forth only

33:11 chaff and brought forth stubble, the

35:6 forth in the wilderness and streams

40:26 formed these? He who brings forth

42:13 him. Jehovah will come forth like a

48:20 presence. Go forth out of Babylon,

49:9 to say to the captives, Come forth!

51:4 forth from me; my precepts shall be

61:11 forth its vegetation, and as a garden


45:19 righteousness and am forthright of


5:26 the horizon. Forthwith they come,

45:8 righteousness spring up forthwith.


23:13 exposed it fortifications, and caused

25:12 highly walled fortifications he will


25:2 a heap of rubble, fortified towns a

27:10 Because of them the fortified cities

36:1 fortified cities of Judea and seized

37:26 were destined to demolish fortified


22:10 fortify your wall. You built cisterns


17:10 the Rock, your fortress. Therefore,

33:16 impregnable cliffs are their fortress


65:11 and pour mixed wines for Fortune,


41:1 forward and state their case; let us

41:22 Let them come forward and recount

63:1 in majesty, pressing forward in the


49:23 shall be your foster fathers, queens


30:32 it upon them, they will be fought in

63:10 himself fought against them. Then


19:6 dry. The rivers shall turn foul, and


13:15 is found shall be thrust through; all

30:14 not be found a shard with which to

37:8 he withdrew and found him fighting

57:10 have found livelihood, and therefore


6:4 threshold shook to its foundation at

28:16 sure foundation. They who believe


24:18 shake to its foundations. The earth

44:28 its temple foundations relaid. Thus

54:11 and sapphires for your foundations

58:12 foundations of generations ago. You


14:32 founded Zion; let his longsuffering

23:13 who founded Tyre for shipping. Was

40:21 by whom the earth was founded? By

48:13 was my hand that founded the earth


12:3 drawing water from the fountains

41:18 lakes, parched lands into fountains


11:12 from the four directions of the earth

17:6 topmost bough, or four or five in its


36:1 fourteenth year of King Hezekiah’s


30:26 Jehovah binds up the fracture of his


30:14 whose fragments shall not be found


39:2 the spices and fragrant oils, and his

43:24 buy me the fragrant calamus or sate


21:3 an end. Therefore my whole frame

38:13 like a lion he racks my whole frame


42:5 says Jehovah God, who frames and


60:6 and frankincense and heralding the


44:20 hand is a fraud. Ponder these things


32:20 oxen and asses range free. Woe to

42:7 free captives from confinement and

45:13 my city and set free my exiles for no

49:24 or the tyrant’s captives escape free

49:25 and the tyrant’s captives escape free

51:14 bowed down be set free; he shall not

52:2 yourself free, rise from the dust; sit


41:8 of Abraham my beloved friend, you


23:12 will say, You will frolic no more, O


4:2 the earth’s fruit the pride and glory

11:1 branch from its graft bear fruit. The

16:9 summer fruit and harvest are stilled.

18:5 into young fruit, they will cut down

18:5 will cut down the fruit-bearing twigs

27:6 of the earth shall fill with fruit. Was

28:4 shall be like the first-ripe fruit before

34:4 from a vine, vine, or shriveled fruit

37:30 and eat their fruit: the remnant of the

37:31 take root below and bear fruit above

57:19 partake of the fruit of the lips: Peace

65:21 houses, they will eat their fruit. They


17:6 five in its most fruitful branch, says

29:17 fruitful land, and lands now fruitful

55:10 earth, to render it fertile and fruitful


3:10 they shall eat the fruits of their own


19:3 drained from within; I will frustrate


9:5 become fuel for bonfires. For to us

9:19 is scorched, and people are but fuel

44:15 grow: that which serves men as fuel


15:5 Moab; its fugitives will reach Zoar

15:9 upon the fugitives of Moab and on

21:14 the thirsty; meet the fugitives with

43:14 down as fugitives all the Chaldeans

45:20 draw near, all you fugitives of the


19:21 and fulfill them. Jehovah will smite


41:22 were fulfilled. Or predict the future

60:20 your days of mourning are fulfilled


44:26 who fulfills the word of his servant


30:30 his arm descending in furious rage

66:15 retaliate in furious anger, to rebuke


31:9 fire is in Zion, whose furnace is in


1:5 smitten further by adding to your

38:18 down into the Pit have no further


34:2 all nations, his fury upon all their

59:17 and wrapped himself in fury as in


30:7 shall be futile and vain; therefore I


39:7 future offspring and descendants,

41:22 Or predict the future for us: Tell us