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1:18 can be made white as snow; though

1:21 with justice; righteousness made its

2:8 own fingers have made. Mankind is

2:20 made for themselves to adore. Men

10:15 held up the one who is not made of

14:16 man who made the earth shake and

14:24 of Hosts made an oath, saying, As I

16:7 For this shall the Moabites be made

17:8 things their fingers have made—the

24:4 of the earth shall be made wretched

25:2 have made the city a heap of rubble

29:16 Shall what is made say of its maker

30:33 hearth indeed, made ready for rulers

37:16 It is you who made the heavens and

40:4 every mountain and hill made low;

44:8 I not made it known to you from of

45:12 is I who made the earth and created

45:18 who made it secure and organized it

46:4 who made you, and I who bear you

48:3 past I made known long beforehand

48:16 have not made predictions in secret

49:2 He has made my mouth like a sharp

49:2 has made me into a polished arrow

51:10 and made of ocean depths a way by

51:23 you made your back as the ground,

53:10 that, he made his life an offering for

53:12 many, and made intercession for the

57:7 you have made prominent your bed

57:16 spirits and souls I have made would

59:8 They have made crooked their paths

59:17 breastplate and made salvation the

60:9 Israel, who has made you illustrious

62:11 made proclamation to the end of the

63:6 made them drunk by my rage when

63:12 who made his glorious arm proceed

63:17 O Jehovah, have you made us stray

66:2 things my hand has made, and thus

66:17 ideas] shall be made an end of, says


10:31 answer her, Anathoth! Madmenah


14:11 a bed of maggots; you are covered


47:9 many magical feats and exceedingly

47:12 and with your many magical feats,


3:2 soldier, the magistrate and prophet,


42:21 Jehovah that they magnify the law


8:3 Name him Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz


24:2 servant, with mistress as with maid


14:2 as menservants and maidservants


16:5 on it who will maintain justice and


33:21 no warships sail or majestic fleets


63:1 in majesty, pressing forward in the


3:4 will make adolescents their rulers;

3:7 in my house; you cannot make me

5:6 I will make it a desolation: it shall

5:20 they make bitterness sweet and the

6:10 but not perceiving. Make the heart

8:10 you make proposals, they shall not

12:4 invoke his name. Make known his

13:9 anger and wrath to make the earth

13:12 I will make mankind scarcer than

14:14 clouds; I will make myself like the

17:11 make them thrive the day you plant

19:21 Jehovah will make himself known

19:21 make vows to Jehovah and fulfill

22:17 missile; he will make you soar like

23:9 devised it, to make all glorying in

27:5 of me for a refuge and make peace

28:17 I will make justice the measure,

29:16 its maker, He did not make me, or

30:30 resound, and make visible his arm

36:15 not let Hezekiah make you trust in

36:16 Assyria: Make peace with me by

38:8 See, I make the shadow cast by the

40:9 news. Make yourself heard, be not

41:15 One of Israel. I will make of you a

41:15 to dust and make chaff of hills. As

41:26 not one make it known; no one has

42:2 raise voice to make himself heard

42:15 make all their vegetation wither; I

42:16 make level. These things I will not

44:15 they adore, from it they make idols

44:17 the rest they make a god, their idol

46:6 to make them a god they bow down

47:13 make predictions month by month,

48:20 Babylon, flee from Chaldea! Make

54:12 will make your skylights of jacinth

55:3 I will make with you an everlasting

57:6 and make offerings. How shall I be

58:4 are not such as to make your voice

58:14 will make you traverse the heights

60:7 thus I will make glorious my house

60:13 my sanctuary, to make glorious the

60:15 will make you an everlasting pride

60:17 stones, iron. I will make peace your

61:8 sure reward; I will make with them

64:2 the heat—to make yourself known

66:22 I make shall endure before me, says


17:7 men will have regard to their Maker

22:11 to its Maker, nor have regard for the

27:11 their Maker shows them no mercy;

29:16 Shall what is made say of its maker

44:2 your Maker, who formed you from

44:24 am Jehovah, the Maker of all things

45:9 Maker, mere shards of earthenware

45:11 the One of Israel, their Maker: Will

51:13 you forgotten Jehovah, your Maker

54:5 he who espouses you is your Maker


45:16 the makers of inventions retired in


27:9 sins removed: when he makes like

40:23 nought and makes the authorities of

44:14 He plants firs, which the rain makes

44:25 predictions of impostors and makes

44:25 makes nonsense of their knowledge

62:7 and makes it renowned in the earth.


8:13 Jehovah of Hosts, making him your

10:2 of my people of their right, making

24:7 making all the lighthearted lament.

30:1 by me, for making alliances without

43:12 making it known when there was no

43:19 am making roads through the desert

44:19 Am I not making an abomination of

51:2 I blessed him by making him many

51:3 is making her wilderness like Eden,

58:5 like a reed and making one’s bed of

63:12 before them, making an everlasting

65:3 in parks, making smoke upon bricks


9:17 are godless malefactors, and every


32:7 by malevolent means and insidious


2:22 the things of man, in whose nostrils

3:2 supply, the valiant man and soldier

3:5 oppress one another, every man his

3:6 will a man apprehend a kinsman of

4:1 of one man in that day, and say, We

6:5 I am a man of unclean speech, and

6:11 a man, and the land ravaged to ruin

7:21 a man will keep alive a young cow

14:16 Is this the man who made the earth

29:8 in the night: like a hungry man who

29:8 a thirsty man who dreams he drinks

29:21 who at a word adjudge a man to be

31:8 sword not of man; a sword not of

32:2 man shall become as a shelter from

33:8 contempt; man is disregarded. The

36:6 of any man who leans on it. Such is

38:11 living; I shall not now behold Man

40:13 that a man should let him know his

45:12 the earth and created man upon it;

46:11 distant land the man who performs

51:12 man, the children of men who shall

53:3 men, a man of grief, accustomed to

56:2 man who does so—the person who

57:1 and no man gives it a thought; the

59:16 why there was no man, no one who

62:5 young man weds a virgin, so shall

66:3 one who kills a man, and whoever


2:11 be lowered and man’s pride abased

2:17 be abased, and man’s pride brought

44:13 likeness, resembling man’s beauty


9:21 their own offspring. Manasseh will

9:21 Manasseh, and both will combine


14:19 sword, whose mangled remains are


66:5 manifest his glory, that we may see

66:14 hand of Jehovah shall be manifest


24:23 manifests his reign in Mount Zion


59:6 they manipulate injurious dealings


30:12 manipulation and double dealing,


2:9 Mankind is brought low when men

5:15 Mankind is brought low when men

13:12 will make mankind scarcer than fine

24:6 little of mankind remain. The new


33:4 spoil was harvested in the manner

51:6 inhabitants shall die in the manner

58:5 high. Is this the manner of fasting I


25:2 mansions shall no more form cities


44:9 manufacture idols are deranged; the


19:9 will be in misery. Manufacturers of


2:3 will flow to it. Many peoples shall

2:4 many peoples. They will beat their

5:9 my hearing: Surely many buildings

8:15 Many will stumble into them, and

17:12 pain. Woe to the many peoples in

24:22 and shut in confinement many days

47:9 in full, notwithstanding your many

47:12 and with your many magical feats

48:19 descendants as many as their grains

51:2 I blessed him by making him many

52:14 he appalled many—his appearance

52:15 he yet astound many nations, rulers

53:11 the righteous one, vindicate many.

53:12 he bore the sins of many, and made

66:16 slain by Jehovah shall be many. As


30:29 when men march with flutes [and


36:1 of Assyria marched against all the

36:10 marched against this land without


27:1 maritime serpent, Leviathan, that


66:19 mark upon them, sending those of


44:13 his idol with a marker. He creates


52:14 marred beyond human likeness,


54:6 a wife married in youth only to be


13:4 marshaling an army for war. They


10:28 Migron; at Michmash he marshals


35:7 creatures [shall marshes break out


14:21 the massacre of their of their sons

34:6 an immense massacre in the land


5:13 die of famine, their masses perish

5:14 descend their elite with the masses

54:15 whoever masses against you shall


33:23 * loose; they hold not the mast in


19:4 into the hand of a cruel master; a

24:2 priest as with people, with master

30:20 but your eyes shall see the Master

32:4 the stammerers master eloquence.


1:3 its owner, the ass its master’s stall

22:18 a disgrace to your master’s house


34:15 each one accompanying her mate.

34:16 for, not one lacks her mate. By his


22:1 the matter with you, causing you


58:13 and speaking of business matters—


25:6 delectable, of matured wines, well


55:12 trees of the meadows all clap their


3:15 What do you mean by oppressing


32:7 by malevolent means and insidious

38:16 my Lord, by means of such trials

38:17 in such dire distress; by its means


28:17 justice the measure, righteousness

34:11 be surveyed with muddled measure

34:17 his hand that divides it by measure

40:12 earth’s dust by measure, weighing

65:7 I will measure out in their laps the


40:12 Who measured out the waters with


22:13 of sheep, eating meat and drinking

44:16 they broil a roast; they eat the meat

44:19 its embers, roasted meat and ate it


15:2 in Moab over Nebo and Medeba.


13:17 up against them the Medes, who do

21:2 O Elamites! Lay siege, you Medes


29:4 like that of a medium; your sayings


8:19 to inquire of mediums and spiritists

19:3 idols and to spiritists, to mediums


7:3 Isaiah, Go out and meet Ahaz, you

21:14 greet the thirsty; meet the fugitives


1:13 for convening meetings at the New

1:14 monthly and regular meetings my


1:8 a vineyard, a hut in a melon field.


13:7 weak and the hearts of all men melt

14:31 Utterly melt away, you Philistines!

19:1 Egyptians’ hearts melt within them

31:8 their young men melt; their captain


64:1 mountains melting at your presence


2:9 brought low when men thus debase

2:11 his glory. The haughty eyes of men

2:17 haughtiness of men shall be abased

2:19 Men will go into caves in the rocks

2:20 that day men will throw away to the

2:21 adore. Men will go into crevices of

3:25 ignominy. Your men shall be felled

5:3 and you men of Judea, please judge

5:13 best men die of famine, their masses

5:15 Mankind is brought low when men

6:12 Jehovah will drive men away, and

7:13 patience of men? Must you also try

7:22 of their plentiful milk, men will eat

7:24 and thorns. Men will go there with

8:19 men tell you to inquire of mediums

9:3 as men rejoice at harvest time or as

9:3 as men are joyous when they divide

9:17 is not pleased with their young men

9:19 fire. Men will have no compassion

9:20 but not be satisfied: men will eat the

13:7 and the hearts of all men melt. They

13:8 Men will look at one another aghast

13:11 men and humble the pride of tyrants

13:12 fine gold, men more rare than gold

15:4 armed men of Moab, but their spirit

17:7 men will have regard to their Maker

19:12 are your wise men indeed? Let them

20:5 uncovered—to Egypt’s shame. Men

21:11 oracle concerning Dumah: Men call

23:4 I no longer rear young men or raise

23:5 men will be in anguish at the report

24:9 an end. Men no longer drink wine

29:13 commandments of men learned by

29:14 their wise men insignificant. Woe to

29:19 and the poorest of men rejoice in the

30:29 as when men march with flutes [and

31:8 their young men melt; their captain

36:12 your lord and not to the men sitting

37:36 men arose in the morning, there lay

39:3 What did those men say to you, and

40:30 weary, and young men slump down

41:14 O men of Israel, [be not dismayed]:

43:4 give men in return for you, peoples

43:17 armies of men in full strength; they

44:15 men as fuel, which they use to warm

44:25 diviners, who turns wise men about

45:6 that men from where the sun rises to

47:3 I will be entreated of men, says our

51:7 Do not fear the reproach of men; be

51:12 of men who shall be turned to grass

52:14 —his semblance unlike that of men

53:3 was despised and disdained by men

53:3 from whom men hide their faces he

55:7 ways and sinful men their thoughts

58:5 time for men to torment themselves

58:7 and when you see men underclad to

59:19 men will fear Jehovah Omnipotent,

65:21 accursed. When men build houses,

66:21 I will accept men to be priests and


37:19 men’s hands, of wood and of stone


14:2 as menservants and maidservants in


30:22 a menstruous woman her impurity

64:6 righteousness as a menstruous rag.


33:15 their ears at the mention of murder

57:11 you pretend and do not mention me


14:20 never more be mentioned! Prepare

49:1 he mentioned me by name. He has


23:18 merchandise and hire shall provide

45:14 and merchandise of Cush shall pass


2:16 vessels at sea,] both merchant ships

23:1 sirens, O merchant ships! For Tyre

23:3 she became the merchant of nations

23:11 orders concerning the merchant city

23:14 your sirens, O merchant ships; your


23:8 were princes, whose merchants the


63:7 has mercifully and most graciously


13:18 will show no mercy to the newborn

27:11 their Maker shows them no mercy;

30:18 favor you; out of mercy toward you

47:6 mercy; even the aged you weighed

49:10 has mercy on them will guide them

55:7 to Jehovah, and he will have mercy

60:10 I will gladly show you mercy. Your


53:3 shunned, deemed by us of no merit.


39:1 At that time Merodach-Baladan the


22:13 mirth and merrymaking, the killing


9:8 will accomplish it. This message


40:9 Jerusalem, messenger of good news

42:19 deaf as the messenger I have sent?

52:7 of the messenger announcing peace


18:2 Go speedily, you messengers! Go to

37:9 it, he sent messengers to Hezekiah,

37:14 letter from the messengers and read

44:26 messengers, who says of Jerusalem


14:4 tyrant has met his end and tyranny


10:28 passes through Migron; at Micmash


60:6 dromedaries of Midian and Ephah


10:26 struck the Midianites at the Rock


5:2 built a watchtower in its midst and

19:19 the midst of the land of Egypt and

19:24 a blessing in the midst of the earth

25:11 midst of it, as a swimmer spreads

41:18 hill country, springs in the midst of

61:9 in the midst of the peoples; all who


3:25 your might overthrown in war. Her

26:18 inhabitants of the world might not

28:13 there, that, persisting, they might

33:13 near, be apprised of my might! The

40:14 was he counselled that he might be

41:26 that we might say, He was right?

45:24 alone come vindication and might

51:10 by which the redeemed might pass

53:10 for guilt, he might see his offspring

53:10 purposes of Jehovah might prosper

63:15 now are your zeal and your might?

64:5 them we might ever be saved. Alas


40:9 tidings. Raise your voice mightily,


1:31 The mighty shall be as refuse, their

8:7 the great and mighty waters of the

9:6 Counsellor, One Mighty in Valor, a

10:21 Mighty in Valor. For though your

11:15 by his mighty wind; he will extend

17:9 that day their mighty cities shall be

17:12 like the turbulence of mighty waters

23:4 because the Sea, the mighty haven

28:2 in store one mighty and strong: as a

28:2 inundating deluge of mighty waters

43:16 the mighty waters, who dispatches

51:10 Sea, the waters of the mighty deep,

53:12 with the mighty, because he poured

60:22 clan, the youngest a mighty nation.

62:8 by his right hand, his mighty arm:

63:1 his power? It is I, who am mighty


10:28 on Aiath, passes through Migron; at


7:22 their plentiful milk, men will eat the

28:9 Weanlings weaned from milk, those

40:11 ewes that give milk he leads gently

55:1 milk with no money and at no cost.

60:16 the milk of the nations, suckling at


3:23 hosiery, sheer linen, millinery, and


7:2 on, the king’s mind and the minds

10:7 he has in mind. His purpose shall be

19:12 what Jehovah of Hosts has in mind

21:4 My mind reels, I am paralyzed with

33:18 shall recount in your mind the terror

43:18 a wick—Never mind the prophecies

46:8 yourselves in mind of this and come

59:13 of extortion, conceiving in the mind

65:17 be remembered or recalled to mind.


42:23 hereafter, and be mindful and obey


44:9 sightless and mindless, to their own


7:2 minds of his people were shaken, as

26:3 Those whose minds are steadfast, O

32:4 who hear shall listen. The minds of

44:18 minds are incapable of discernment

44:20 their deluded minds have distracted


43:1 you by name; you are mine. When


60:10 and their kings will minister to you


19:11 distress. The ministers of Zoan are

19:13 Egypt! The ministers of Zoan have

61:6 the ministers of our God. You shall


35:7 mirages shall become one of lakes


57:20 rest, whose waters heave up mire


22:13 sackcloth. Instead, there is mirth


59:7 preoccupied with mischief; havoc


14:20 brood of miscreants never more be

31:2 the brood of miscreants and allies


59:4 misdeeds, they beget wickedness.


24:4 pine away, world miserably perish


19:8 misery. Manufacturers of combed


3:12 people, your leaders mislead you,

36:18 Hezekiah mislead you by saying,


9:16 of these people have misled them,

19:14 they have misled Egypt in all that


22:17 away as an athlete hurls a missile;


4:5 a cloud by day and a mist glowing

5:30 darkened by an overhanging mist.

6:4 and a mist filled the temple. Then

44:22 sins like a cloud of mist. Return to

60:2 a thick mist the peoples, upon you


24:2 mistress as with maid, with seller

47:5 be called, Mistress of Kingdoms.

47:7 the Eternal Mistress, exist forever


65:11 and pour mixed wines for Fortune


5:22 champions at mixing liquor! Woe


11:14 Edom and Moab at hand’s reach,

15:1 oracle concerning Moab: When in

15:1 night Ar is devastated, Moab shall

15:1 one night Kir is razed. Moab shall

15:2 weep; they will wail in Moab over

15:4 men of Moab, but their spirit shall

15:5 will cry out for Moab; its fugitives

15:8 shall encompass the land of Moab

15:9 upon the fugitives of Moab and on

16:4 the exiles of Moab dwell with you

16:6 have heard of the glories of Moab

16:7 have cause to bewail Moab: they

16:11 will vibrate like a harp for Moab,

16:13 Moab. But now Jehovah has said,

25:10 of Jehovah, and under him Moab


16:7 this shall the Moabites be made to

16:12 Hareseth. For when the Moabites


16:2 so are Moab’s women at the fords

16:14 lease, Moab’s glory shall become


59:11 moan incessantly like doves. We


21:5 eating and drinking . . . Mobilize


29:5 mobs like flying chaff. She shall

54:15 into mobs are not of me; whoever


37:17 Sennacherib has sent to mock the


37:23 have you mocked and ridiculed?


43:7 formed, molded and wrought for


45:9 to say to him who molds it, What


2:20 away to the moles and to the bats


28:4 sees it devours it the moment he


54:7 forsook you indeed momentarily,


52:3 shall be redeemed without money

55:1 water! You who have no money,

55:1 wine and milk with no money and

55:2 spend money on what is not bread


27:1 that devious sea monster, when he


1:13 meetings at the New Month and

47:13 make predictions month by month


1:14 monthly and regular meetings my


19:19 Egypt and a monument to Jehovah


13:10 will the moon give its light. I have

24:23 moon will blush and the sun be put

30:26 fall. The light of the moon shall be

60:19 day, nor the brightness of the moon

60:20 more, nor your moon wane: to you

66:23 And New Moon after New Moon,


10:18 turning them into a rotting morass


1:13 Bring no more worthless offerings

2:4 any more. O house of Jacob, come

5:4 What more could have been done

13:12 men more rare than gold of Ophir

14:20 never more be mentioned! Prepare

15:9 impose more than this upon Dibon

16:4 When oppressors are no more and

17:14 shall be no more. This is the lot of

19:7 away and be no more. Fishermen

23:10 of Tarshish: the harbor is no more

23:12 will say, You will frolic no more,

24:20 shall rise no more. In that day will

25:2 —heathen mansions shall no more

26:14 no more, spirits who will not rise

26:21 it and no more conceal its slain. In

27:4 I have no more anger toward her.

29:22 no more. For when he sees among

32:10 little more than a year you shall be

37:31 survives shall once more take root

40:15 from a bucket, counting no more

43:17 down as one, to rise no more, they

43:25 your sins no more. Recount for me

47:1 You shall no more be spoken of as

51:22 shall drink no more from the bowl

52:1 No more shall the uncircumcised

54:4 remember no more the reproach of

54:9 would no more flood the earth. So

54:9 to have no more anger toward you

60:18 more be heard of in your land, nor

60:20 set no more, nor your moon wane:

62:4 of your God. You shall no more be

62:8 no more let your grain be food for

65:19 my people; no more shall be heard

65:20 cry of distress. No more shall there


5:11 arise in the morning, who linger at

14:12 heavens, O morning star, son of the

17:11 to sprout the very morning you sow

17:14 and before morning they shall be no

21:12 watchman replies, Morning comes

28:19 seized by it: morning after morning

33:2 arm from morning to morning, our

37:36 men arose in the morning, there lay

38:13 myself until morning, while like a

50:4 Morning by morning he wakens my


30:32 them, they will be fought in mortal

51:12 Who are you that you fear mortal


38:11 among those dwelling in mortality


31:8 sword not of mortals shall devour

44:11 fabricators are mere mortals. Were


63:11 the days of Moses of old: Where is

63:12 right hand of Moses, who divided


6:3 Most holy is Jehovah of Hosts; the

13:19 the most splendid of kingdoms, the

14:14 the Most High! But you have been

17:6 five in its most fruitful branch, says

21:7 most vigilant, fully alert. Then the

22:24 to the most common containers. In

63:7 most graciously rendered the house


50:9 a garment; the moth shall consume

51:8 the moth shall consume them like


8:4 how to say, Father, or Mother, the

50:1 of your crimes is your mother cast

66:13 his mother I will comfort you; for


49:23 your nursing mothers. They will


49:1 my mother’s womb, he mentioned

50:1 your mother’s bill of divorce with


51:8 garment; moths shall devour them


4:5 the whole site of Mount Zion, and

8:18 Hosts, who dwells in Mount Zion

10:12 Mount Zion and in Jerusalem, he

14:13 the mount of assembly of the gods

18:7 of Jehovah of Hosts: Mount Zion.

24:23 manifests his reign in Mount Zion

28:21 rise up he did on Mount Perazim,

29:8 amass to fight against Mount Zion

31:4 war upon Mount Zion and upon its

37:32 remnant, and from Mount Zion a


2:2 the mountain of Jehovah’s house

2:3 mountain of Jehovah, to the house

10:32 mountain of the Daughter of Zion

11:9 throughout my holy mountain, for

13:2 barren mountain; sound the voice

16:1 mountain of the Daughter of Zion

25:6 power of tyrants. In this mountain

25:7 mountain he will destroy the veil

25:10 in this mountain rests the hand of

27:13 in the holy mountain at Jerusalem

30:25 fork. On all mountain heights and

30:29 to the mountain of Jehovah, to the

40:4 every mountain and hill made low

40:9 mountain heights, O Zion, herald

49:11 my mountain ranges I will appoint

56:7 to my holy mountain and gladden

57:7 such things? On a lofty mountain

57:13 my holy mountain. It will be said:

65:11 and forget my holy mountain, who

65:25 my holy mountain, says Jehovah.

66:20 my holy mountain, says Jehovah,


2:2 the head of the mountains; it shall

2:14 high mountains and elevated hills

5:25 strikes them; the mountains quake

13:4 A tumult on the mountains, as of

14:25 them underfoot on my mountains

17:13 wind like chaff on the mountains

18:3 is lifted up in the mountains; heed

18:6 the birds of prey of the mountains

22:5 distress, To the mountains! When

34:3 shall dissolve on the mountains,

37:24 conquered the highest mountains

40:12 by measure, weighing mountains

41:15 mountains to dust and make chaff

42:11 from the tops of the mountains. O

42:15 once. I will lay waste mountains

44:23 O mountains, forests, and all trees

49:13 into song, O mountains! Jehovah

52:7 the mountains are the feet of the

54:10 to rebuke you. For the mountains

55:12 the mountains and hills shall sing

64:1 descend, the mountains melting at

64:3 the mountains quaked before you

65:7 kindle sacrifice in the mountains,

65:9 of my mountains; my chosen ones


30:17 on a mountaintop, an ensign on a


37:29 mounted up to my ears, I will put


38:14 on my end! Like a mounting lark

57:8 mounting your bed, you have laid


30:16 on swift mounts! Therefore shall


16:9 I will mourn as Jazer mourns for

32:13 with briars and thorns. Mourn for

57:18 who mourn for him, who partake

61:2 comfort all who mourn: to endow

61:3 endow those who mourn in Zion,

66:10 in her celebration, all who mourn


29:2 be mourning and sorrow when she

50:3 with the blackness of mourning; I

60:20 light when your days of mourning

61:3 anointing in place of mourning, a


16:9 I will mourn as Jazer mourns for


1:20 his mouth Jehovah has spoken it.

5:14 mouth insatiably; into it descend

6:7 the altar. Touching it to my mouth

9:12 with open mouth. Yet for all this

9:17 and every mouth utters profanities

10:14 wings, or opened its mouth to utter

11:4 the rod of his mouth and with the

29:13 approach me with the mouth and

30:2 have not inquired at my mouth

34:16 mate. By his mouth he decreed it,

37:29 and my bit in your mouth and turn

40:5 By his mouth Jehovah has spoken

45:23 from my mouth, by a decree that

48:3 they issue from my mouth, than I

49:2 my mouth like a sharp sword—in

51:16 will put my words in your mouth

53:7 and opened not his mouth—like a

53:7 shearers, he opened not his mouth

53:9 was not in his mouth. But Jehovah

55:11 that leaves my mouth; it does not

57:4 wide the mouth and stick out the

58:14 By his mouth Jehovah has spoken

59:21 your mouth shall not depart from

59:21 your mouth, nor from the mouth

59:21 from the mouth of their offspring

62:2 the mouth of Jehovah. Then shall


52:15 kings shutting their mouths at him


18:2 a people perpetually on the move

18:7 a nation perpetually on the move,

23:6 anguish at the report. Move on to

30:11 the way; move aside, off the path


10:31 Madmenah has moved out of the

14:10 thrones. All alike were moved to


33:12 lime, mown down like thorns and


21:11 the night? Watchman, how much

42:20 seeing much but not giving heed


10:6 spoil, to tread underfoot like mud

41:25 dignitaries as on mud, tread them

57:20 mire and mud: there is no peace,


34:11 surveyed with muddled measure


66:20 and on mules and dromedaries—


59:12 have multiplied; our sins testify


13:4 as of a vast multitude. Hark! An

60:5 multitude of the Sea shall resort


33:15 the mention of murder, who shut


14:20 and murdered your people. May


1:21 in her, but now murderers. Your


38:14 I twitter, like a dove I murmur.


29:24 and they who murmured accept


9:18 upward in mushrooming clouds


14:11 the music of your lyres. Beneath

38:20 will perform music all the days


31:4 prey when the shepherds muster


8:19 who huddle together and mutter,


60:6 A myriad of camels shall cover


55:13 place of nettles, the myrtle. This


41:19 and acacia, myrtles and oleasters


2:6 provide themselves with mystics