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66:17 —they with [their practices and ideas


30:7 therefore I refer to her as an idle boast


21:9 fallen. All her idol gods he has razed

44:10 god or cast an idol that cannot benefit

44:13 his idol with marker. He creates it by

44:17 the rest they make a god, their idol, to


31:7 idolatrous silver and gold by which


2:8 of idols: they adore the works of their

2:20 idols of silver and gods of gold which

10:11 even as I did to Samaria and its idols

17:8 the idols of prosperity and the shining

19:1 clouds, the idols of Egypt will rock at

19:3 will resort to the idols and to spiritists

27:9 stones, leaving no idols of prosperity

30:22 unclean your graven idols plated with

30:22 silver, your cast idols gilded in gold;

42:8 wrought idols. The prophecies of the

42:17 trust in idols and esteem their images

44:9 who manufacture idols are deranged;

44:15 from it they make idols to which they

45:20 who carried about their wooden idols

46:1 their idols are loaded upon beasts and

48:5 say, My idols did it; my graven and

66:3 who venerates idols. Just as they have


9:18 thorns shall it consume; it shall ignite


3:24 beauty there shall be ignominy. Your

16:14 Moab’s glory shall become ignominy


33:24 * say, I am ill; the people who inhabit it

38:1 Hezekiah became gravely ill. And the


59:13 pondering illicit transactions. And so


38:9 his illness, written upon his recovery:

39:1 had heard of his illness and recovery.


50:11 you, who illuminate with mere sparks


60:19 of the moon your illumination at night


42:21 and become illustrious. Instead, they

60:9 of Israel who has made you illustrious

63:14 Jehovah, acquiring illustrious renown


40:20 sculptor to carve them an image that


10:11 to Jerusalem and its images even as I

17:8 of prosperity and the shining images.

27:9 idols of prosperity and shining images

42:17 idols and esteem their images as gods

46:1 the images you bore aloft are piled as

48:5 graven and wrought images caused it


65:2 their own imagination—a people who


47:11 have not imagined. Persist, then, with


7:14 son and name him Immanuel. Cream

8:8 the breadth of your land, O Immanuel


31:1 trust in immense numbers of chariots

34:6 Bozrah, an immense massacre in the


43:24 the fat of immolations. Yet you have


33:20 of peace—an immovable tent, whose


40:14 in the path of discretion, imparting to


59:19 hostile torrent impelled by the Spirit


57:1 no one perceives that from impending


23:8 Tyre, the imperial city, whose traders


32:6 heart ponders impiety: how to practice


58:2 Yet they importune me daily, eager to


15:9 yet will I impose more than this upon


14:3 imposed on you, you will take up this


44:25 impostors and makes fools of diviners


10:14 impounded the wealth of peoples like


26:6 footsteps of those impoverished. The


33:16 high; the impregnable cliffs are their


30:22 menstruous woman her impurity and


44:18 they cannot see, minds are incapable


1:13 they are as a loathsome incense to me

43:23 or wearied you with burning incense.

66:3 blood, and whoever burns incense, as


45:24 shame all who were incensed against


59:11 we moan incessantly like doves. We


28:11 by incomprehensible speech and in a

33:19 a nation of incomprehensible speech


29:19 an increase of joy in Jehovah, and the

30:23 in the ground, that the land’s increase

30:26 light of the sun increase sevenfold; as

57:9 the king and increase your perfumes;


9:3 increased its joy; they rejoice at your


40:29 and increases in vigor those who lack


22:9 city of David increasingly breached,


50:9 will incriminate me? Surely all such


17:11 a day of diseases and incurable pain.


24:6 on it have incurred guilt; because of

31:7 which your hands have incurred guilt

53:5 he incurred, and with his wounds we


58:3 bodies and you remain indifferent! It


30:27 with indignation, his tongue is like


28:7 These too have indulged in wine and


10:12 and infamous conceit, because he has


11:8 suckling infant will play the adder’s

49:15 woman forget her suckling infant, or


2:6 are content with the infantile heathen


13:16 sword. Their infants shall be dashed

65:20 shall there be infants alive but a few


13:21 But wild animals will infest it, and its


5:11 parties, inflamed by wine! There are


5:5 me now inform you what I will do to


7:2 was informed that Aram was leading

23:1 of Kittim shall they be informed of it


18:2 people continually infringing, whose

18:7 people continually infringing, whose


10:13 for I am ingenious. I have done away


24:14 at Jehovah’s ingenuity. Because of it


10:24 who inhabit Zion, be not afraid of the

32:16 as brushwood. So shall justice inhabit

33:24 * who inhabit it shall be forgiven their

34:11 owls and ravens inhabit it. It shall be

34:17 forever, inhabit it from generation to

42:10 isles and they who inhabit them. Let


6:11 inhabitant, the houses without a man


5:3 Now, O inhabitants of Jerusalem and

8:14 catching unawares the inhabitants of

9:2 inhabitants of the land of the shadow

10:13 I have vastly reduced the inhabitants.

10:31 inhabitants of Gebim are in full flight

12:6 O inhabitants of Zion, for renowned

18:3 the world, you inhabitants of the earth

20:6 inhabitants of this isle say, See what

21:14 fugitives with food, O inhabitants of

22:21 to the inhabitants of Jerusalem and to

23:2 Be dumbfounded, you inhabitants of

23:6 lamenting, you inhabitants of the isles

24:1 its surface and scatter its inhabitants.

24:5 polluted under inhabitants: they have

24:17 await you, O inhabitants of the earth

26:5 He has put down the elite inhabitants

26:9 the earth, the inhabitants of the world

26:18 the inhabitants of the world might not

26:21 punish the inhabitants of the earth for

30:19 Zion, O inhabitants of Jerusalem, you

37:27 timorous inhabitants shrank away in

40:22 inhabitants are as grasshoppers, who

42:11 let the inhabitants of Sela sing for joy

49:19 now be too small for your inhabitants

51:6 its inhabitants shall die in the manner


45:18 but designed it to be inhabited: I am


60:21 shall inherit the earth forever—they

65:9 shall inherit them, my servants shall


19:25 my hands, and Israel my inheritance

34:17 is he who allots them an inheritance,

47:6 I let my inheritance be defiled. I gave

53:12 assign him an inheritance among the

57:13 an inheritance in my holy mountain.

61:7 in their land shall their inheritance be

63:17 tribes that are your inheritance. But a


26:21 iniquities; the earth will uncover the

43:24 wearied me with your iniquities. But

53:5 our iniquities; the price of our peace

53:11 and by bearing their iniquities, shall

59:2 It is your iniquities that separate you

59:12 iniquities: willfully denying Jehovah

64:7 hand of our iniquities. Nevertheless,

65:7 their own iniquities and their fathers’


41:29 all iniquitous, their works worthless;


27:9 shall Jacob’s iniquity be expiated, as

29:20 watch for iniquity shall be cut off—

30:13 are dependent, this iniquity will be to

33:24 * shall be forgiven their iniquity. May

53:6 together upon him the iniquity of us

59:3 your fingers with iniquity; your lips

64:9 remember not iniquity forever, See,


59:6 manipulate injurious dealings. Their


11:9 harm or injury done throughout my

65:25 there shall be no harm or injury done


5:7 but there was injustice; he expected


16:11 harp for Moab, my inmost being for


5:23 but deny justice to the innocent! As

59:7 hasten to shed innocent blood. Their


8:19 inquire of mediums and spiritists who

8:19 a people inquire of their God? Should

8:19 God? Should one inquire of the dead

9:13 will they inquire of Jehovah of Hosts.

31:1 One of Israel, nor inquire of Jehovah

55:6 endows you. Inquire of Jehovah while

58:2 God. They inquire of me concerning

65:1 to those who did not inquire of me; I


30:2 but have not inquired at my mouth


33:4 insatiable locusts they rushed upon it

56:11 dogs, and insatiable, such indeed are


5:14 opening her mouth insatiably; into it


44:5 Yet others will inscribe on their arm


4:3 called holy—all who were inscribed


1:3 people are insensible. Alas, a nation

44:18 have become unaware and insensible

56:11 such indeed are insensible shepherds


32:7 means and insidious devices to ruin


29:14 of their wise men insignificant. Woe


3:5 young will be insolent to the elderly

13:11 end to the arrogance of insolent men

33:19 insolent people are not to be seen, a


28:29 is wonderful, whose inspiration is


29:3 erect siege installations against you.


29:5 in the dust. Suddenly, in an instant,


2:3 may instruct us in his ways, that we

48:17 your God instruct you to your good


40:14 be enlightened, by whom instructed


28:9 he give instruction? Whom shall he

29:24 murmured accept instruction. Woe


38:21 * And Isaiah gave instructions to take


28:26 its own plot? His God instructs him


50:6 beard; I hid not my face from insult


61:7 and shouted insults were their lot,


59:8 integrity is not within their bounds,

59:15 When integrity is lacking, they who


29:14 sages, the intelligence of their wise

40:28 his intelligence cannot be fathomed


32:8 noble intent, and stand up for what


59:16 no one who would intercede. So his


53:12 of many, and made intercession for


7:4 intimidated by these two smoking


28:7 They are intoxicated with wine and


66:4 will I prescribe intrigues for them


35:9 there, nor shall wild beasts intrude.


11:3 intuition will be guided by the fear


28:2 like an inundating deluge of mighty


7:6 us invade Judea and stir up trouble


45:16 the makers of inventions retired in


22:22 will invest him with the keys of the


12:4 thanks to Jehovah; invoke his name.

48:1 and invoke the God of Israel, though

65:1 nation that did not invoke my name.

65:16 Those of them who invoke blessings


10:34 with the force of iron, and Lebanon

44:12 smith with his tools works the iron

45:2 and cut through iron bars. I will give

48:4 was an iron sinew, your brow brazen

60:17 bring gold, in place of iron, silver; in

60:17 bring copper, in place of stones, iron


19:7 sown along irrigation channels shall


1:1 of Isaiah the son of Amoz which he

2:1 Isaiah the son of Amoz saw in vision

7:3 said to Isaiah, Go out and meet Ahaz

7:13 test. Then Isaiah said, Take heed, O

13:1 Isaiah the son of Amoz saw in vision

20:2 had spoken through Isaiah the son of

20:3 as my servant Isaiah has gone naked

37:2 in sackcloth to the prophet Isaiah the

37:5 * Hezekiah’s servants came to Isaiah,

37:6 is left. And Isaiah said to them, Tell

37:21 Isaiah the son of Amoz sent word to

38:1 ill. And the prophet Isaiah the son of

38:4 the word of Jehovah came to Isaiah:

38:21 * city. And Isaiah gave instructions to

38:7 of Jehovah? And Isaiah replied, This

39:3 show them. Then the prophet Isaiah

39:4 And Isaiah asked, What did they see

39:5 did not show them. Then Isaiah said

39:8 said to Isaiah, The word of Jehovah


11:11 the islands of the sea. He will raise


20:6 shall inhabitants of this isle say, See


23:2 isles, who were amply replenished

23:6 inhabitants of the isles. Is this your

24:15 in the isles of the sea to the name of

40:15 the isles he displaces as mere specks

41:1 Be silent before me, O isles; become

41:5 isles look on in fear; the ends of the

42:4 in the earth. The isles await his law.

42:10 isles and they who inhabit them. Let

42:12 in the isles speak out in praise of him

49:1 Hear me, O isles; listen, you distant

51:5 the isles anticipate me, awaiting my

59:18 to the isles he will render retribution

60:9 their portals? From the isles they are

66:19 Javan, and to distant isles. And they


1:3 Israel does not know; my people are

1:4 have spurned the Holy One of Israel

1:24 One of Israel, declares, Woe to them

4:2 glory of the survivors of Israel. Then

5:7 is the house of Israel and the people

5:19 the Holy One of Israel soon come to

5:24 the Holy One of Israel. Therefore the

7:1 son of Remaliah king of Israel came

8:14 the two houses of Israel a stumbling

8:18 in Israel from Jehovah of Hosts, who

9:8 Jacob, and it shall befall Israel. And

9:12 from the west will devour Israel with

9:14 Jehovah will cut off from Israel head

10:17 glory: the Light of Israel will be the

10:20 those who survive of Israel and who

10:20 Jehovah, the Holy One of Israel: of

10:22 your people, O Israel, be as the sands

11:12 assemble the exiled of Israel; he will

11:16 was for Israel when it came from the

12:6 among you is the Holy One of Israel.

14:1 and once again choose Israel; he will

14:2 the house of Israel will possess them

17:3 the glory of the children of Israel, so

17:6 of Israel. In that day men will have

17:7 to the Holy One of Israel, and regard

19:24 that day Israel shall be the third party

19:25 and Israel my inheritance. In the year

21:10 of Hosts, the God of Israel. An oracle

21:17 few. Jehovah, the God of Israel, has

24:15 name of Jehovah, the God of Israel.

27:6 root and Israel bursts into blossom,

27:12 one, O children of Israel. In that day

29:19 men rejoice in the Holy One of Israel

29:23 Jacob, reverencing the God of Israel,

30:11 Holy One of Israel! Therefore, thus

30:12 says the Holy One of Israel: Because

30:15 Jehovah, the Holy One of Israel: By

30:29 Israel. Jehovah will cause his voice

31:1 do not look to the Holy One of Israel

31:6 far astray, O children of Israel. For in

37:16 Jehovah of Hosts, God of Israel, who

37:21 Jehovah, God of Israel: Because you

37:23 Holy One of Israel! By your servants

40:27 Jacob, and speak thus, O Israel: Our

41:8 But you, O Israel, my servant, Jacob,

41:14 O men of Israel, [be not dismayed]: I

41:14 Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel.

41:16 in the Holy One of Israel. When the

41:17 I, the God of Israel, will not forsake

41:20 that the Holy One of Israel created it.

42:24 to plunder and Israel to despoilers, if

43:1 Jacob, he who created you, O Israel:

43:3 One of Israel, am your Savior; Egypt

43:14 says Jehovah, the Holy One of Israel

43:15 One, Creator of Israel, am your King

43:22 weary of me, O Israel. Yet I required

43:28 to be ostracized, Israel to execration.

44:1 Jacob my servant, and Israel whom I

44:5 and adopt the name Israel. Thus says

44:6 Jehovah, the King of Israel, Jehovah

44:21 Jacob, and you, O Israel, for you are

44:23 glorified in Israel. Thus says Jehovah

45:3 God of Israel, who calls you by name

45:4 Israel my chosen, I call you by name

45:11 Holy One of Israel, their Maker: Will

45:15 himself, O Savior, God of Israel. As

45:17 and embarrassed. But Israel is saved

45:25 In Jehovah shall all Israel’s offspring

46:3 remnant of the house of Israel, who

46:13 deliverance in Zion, and to Israel my

47:4 the Holy One of Israel, whose name

48:1 of Jacob, you who are named Israel—

48:1 God of Israel, though not in truth or

48:2 holy city, upheld by the God of Israel

48:12 Hear me, O Jacob, and Israel, whom

48:17 says Jehovah, the Holy One of Israel

49:3 You are my servant, Israel, in whom

49:5 to him, Israel having been gathered to

49:6 to restore those preserved of Israel. I

49:7 the Redeemer and Holy One of Israel

49:7 you, because the Holy One of Israel

52:12 will go before you, the God of Israel

54:5 you is the Holy One of Israel, who is

55:5 One of Israel, who gloriously endows

56:8 who gathers up the outcasts of Israel:

60:9 the Holy One of Israel, who has made

60:14 the Holy One of Israel. Although you

63:7 of Israel. For he thought, Surely they

63:16 does not know us or Israel recognize


17:9 they abandoned before the Israelites

66:20 just as the Israelites brought offerings


45:25 In Jehovah shall all Israel’s offspring


48:3 issue from my mouth, than I caused


45:23 I swear it—righteousness has issued


10:15 an axe exalt itself above the one who

10:15 it, or a saw vaunt itself over him who

34:6 and glut itself with fat—the blood of

37:30 up of itself. But in the third year sow


37:13 Sepharvaim, Hena, and Ivvah? And