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29:24 erring in spirit gain understanding

30:15 quiet confidence gain the victory.

33:10 prominent, now gain preeminence


26:15 and by enlarging it gained glory


7:2 as trees are shaken by a gale. Then


9:1 the Jordan in Galilee of the nations


10:30 Gallim! Hear her, Laishah; answer


1:30 wither, and as a garden that has no

51:3 her desert as the garden of Jehovah

58:11 well-watered garden, like a spring

61:11 as a garden causes what is sown to


28:1 garlands of glory of the drunkards

28:3 by his hand. The proud garlands of


50:9 such shall wear out like a garment;

51:6 the earth wear out like a garment—

51:8 shall consume them like a garment

59:17 with vengeance for a garment and


61:10 garments of salvation, he arrays

63:1 red-stained garments? Who is this

63:2 clothed in red, your garments like

63:3 spattered my garments, and I have


14:31 Wail at the gates; howl in the city

24:12 in the city; the gates lie battered to

26:2 barricades! Open the gates to let in

28:6 who repulse the attack at the gates.

38:10 through Sheol’s gates, deprived of

45:1 him, letting no gates remain shut.

54:12 of jacinth, your gates of carbuncle

60:11 show you mercy. Your gates shall

60:18 your gates. No longer shall the sun

62:10 Pass on, go through gates; prepare


3:26 overthrown in war. Her gateways

22:7 take up positions at your gateways


11:12 gather the scattered of Judah from

43:5 gather you from the west; I will say

45:20 Gather yourselves and come; draw

49:18 one accord they gather and come to

54:7 gather you up. In a fleeting surge

54:15 who gather into mobs are not of me

56:8 I will gather others to those already

60:7 gather to you, the rams of Nebaioth

62:9 Jehovah; Those who gather it shall

66:18 will come to gather all nations and


10:14 have gathered up the whole world

43:9 the peoples were gathered together

49:5 Israel having been gathered to him;

56:8 to those already gathered. All you

57:1 thought; the godly are gathered out


1:13 with the solemn gathering I cannot

60:9 they are gathering to me, the ships


10:14 up the whole world as one gathers

40:11 lambs he gathers up with his arm

56:8 my Lord Jehovah, who gathers up


40:12 gauged the heavens by the span of


8:3 conceived and gave birth to a son.

21:9 gave the reply, She has fallen. All

38:21 * city. And Isaiah gave instructions

43:28 gave Jacob to be ostracized, Israel

47:6 gave them into your hand and you

66:4 I spoke, none gave heed. They did

66:8 gave birth to her children. Shall I


8:21 enraged and gazing upward, curse


10:29 overnight at Geba. Ramah is in a


10:31 way, the inhabitants of Gebim are


20:1 the year the general who was sent


34:10 generation to generation; through

34:17 forever, inhabit it from generation

34:17 to generation. Wilderness and arid

53:8 apprise his generation that he was

60:15 joy of generation after generation.


13:20 resettled through all generations.

51:8 endless generations. Awake, arise

51:9 generations of old. Was it not you

58:12 foundations of generations ago.

61:4 generations ago. Aliens will tend


8:6 which flow gently, and rejoice in

40:11 milk he leads gently along. Who


22:3 before you can get away. Because

24:18 and those who get up from the pit

23:12 of Sidon, Get up and cross over to

30:11 a farce! Get out of the way; move

47:1 my glory. Get down and sit in the

56:12 they say, let is get wine and have


10:29 Gibeah of Saul is fleeing. Cry out


28:21 Valley of Gibeon—to perform his


28:7 in wine and are giddy with strong


39:1 sent letters and gifts to Hezekiah,


30:22 cast idols gilded in gold; you will


45:5 no God. I girded you up when yet


3:24 be a stench, instead of the girdle,

11:5 waist, faithfulness a girdle round

22:21 your robe and bind your girdle on


1:2 Give heed, O earth! Jehovah has

1:10 O leaders of Sodom; give heed to

7:14 will my Lord of himself give you

7:14 child shall give birth to a son and

8:9 routed. Give heed, all you distant

12:4 that day you will say, Give thanks

13:10 nor will the moon give its light. I

15:3 will altogether wail and give way

19:11 of Pharaoh’s advisers give absurd

23:11 he will give orders concerning the

24:15 they will give glory to Jehovah in

26:17 a woman about to give birth cries

28:9 Whom shall he give instruction?

28:23 Give heed, and hear my voice! Be

29:11 a sealed book that they give to one

29:12 is sealed. Or if they give it to one

30:20 he hears it. Though my Lord give

34:1 give heed, and all who are upon it

36:8 will give you two thousand horses

37:7 ridicule me. See, I will give him a

37:17 earth . . . O Jehovah, give ear and

40:1 reign. Comfort and give solace to

40:11 bosom; the ewes that give milk he

42:12 O let them give glory to Jehovah,

42:13 he will give the war cry, raise the

43:3 you. Cush and Seba I give in place

43:4 love you, I give men in return for

43:6 I will say to the north, Give up! to

43:20 land, that I may give drink to my

45:3 will give you hidden treasures and

48:11 my glory, which I give to no other

49:20 too cramped for us; give us space

51:4 my people; give heed to me, O my

51:23 wrath. And I give it into the hand

54:1 O barren woman who did not give

55:3 Give ear and come unto me; pay

56:5 I will give a handclasp and a name

57:11 not mention me, nor even give me

58:10 if you will give of your own to the

62:7 let not up nor give him respite till

65:12 you would not give heed. You did


8:18 the children Jehovah has given me

24:3 has given word concerning it. The

36:15 this city shall not be given into the

37:10 shall not be given into the hand of


14:3 day Jehovah gives you relief from

42:5 who gives form to the earth and its

44:12 and gives it shape by hammering;

44:13 outline of the dividers; he gives it

44:24 who himself gives form the earth,

57:1 righteous disappear, no man gives

66:7 in labor, she gives birth; before her


21:3 am tormented beyond giving heed

42:20 but not giving heed, with open ears

62:9 harvest it shall eat it, giving praise


39:2 recovery. And Hezekiah was glad

65:18 then, and be glad forever in what I

66:10 glad for her, all who love her; join


56:7 mountain and gladden in my house


60:10 will gladly show you mercy. Your


35:10 won joy and gladness when sorrow

51:11 them obtain joy and gladness, and

65:14 shout indeed, for gladness of heart


63:5 my redeemed had come. I glanced


63:5 glared, but no one would assist. So


44:18 eyes are glazed so they cannot see,


24:13 gleaned when the vintage is ended.

27:12 you shall be gleaned one by one, O


17:6 when only the gleanings are left, or


59:9 there prevails darkness; a glimmer


5:30 distressing gloom, for the daylight

8:22 anguish and gloom; and thus they

24:11 joy has become gloom: the earth’s

59:9 walk amid gloom. We grope along


9:1 be gloomy to those who have been


16:6 heard of the glories of Moab, of its


44:23 he shall be glorified in Israel. Thus

49:3 I will be glorified. I had thought, I

60:21 hands, in which I am glorified. The


38:18 praise you, nor Death glorify you;


4:2 shall be beautiful and glorious, and

4:5 above all that is glorious shall be a

11:10 rest shall be glorious. In that day my

24:16 singing: Glorious are the righteous!

60:7 thus I will make glorious my house

60:13 my sanctuary, to make glorious the

63:12 who made his glorious arm proceed

63:15 glorious celestial abode, and behold

64:11 Our glorious holy temple where our


55:5 Israel, who gloriously endows you.


2:10 his glory. The haughty eyes of men

2:19 the brightness of his glory, when he

2:21 the brightness of his glory, when he

3:8 Jehovah, affront to his glory before

4:2 the earth’s fruit the pride and glory

6:3 the earth is his glory! The threshold

8:7 Assyria in all his glory. He will rise

10:16 hearth, to undermine his glory: the

13:19 of kingdoms, the glory and pride of

14:11 us! Your glory has been cast down

16:14 as the term of a lease, Moab’s glory

17:3 Damascus: as with the glory of the

17:4 In that day Jacob’s glory shall wane

21:16 term of a lease, Kedar’s glory shall

22:23 a throne of glory to the house of his

22:24 hung all glory of his father’s house:

24:15 give glory to Jehovah in the regions

24:23 and his glory in the presence of his

26:10 and see not the glory of Jehovah. O

26:15 gained glory for yourself; you have

28:1 glory of the drunkards of Ephraim!

28:4 of glory on the heads of the opulent

28:5 of beauty and wreath of glory to the

33:17 in his glory and view the expanse of

35:2 endowed with the glory of Lebanon

35:2 of Carmel and Sharon. The glory of

40:5 glory of Jehovah shall be revealed

41:16 and glory in the Holy One of Israel.

42:8 not relinquish my glory to another,

42:12 let them give glory to Jehovah, and

43:7 and wrought for my own glory. Let

46:13 in Zion, and to Israel my glory. Get

48:11 my glory, which I give to no other.

52:1 on your robes of glory, O Jerusalem

58:8 will go before you, and the glory of

59:19 from the rising of the sun his glory

60:1 the glory of Jehovah has risen upon

60:2 over you his glory shall be visible.

60:7 house of glory. Who are these, aloft

60:19 radiant glory. Your sun shall set no

61:3 by Jehovah for his glory. They will

62:2 all their rulers your glory; you shall

62:3 shall you be a crown of glory in the

63:6 by my rage when I cast their glory

66:5 say, Let Jehovah manifest his glory

66:18 may approach and behold my glory

66:19 concerning me, nor seen my glory—

66:19 declare my glory among the nations


23:9 to make all glorying in excellence a


4:5 day and a mist glowing with fire by


34:6 with blood and glut itself with fat—


56:11 fond of slumber. Gluttonous dogs,


2:3 go, saying, Come, let us go up to the

2:3 of Zion shall go forth the law, and

2:10 Forbear them not! Go into the rocks

2:19 Men will go into caves in the rocks

2:21 to adore. Men will go into crevices

5:11 those who go after liquor as soon as

6:8 I send? Who will go for us? And I

6:9 he said, Go, and say to these people

6:9 say to these people, Go on hearing,

6:9 but not understanding; Go on seeing

7:3 Then Jehovah said to Isaiah, Go out

7:24 will go there with bows and arrows

7:25 you will no longer go for fear of the

15:2 be destroyed. They will go up to the

18:2 Go speedily, you messengers! Go to

19:23 and Egyptians go to Assyria, and the

20:2 saying, Go and ungird the sackcloth

21:6 to me, Go and appoint a watchman

22:15 said my Lord, Jehovah of Hosts, Go

23:16 Take a lyre and go about the town,

28:28 not go on endlessly threshing it. It

30:8 Go now, write on tablets concerning

31:1 go down to Egypt for help, relying

31:6 whom you have contrived to go far

37:32 go a remnant, and from Mount Zion

38:5 Jehovah came to Isaiah: Go and tell

38:22 * again go up to the house of Jehovah

38:18 you; those who go down into the Pit

43:8 for my own glory. Let go the people

45:2 shut: I will go before you and level

45:21 and present your case; go ahead and

46:2 go into captivity. Hear me, O house

48:17 in the way you should go. Had you

48:20 Go forth out of Babylon, flee from

51:4 The law shall go forth from me; my

51:13 that you go all day in constant dread

51:23 prostrate that we may go over you—

52:12 you shall not leave in haste or go in

52:12 Jehovah will go before you, the God

58:8 will go before you, and the glory of

62:10 sanctuary. Pass on, go through gates

66:3 have preferred to go their own ways

66:24 And they shall go out and look upon


11:6 with young goats; calves and young

34:6 the blood of lambs and he-goats, the

34:14 wild goats call to one another. There


1:10 our God, you people of Gomorrah!

2:3 Jehovah, to the house of the God of

5:16 the holy God show himself holy by

7:11 from Jehovah your God, whether in

7:13 you also try the patience of my God

8:10 shall not prove firm: God is with us

8:19 people inquire of their God? Should

8:21 curse their king and their God. They

12:2 the God of my salvation I will trust

13:19 down as God overthrew Sodom and

14:13 my throne above the stars of God; I

17:6 says Jehovah, the God of Israel. In

17:10 forgotten your God, your salvation

21:10 Jehovah of Hosts, the God of Israel

21:17 few. Jehovah, the God of Israel, has

24:15 name of Jehovah, the God of Israel.

25:1 you are my God; I will extol you by

25:9 This is our God, whom we expected

26:13 us. O Jehovah, our God, lords other

28:26 His God instructs him, directing him

29:23 Jacob, reverencing the God of Israel

30:18 is the God of justice; blessed are all

35:2 God they shall see there. Strengthen

35:4 See, your God is coming to avenge

35:4 reward; God himself will come and

36:7 me, We rely on Jehovah our God, is

37:4 the living God, and will rebuke him

37:4 things Jehovah your God has heard,

37:10 of Judah: Let not your God in whom

37:16 and said, Jehovah of Hosts, God of

37:16 alone art God over all the kingdoms

37:17 to mock the living God. O Jehovah,

37:20 now, O Jehovah our God, deliver us

37:21 saying, Thus says Jehovah, the God

37:38 his god, his sons Adrammelech and

38:5 the God of your father David: I have

40:1 solace to my people, says your God

40:3 pave a straight highway for our God

40:8 the word of our God endures forever

40:9 God! See, my Lord Jehovah comes

40:18 To whom then will you liken God?

40:27 our cause is overlooked by our God

40:28 is the God of eternity, Creator of the

41:10 be not dismayed, for I am your God

41:13 Jehovah your God, hold you by the

41:17 I, the God of Israel, will not forsake

42:5 Thus says Jehovah God, who frames

43:3 I Jehovah am your God, I, the Holy

43:10 —before me no god was formed, nor

43:12 there was no strange god among you

44:6 apart from me there is no God. Who

44:8 Is there a God, then, apart from me?

44:10 Who would fashion a god or cast an

44:12 forges his god by the strength of his

44:17 they make a god, their idol, to which

44:17 Save us; you are our god! They have

45:3 is I, Jehovah, the God of Israel, who

45:5 me there is no God. I girded you up

45:14 entreating you, Surely God is in you

45:15 Truly you are a God who dissembles

45:15 himself, O Savior, God of Israel. As

45:18 the God who formed the earth—who

45:21 there is no God? Did not I, the God

45:22 ends of the earth; I am God, there is

46:6 smith to make them a god they bow

46:9 of old! I am God, there is none other

48:1 invoke the God of Israel, though not

48:2 of the holy city, upheld by the God

48:17 your God instruct you to your good,

49:4 recompense with my God. For now

49:5 when my God became my strength

50:10 Jehovah and relies on his God? But

51:15 Jehovah your God, whose name is

51:22 your Lord and God, who defends the

52:7 God reigns! Hark! Your watchmen

52:12 will go before you, the God of Israel

53:4 him stricken, smitten of God, and

54:5 One of Israel, who is called the God

54:6 only to be rejected, says your God. I

55:5 Jehovah your God, the Holy One of

55:7 to our God, who graciously pardons

57:21 there no peace, says my God, for the

58:2 forsaking the precepts of their God.

58:2 desiring to draw nearer to God: Why

59:2 your God; your sins hide his face, so

59:13 from following our God, perversely

60:9 Omnipotent, your God, to the Holy

60:19 everlasting light and your God your

61:2 the day of vengeance of our God, to

61:6 ministers of our God. You shall feed

61:10 my soul delights in my God. For he

62:3 the palm of your God. You shall no

62:5 bride, so shall your God rejoice over

64:4 has any eye seen a God besides you

65:16 the earth shall do so by the true God

65:16 earth shall do so by the God of truth

66:9 I hinder it? says your God. Rejoice


9:17 are godless malefactors, and every

10:6 I will commission against a godless

32:5 godless shall no longer be regarded

32:6 godless utter blasphemy; their heart

33:14 with fear; the godless are in the grip


57:1 thought; the godly are gathered out


2:18 utterly supplant the false gods. Men

2:20 bats their idols of silver and gods of

14:13 the mount of assembly of the gods,

21:9 All her idol gods he has razed to the

36:18 Were any gods of the nations able

36:19 are the gods of Hamath and Arpad?

36:19 Where are the gods of Sepharvaim?

36:20 hand? Who of all the gods of those

37:12 escape? Did the gods of the nations

37:19 their gods to the fire. For they were

37:19 they were no gods, but mere works

41:23 so that we may know you are gods.

42:17 images as gods shall retreat in utter

44:15 create gods which they adore, from

45:14 you; no other gods exist! Truly you

45:20 idols and prayed to gods that could

46:2 gods altogether sag and bow down,


51:20 God’s angry rebuke. Now therefore

52:10 * earth may see our God’s salvation.


20:2 done so, going naked and barefoot.

30:2 on going down to Egypt—but have


37:28 your comings and goings, and how


2:7 full of silver and gold and there is

2:20 silver and gods of gold which they

13:12 fine gold, men more rare than gold

13:17 do not value silver nor covet gold.

30:22 your cast idols gilded in gold; you

31:7 idolatrous silver and gold by which

39:2 the silver and gold, the spices and

40:19 by the smith with gold, fitted with

46:6 who squander gold from the purse

60:6 bearing gold and frankincense and

60:9 and with them their silver and gold

60:17 In place of copper I will bring gold


1:9 like Gomorrah. Hear the word of

1:10 God, you people of Gomorrah! For

13:19 Sodom and Gomorrah. Never shall


16:10 gone from the orchards; no shouts

20:3 Just as my servant Isaiah has gone

24:11 gloom: the earth’s vitality is gone.

28:7 prophets have gone astray through

38:8 recede the ten degrees it has gone

53:6 We all like sheep had gone astray,


1:17 cease to do evil. Learn to do good:

1:19 eat the good of the land. But if you

5:20 what is evil to be good and what is

5:20 and what is good, evil! They put

7:15 evil and choose what is good. But

7:16 reject the evil and choose the good

38:3 heart and have done what is good

38:17 Surely, for own good I am in such

39:8 Jehovah you have spoken is good.

40:9 Zion, herald of good tidings. Raise

40:9 O Jerusalem, messenger of good

41:7 * They say of the welding, It is good

41:23 Perform something good or evil at

41:27 herald of good tidings to Jerusalem

48:17 instruct you to your good, guiding

52:7 brings tidings of good, who heralds

55:2 is good, and your souls shall enjoy

58:5 a day of Jehovah’s good graces? Is

61:1 announce good tidings to the lowly

65:2 ways that are not good, following

65:8 still good, so I will do on behalf of


52:5 price; those who govern them act


9:6 the burden of government. He will


37:12 Did they deliver Gozan and Haran


58:5 day of Jehovah’s good graces? Is


30:19 graciously respond at the sound of

55:7 our God, who graciously pardons.

63:7 has mercifully and most graciously


11:1 a branch from its graft bear fruit.


17:5 a harvest of ripe grain, whose ears

23:3 The grain of Shihor, the harvest of

28:28 rod. Domestic grain is ground; one

30:24 soil eat grain silage winnowed with

36:17 land like your own, a land of grain

36:17 a land of grain fields and vineyards

62:8 no more let your grain be food for

66:3 whoever presents a grain offering


48:19 many as their grains. Their names


46:13 will grant deliverance in Zion, and


5:2 he expected it to yield grapes, but it

5:2 but it produced wild grapes. Now, O

5:4 expected it to yield grapes, why did

5:4 why did it produce wild grapes? Let

24:13 grapes are gleaned when the vintage

63:2 who tread grapes in the winepress?

65:8 cluster of grapes and someone says


42:6 you and will grasp you by the hand

45:1 I grasp by the right hand, to subdue


15:6 shall be desolate; the grass shall dry

37:27 wild grass, transiently green, or like

40:6 All flesh is grass, and at its best like

40:8 grass that withers, flowers that fade

44:4 grass among streams of water, like

51:12 turned to grass? Have you forgotten

66:14 flourish like sprouting grass, when


40:22 its inhabitants are as grasshoppers,


61:6 of the nations and be gratified with


14:19 remains are thrown in a gravel pit.


38:1 days Hezekiah became gravely ill.


30:22 as unclean your graven idols plated

48:5 graven and wrought images caused


22:16 carving out graves for themselves


30:23 day your cattle shall graze in ample

65:25 wolf and the lamb will graze alike,


6:12 and great shall be the exodus from

8:7 them the great and mighty waters of

17:13 like the roaring of great waters, but

27:1 with his great and powerful sword,

30:25 the day of the great massacre when

36:4 the great king, the king of Assyria:

36:13 the words of the great king, the king

53:12 an inheritance among the great, and

54:13 and great shall be the peace of your

63:7 the great kindness he has mercifully


15:6 no green foliage shall remain. The

37:27 wild grass, transiently green, or like


21:14 water to greet the thirsty; meet the

34:14 greet jackals, and wild goats call to


53:2 he grew up in his presence, a stalk


46:4 I am present; till you turn grey, it is


14:3 Jehovah gives you relief from grief

53:3 men, a man of grief, accustomed to


53:4 our sufferings, endured our griefs,


30:27 is kindled, heavy is his grievance;


63:10 they rebelled and grieved his holy


21:2 A grim vision has been revealed to


47:2 grindstones and grind flour; unveil


47:2 grindstones and grind flour; unveil


33:14 godless are in the grip of trembling


16:7 groan at the ruin of Kir Hareseth in


59:10 gloom. We grope along the borders


29:18 of gross darkness. The lowly shall


2:19 rocks and holes in the ground, from

3:26 she shall sit on the ground destitute

7:23 that day every plot of ground worth

21:9 gods he has razed to the ground. To

25:12 by razing them to the ground, even

26:5 ground, laying it even with the dust

28:2 the ground by his hand. The proud

28:24 harrowing the same ground? When

28:28 Domestic grain is ground; one does

28:28 cannot be ground by driving horse

29:4 speak from the ground, your words

29:4 your voice from the ground shall be

30:23 seed you sow in the ground, that the

40:4 made low; the uneven ground must

42:16 light, and the uneven ground make

44:3 upon the dry ground; I will pour out

47:1 the ground, dethroned, O Daughter

49:23 you, their faces to the ground; they

51:23 you made your back as the ground,

53:2 presence, a stalk out of arid ground

63:6 cast their glory to the ground. I will


36:4 what grounds do you behave with


5:7 people of Judah his cherished grove


6:10 heart of these people grow fat; dull

13:7 shall every hand grow weak and the

28:22 bonds grow severe, for I have heard

37:27 a roof that scorch before they grow

40:28 grow faint or weary; his intelligence

40:30 Youths grow faint and weary, and

42:4 grow dim or be bruised until he has

44:12 drink water, he begins to grow faint

44:14 makes grow: that which serves men


5:29 aroused like young lions: growling


31:4 lion growls over the prey when the


35:3 Strengthen the hands grown feeble

43:22 have grown weary of me, O Israel.

50:4 those grown weary a word to wake


5:27 one of them grows weary, nor does

37:30 This year eat what grows wild, and


59:11 dead. We grumble like bears, all of


21:8 have stood guard. Now they come

31:5 Jehovah of Hosts guard Jerusalem


42:16 and guide them in paths unfamiliar

49:10 has mercy on them will guide them

51:18 to guide her among all the children

57:18 will guide him and amply console


11:3 intuition will be guided by the fear

63:14 Spirit of Jehovah that guided them


48:17 your good, guiding you in the way


59:3 your lips speak guile, your tongue


24:6 on it have incurred guilt; because

31:7 have incurred guilt. And Assyria

40:2 served her term, that her guilt has

53:10 offering for guilt, he might see his


5:23 who acquit the guilty for a bribe,

29:21 man to be guilty, who ensnare the


57:5 of children in the gullies under the


48:21 and water gushed out. But there is