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38:21 * to take fig packs and apply them to


8:9 Though nations form pacts, they


10:10 I could do this to the pagan states,

3:11 paid back for the deeds they have

65:6 still till I have paid back into their


17:11 day of diseases and incurable pain


3:16 and put on airs, painting their eyes


7:21 keep alive a young cow and a pair


22:15 of the palace. Say to him, What are

36:3 overseer of the palace, Shebna the

36:22 overseer of the palace, Shebna the

37:2 overseer of the palace, Shebna the

39:2 in his palace or in all his realm that

39:4 in your palace? And Hezekiah said

39:4 is in my palace. There is nothing in

39:6 everything in your palace, and all

39:7 the palace of the king of Babylon.


13:22 from its palaces, howling creatures

32:14 for the palaces shall lie abandoned

34:13 shall overgrow its palaces, thistles


29:22 be dismayed; his face shall pale no


9:14 head and tail, palm top and reed, in

19:15 it, neither head nor tail, palm top or

36:6 the palm of any man who leans on

62:3 a royal diadem in the palm of your


49:16 have engraved you on my palms; I

59:3 palms are defiled with blood, your


47:8 pampered lady, securely enthroned


26:17 pangs during labor, so were we at


32:14 deserted. High rises and panoramic


21:4 reels, I am paralyzed with fear; the


41:17 and their tongue becomes parched

41:18 lakes, parched lands into fountains

50:2 their fish become parched for lack


55:7 our God, who graciously pardons.


1:29 cherished and blush for the parks

65:3 sacrificing in parks, making smoke

66:17 cultists who fornicate in the parks,


33:23 * part in the plunder. For Jehovah is

44:19 A part of this I burned in the fire; I


57:19 who partake of the fruit of the lips


5:11 at night parties, inflamed by wine!


3:17 private parts. In that day Jehovah


19:24 day Israel shall be the third party to


5:19 of Israel soon come to pass, and we

10:29 over the pass, stopping overnight at

11:13 Ephraim’s jealousy shall pass away

28:20 shall come to pass the proverb: The

33:21 warships sail or majestic fleets pass

37:26 Now I have brought it to pass. You

38:19 sons they pass on the knowledge of

42:9 former events indeed came to pass,

43:9 events that have come to pass? Let

45:14 and merchandise of Cush shall pass

46:11 I have spoken, I bring to pass; what

48:16 at their coming to pass, I have been

51:10 by which the redeemed might pass?

62:10 Pass on, go through gates; prepare


26:8 very passage of your ordinances we


51:23 a mere thoroughfare to passers-by.


10:28 on Aiath, passes through Migron; at


8:8 a flood and, passing through, reach

31:5 he will deliver it, by passing over it

41:3 to flight, passing on unhindered by

60:15 none passing through your land, yet


42:13 warrior, his passions aroused like a


9:1 In the past he humbled the lands of

18:5 the time of flowering is past and the

26:20 a little while until the wrath is past.

43:18 dwell on things of the past. See, I do

43:26 Recount for me the past; let us plead

48:3 the events of the past I made known

65:16 truth. The troubles of the past shall


5:17 shall his sheep feed in their pasture,

11:6 youngster will lead them to pasture.

14:30 have pasture, and the needy recline

49:9 feed along the way and find pasture

61:5 pasture your flocks; foreigners will

65:10 shall become pasture for flocks, and


30:23 graze in ample pasturelands, and the


40:11 a shepherd he pastures his flock: the


26:7 The path of the righteous is straight;

30:11 of the way; move aside, off the path!

40:14 in the path of discretion, imparting to

40:27 Our path has become obscured from

43:16 path through the mighty waters, who

57:14 obstacles from the path of my people


11:11 Assyria, Egypt, Pathros, Cush, Elam


2:3 we may follow in his paths. For out

41:3 on unhindered by paths his feet have

42:16 and guide them in paths unfamiliar;

59:8 made crooked their paths; none who


11:16 be a pathway out of Assyria for the


7:13 the patience of men? Must you also

7:13 you also try the patience of my God


10:32 will but pause at Nob and signal the


26:7 you pave an undeviating course for

40:3 wilderness pave a straight highway

57:14 will be said: Excavate, pave a road!

62:10 people! Excavate, pave a highway


29:13 the mouth and pay me homage with

34:1 and hear! Pay attention, you peoples

43:23 from your flocks or pay me homage

55:3 pay heed, that your souls may live!


66:6 Jehovah paying his enemies what is


65:7 the payment that has accrued. Thus


9:6 a Father for Ever, a Prince of Peace

9:7 be extended and peace have no end

14:7 earth is at rest and at peace; there is

26:3 you preserve in perfect peace, for in

26:12 Jehovah, you bring about our peace

27:5 of me for a refuge and make peace

32:17 effect of justice shall be peace, and

33:7 peace weep bitterly. The highways

33:20 abode of peace—an immovable tent

36:16 of Assyria: Make peace with me by

39:8 peace and loyalty during my reign.

45:7 occasion peace and cause calamity.

48:18 commandments, your peace would

48:22 there is no peace, says Jehovah, for

52:7 of the messenger announcing peace

53:5 price of our peace he incurred, and

54:10 covenant of peace be shaken, says

54:13 shall be the peace of your posterity.

55:12 in joy and be led back in peace; the

57:2 peace, and rest in their beds. As for

57:19 the lips: Peace, wellbeing, to those

57:21 there is no peace, says my God, for

59:8 none who treads them knows peace

60:17 stones, iron. I will make peace your

66:12 will extend peace to her like a river


32:18 shall dwell in peaceful settlements,


10:14 or opened its mouth to utter a peep.


7:1 Rezin king of Aram and Pekah son


3:19 pendants, chains and scarves, tiaras


1:3 not know; my people are insensible

1:4 astray, a people weighed down by

1:10 our God, you people of Gomorrah!

2:6 Jehovah, have forsaken your people

3:5 over them. People will oppress one

3:7 leader of the people. Jerusalem will

3:12 have done! As for my people, babes

3:12 for my people, your leaders mislead

3:14 to trial the elders of his people and

3:15 you mean by oppressing my people

5:7 people of Judah his cherished grove

5:13 my people exiled without knowing

5:25 his people: he draws back his hand

6:5 among a people of unclean speech:

6:9 say to these people, Go on hearing,

6:10 heart of these people grow fat; dull

6:13 a tenth of the people remain in it or

7:2 minds of his people were shaken, as

7:17 upon you and your people and your

8:6 Because these people have rejected

8:11 to follow the ways of these people.

8:12 conspiracy all that these people call

8:19 Should not a people inquire of their

9:2 of the nations. The people walking

9:9 entire people—Ephraim and those

9:13 people do not turn back to him who

9:16 the tail. The leaders of these people

9:19 is scorched and people are but fuel

10:2 depriving the poor of my people of

10:6 people deserving of my vengeance

10:22 though your people, O Israel, be as

10:24 my people who inhabit Zion, be not

11:11 to reclaim the remnant of his people

11:16 remnant of his people who shall be

13:14 to his own people and everyone flee

14:20 and murdered your people. May the

14:32 his longsuffering people find refuge

18:2 to a people perpetually on the move

18:2 far and wide, a people continually

18:7 far and wide, a people continually

19:25 Egypt my people, Assyria the work

22:4 ruin of the Daughter of my People.

23:13 Chaldeans, the people who founded

24:2 be with priest as with people, with

25:8 remove the reproach of his people

26:11 your zeal for your people when the

26:20 O my people, enter your chambers

27:11 not a discerning people. Therefore

28:5 glory to the remnant of his people:

28:11 these people, to whom he said, This

28:14 who preside over these people in

29:13 Because these people approach me

29:14 astound these people with wonder

30:5 people who will avail them nothing

30:6 to a people who cannot profit them

30:9 a rebellious people, sons who break

30:19 O people of Zion, O inhabitants of

30:26 the fracture of his people and heals

32:18 calm forever. My people shall dwell

33:19 insolent people are not to be seen, a

33:24 * say, I am ill; the people who inhabit

34:5 Edom in judgment, on the people I

36:11 in the ears of the people who are on

40:1 give solace to my people, says your

40:7 people themselves are but herbage—

42:5 the breath of life to the people upon

42:6 a covenant for the people, a light to

42:22 people plundered and sacked, all of

43:8 Let go the people who are blind, yet

43:20 may give drink to my chosen people

43:21 people I formed for myself to speak

44:7 appointing a people from of old as

45:14 the Sabeans, a people tall in stature.

47:6 was provoked by my people, so I let

49:8 a covenant of the people, to restore

49:13 Jehovah is comforting his people,

51:4 Listen to me, my people; give heed

51:7 people in whose heart is my law: Do

51:16 to Zion, You are my people. Rouse

51:22 who defends the cause of his people

52:4 first my people went down to Egypt

52:5 people are taken over without price

52:6 my people come to know my name

52:9 Jehovah has comforted his people;

53:8 people, to whom the blow was due?

56:3 surely exclude me from his people.

57:14 the path of my people! Thus says he

58:1 to my people their transgressions, to

60:21 fulfilled. Your entire people shall be

62:10 way for the people! Excavate, pave

62:12 They shall be called the holy people

63:8 thought, Surely they are my people,

63:11 Then his people recalled the days of

63:14 so you led your people, O Jehovah,

63:18 had your people possessed the holy

64:9 consider that we are all your people

65:2 all the day to a defiant people, who

65:3 people who constantly provoke me

65:10 for the herds of my people who seek

65:18 a delight and its people a joy. I will

65:19 in Jerusalem, rejoice in my people;

65:22 eat. The lifetime of my people shall

66:24 look upon the corpses of the people


2:3 to it. Many peoples shall go, saying

2:4 many peoples. They will beat their

10:14 wealth of peoples like a nest, and I

11:10 stands for an ensign to the peoples,

14:6 in his anger, who subdued peoples

17:12 the many peoples in an uproar, who

25:3 will powerful peoples revere you, a

25:6 a sumptuous feast for all peoples, a

25:7 all peoples, the shroud that shrouds

30:28 on their jaws he will try the peoples

33:3 in troubled times. The peoples fled

34:1 Pay attention, you peoples! Let the

37:18 peoples and their lands, committing

41:1 O isles; become still, you peoples!

43:4 return for you, peoples in exchange

43:9 the peoples were gathered together

49:1 O isles; listen, you distant peoples:

49:22 raise my ensign to the peoples; and

51:4 shall be a light to the peoples. Then

51:5 my arms shall judge the peoples—

55:4 prince and lawgiver of the peoples.

60:2 thick mist the peoples, upon you the

61:9 in the midst of the peoples; all who


32:13 vines. For my people’s land shall be


28:21 rise up as he did on Mount Perazim


5:12 what Jehovah does, nor perceive his

26:11 is lifted up, but they perceive it not.

26:11 not. Let them perceive with dismay

41:20 know, consider it, and perceive that

43:10 and perceive that I was the one who

59:12 we perceive our iniquities: willfully


64:4 it been heard or perceived by the ear


57:1 one perceives that from impending


6:9 on seeing, but not perceiving. Make


25:1 with perfect faithfulness you have

26:3 in perfect peace, for in you they are


59:8 of perfection; integrity is not within


28:21 to perform his act, his unwonted act

38:20 perform music all the days our lives

41:23 Perform something good or evil at

42:3 He will perform the work of justice

42:16 things I will not fail to perform. But

48:14 loves, who shall perform his will in

56:1 and perform righteousness, for my

64:5 those of us who joyfully perform


12:5 who has performed wonders; let it

25:1 performed wonders, things planned

64:3 presence—as when you performed


46:11 distant land the man who performs


3:24 And instead of perfume there shall


57:9 for the king increase your perfumes


47:12 you; perhaps you can hinder it. But


30:13 a perilous breach exposed in a high


5:13 of famine, their masses perish with

24:4 perish; the elite of the earth shall be

41:11 come to nought, and perish. Should

50:2 lack of water and perish because of

60:12 serve you shall perish; such nations


19:14 has permeated them with a spirit of


14:17 cities, permitting not his captives


18:2 people perpetually on the move, a

18:7 Hosts from a nation perpetually on


20:5 be appalled and perplexed at Cush


47:12 imagined. Persist, then, with your


28:13 here, a trifle there, that, persisting


49:7 to him who is despised as a person

56:2 man who does so—the person who


15:7 and their personal belongings, they


32:11 be perturbed, O careless daughters

44:8 come? Be not perturbed or shaken


1:4 offspring of wrongdoers, perverse

26:10 uprightness they remain perverse

32:6 preach perverse things concerning


59:13 our God, perversely planning ways


16:12 weary themselves with petitioning


19:11 you say to Pharaoh, We ourselves

36:6 Such is Pharaoh king of Egypt to


19:11 utter fools; the wisest of Pharaoh’s

30:2 on seeking protection in Pharaoh’s

30:3 But Pharaoh’s protection shall turn


11:14 the Philistine flank toward the west


2:6 Jacob, because, like the Philistines,

9:12 from the east and Philistines from

14:29 Philistines, now that the rod which

14:31 Utterly melt away, you Philistines!


3:7 I am no physician. There is neither


3:24 the girdle, a piece of twine, instead


7:23 a thousand pieces of currency shall

13:16 dashed to pieces before their eyes,

45:2 I will break in pieces brazen doors


53:5 was pierced for our transgressions


36:6 enters and pierces the palm of any


29:13 remains far from me—their piety


46:1 piled as burdens on weary animals


10:6 pillage for plunder, to spoliate for


14:31 North shall come pillars of smoke


14:8 pine trees, too, rejoice over you, as

24:4 concerning it. The earth shall pine


60:13 cypresses, pines, and firs together


14:15 the utmost depths of the Pit. Those

14:19 in a gravel pit. You shall not share

24:18 terror shall fall into a pit, and those

24:18 up from the pit shall be caught in a

25:10 straw is trampled in a dung pit. For

30:33 rulers; broad and deep is its fire pit

38:17 you draw my soul out of the Pit of

38:18 who go down into the Pit have no

51:14 not die as those destined for the Pit


13:20 not pitch their tents there, nor will

34:9 land shall become as burning pitch


24:17 Terrors and pitfalls and traps await


9:17 he pity their fatherless and widows


3:24 for in place of beauty there shall be

5:8 link field to field till no place is left

13:13 when the earth is jolted out of place

14:2 bring them to their own place. And

14:31 place he has designated shall evade

18:4 in silence over my dwelling place

18:7 to the place of the name of Jehovah

22:23 as a nail in a sure place, and he will

22:25 in a sure place shall be removed. It

26:21 out of his dwelling place to punish

28:17 waters flood the hiding place. Your

32:2 brooks of water in a desert place, or

32:14 animals, a browsing place for flocks

33:23 * they hold not the mast in place nor

34:14 discover for herself a resting place.

35:7 of lakes, the thirsty place springs of

41:2 calling him to the place of his foot?

41:19 place cypresses, elms and box trees

43:3 I give in place of you. Because you

46:7 it in place, there it stands, unable to

49:20 ears, This place is too cramped for

51:3 takes place there, thanksgiving with

51:13 sets the earth in place—that you go

51:16 set the earth in place, that I may say

55:13 come up the cypress, in place of the

55:13 in place of nettles, the myrtle. This

57:15 dwell on high in the holy place, and

59:14 public place and uprightness cannot

60:13 make glorious the place of my feet

60:17 In place of copper I will bring gold

60:17 bring gold, in place of iron, silver;

60:17 iron, silver; in place of wood, I will

60:17 will bring copper, in place of stones

61:3 priestly headpiece in place of ashes

61:3 ashes, the festal anointing in place

61:3 in place of a downcast spirit. They

63:18 possessed the holy place when our

65:10 the Valley of Achor a resting place

66:1 me as a place of rest? These are all


59:21 which I have placed in your mouth


17:2 places for herds to recline, where no

48:21 them through arid places: he caused

49:19 your ruins and ravaged places, and

52:9 ruined places of Jerusalem: Jehovah

61:4 ruins, raise up the old waste places;

64:11 burned with fire and all places dear


40:4 rough terrain a plain. For the glory


41:18 springs in the midst of the plains; I


5:19 plan of the Holy One of Israel soon

40:13 a man should let him know his plan


14:24 it happen; as I planned it, so shall it

25:1 performed wonders, things planned

37:26 I planned it? Now I have brought it

46:11 bring to pass; what I have planned,


59:13 our God, perversely planning ways


19:3 I will frustrate their plans, and they

30:1 for drawing up plans, but not by me


4:2 plant of Jehovah shall be beautiful

17:10 Therefore, though you plant choice

17:11 them thrive the day you plant them

28:25 barley and plant buckwheat in its

37:30 plant vineyards and eat their fruit:

65:21 plant vineyards, they will eat their

65:22 or plant so that others may eat. The


5:2 clearing it of stones, and planted it

40:24 When scarcely they are planted, or

60:21 the branch I have planted, the work

61:3 righteousness, planted by Jehovah


44:14 of the forest. He plants firs, which


30:22 idols plated with silver, your cast


11:8 play near the adder’s den, and the

23:16 O forgotten harlot. Play skillfully;

63:8 play false; and so he became their


32:14 ever after, the playground of wild


7:3 on the road to the Laundry Plaza.

36:2 on the road to the Laundry Plaza.


1:17 for the oppressed; plead the cause

43:26 me the past; let us plead each our


19:22 their pleas and heal them. In that


9:17 pleased with their young men, nor


53:2 he had no pleasing aspect, that we


2:16 merchant ships and pleasure craft.

66:11 your pleasure from the abundance


7:22 their plentiful milk, men will eat


7:5 conceived an evil plot against you

7:23 that day every plot of ground with

28:25 in its own plot? His God instructs


28:24 the plowman be forever plowing to


28:24 the plowman be forever plowing to


2:4 their swords into plowshares, their


17:5 ears plucked in Valley of Rephaim

50:6 plucked out the beard; I hid not my


8:1 Hasten the plunder, hurry the spoil.

8:4 and the plunder of Samaria will be

10:2 right, making plunder of widows,

10:6 vengeance, to pillage for plunder,

11:14 west, and together plunder those to

17:14 is the lot of those who plunder us,

33:23 * part in the plunder. For Jehovah is

42:24 Jacob over to plunder and Israel to


13:16 their homes plundered, their wives

42:22 a people plundered and sacked, all


37:3 the point of birth, but there is no


58:9 the pointing finger and offensive


49:2 made me into a polished arrow


24:5 lies polluted under its inhabitants

65:4 their bowls full of polluted broth,


44:21 Ponder these things, O Jacob, and


59:13 pondering illicit transactions. And


32:6 their heart ponders impiety: how to


3:15 faces of the poor? Says Jehovah of

10:2 depriving the poor of my people of

11:4 judge the poor with righteousness

14:30 serpent. The elect poor shall have

25:4 for the poor, a shelter for the needy

26:6 underfoot by the feet of the poor,

32:7 insidious devices to ruin the poor,

40:20 loose. Those too poor for this type

41:17 poor and needy require water, and

54:11 you. Poor wretch, tempest-tossed

58:7 to bring home the wretchedly poor


29:19 poorest of men rejoice in the Holy


16:14 all its large populace there shall be


24:6 the population of the earth shall be


60:8 as doves to their portals? From the


20:3 sign and portent against Egypt and


8:18 me, we shall be signs and portents


23:11 the merchant city that her ports of


36:2 took up a position by the aqueduct


22:7 take up positions at your gateways


14:2 And the house of Israel will possess

34:17 it by measure. They shall possess it

57:13 who seek refuge in me shall possess


63:18 a little while your people possessed


14:21 possession of the world, and fill the


22:19 will be expelled from your post. In


22:24 descendants and posterity, including

44:3 blessing upon your posterity. They

54:13 be the peace of your posterity. You

61:9 posterity in the midst of the peoples

65:23 by Jehovah, and their posterity with


29:3 posts, and erect siege installations


40:23 in. By him who brings potentates to


29:16 are! Shall the potter be regarded as

41:25 clay like a potter. Who announced

64:8 the clay and you are the potter, and


45:9 mere shards of earthenware pottery


30:30 and pounding hail. At the voice of


41:7 * who pounds the anvil. They say of


44:3 I will pour water on the thirsty soil

44:3 chosen. I will pour out my Spirit on

57:6 To them you pour out libations and

65:11 for Luck and pour mixed wines for


26:16 they poured out silent prayers when

29:10 poured out on you a spirit of deep

32:15 high be poured out on us; the desert

53:12 because he poured out his soul unto


42:25 his anger he pours out on them the


10:33 trees with terrifying power; the high

25:5 subdued the power of tyrants. In this

40:10 my Lord Jehovah comes with power

50:2 you; have I no power to deliver? By

51:9 clothe yourself with power, O arm

52:1 clothe yourself with power, O Zion

63:1 forward in the strength of his power


25:3 will powerful peoples revere you, a

27:1 with his great and powerful sword,

40:26 he is almighty and all powerful, not


14:10 have become powerless as we are!

47:13 you are powerless, despite all your


32:6 impiety: how to practice hypocrisy


66:17 they with [their practices and ideas


58:2 a nation practicing righteousness


7:19 of the prairie and in rocky ravines,

34:14 of prey. Prairie wolves shall greet


12:1 I praise you, O Jehovah. Although

12:5 Sing in praise of Jehovah, who has

38:18 praise you, nor Death glorify you;

38:19 praise, as I do this day; from father

42:8 another, nor my praise to wrought

42:10 his praise from the end of the earth

42:12 the isles speak out in praise of him.

43:21 myself to speak out in praise of me.

61:11 righteousness and praise to spring

62:9 harvest it shall eat it, giving praise

63:7 the ground. I will recount in praise


64:11 praised you has been burned with


43:14 who sing the praises of shipping. I

60:6 the praises of Jehovah. All Kedar’s


25:1 extol you by praising your name.


13:21 demonic creatures prance about in


66:17 and prawn and rodents—they with


1:15 eyes from you; though you pray at

16:12 and enter their sanctuaries to pray,

44:17 bow in adoration and pray, Save us


37:15 Jehovah. And Hezekiah prayed to

37:21 you have prayed to me concerning

38:2 face toward the wall and prayed to

45:20 idols and prayed to gods that could


37:4 up prayer on behalf of the remnant

38:5 I have heard your prayer and seen

56:7 and gladden in my house of prayer.

56:7 as a house of prayer for all nations.


26:16 they poured out silent prayers when


32:6 preach perverse things concerning

50:4 know how to preach to those grown


62:11 his work preceding him. They shall


40:10 is with him; his work precedes him.


28:10 upon precept, precept upon precept

28:13 upon precept, precept upon precept


51:4 go forth from me; my precepts shall

58:2 forsaking the precepts of their God.


13:2 to advance into the precincts of the


28:16 keystone, a precious cornerstone, a

43:4 are precious and revered in my eyes

54:12 entire boundary of precious stones.


30:10 visions, Predict not what is right for

41:22 fulfilled. Or predict the future for us


43:9 things, or predicted events that have

45:21 predicted them long ago? Did not I


44:25 annuls the predictions of impostors

47:13 make predictions month by month,

48:16 have not made predictions in secret


44:7 Who predicts what happens as do I,


33:10 prominent, now gain preeminence.


2:2 shall be preeminent among the hills


66:3 have preferred to go their own ways


59:7 Their thoughts are preoccupied with


29:9 preoccupy yourselves, until you cry


14:21 mentioned! Prepare for the massacre

21:5 They prepare tables; they deck them

25:6 Hosts prepare a sumptuous feast for

40:3 In the desert prepare the way for the

57:14 a road! Prepare the way; remove the

62:10 gates; prepare the way for the people


26:11 your people when the fire prepared

30:33 Tophet has been prepared of old, a


66:4 so will I prescribe intrigues for them


1:7 devoured by aliens in your presence

2:10 the dust from the awesome presence

2:19 ground, from the awesome presence

2:21 awesome presence of Jehovah and

6:2 they could veil their presence, with

9:3 they rejoice at your presence as men

19:1 Egypt will rock at his presence and

23:18 for those who dwell in the presence

24:23 glory in the presence of his elders. In

26:17 we at your presence, O Jehovah. We

48:19 and obliterated from my presence.

53:2 a sapling he grew up in his presence

55:12 hills shall sing at your presence and

61:11 up in the presence of all nations. For

63:9 the angel of his presence delivering

64:1 mountains melting at your presence

64:2 nations trembling at your presence—


41:21 it. Present your case, says Jehovah;

43:13 I have been present—from my hand

45:21 and present your case; go ahead and

46:4 age, I am present; till you turn grey,

48:16 coming to pass, I have been present.

55:6 he is present; call upon him while he

58:4 Your present fasts are not such as to


66:3 whoever presents a grain offering is


26:3 you preserve in perfect peace, for in

31:5 passing over it, preserve it. Return to


49:6 Jacob and to restore those preserved


28:14 you scoffers who preside over these


40:10 comes with power; his arm presides


1:6 have not been pressed out or bound


16:10 will tread no wine in the presses; the


63:1 arrayed in majesty, pressing forward


52:5 presumptuously, says Jehovah, and


57:11 that you pretend and do not mention


59:9 prevails darkness; for a glimmer of


5:29 seize the prey, and escape, and none

13:21 with weasels; birds of prey will find

18:6 to the birds of prey of the mountains

18:6 the land: the birds of prey will feed

31:4 the prey when the shepherds muster

34:13 creatures, a reserve for birds of prey

42:22 They have become a prey, yet no one

43:20 and birds of prey, for bringing water

46:11 a bird of prey from the east, from a

59:15 they who shun evil become a prey.


45:13 and set free my exiles without price

52:3 sold without price, and you shall be

52:5 people are taken over without price;

53:5 price of our peace he incurred, and


2:11 be lowered and man’s pride abased;

2:17 man’s pride brought low; Jehovah

4:2 the earth’s fruit the pride and glory

9:9 say in pride and arrogance of heart,

13:3 not upon those who take pride in me

13:11 men and humble the pride of tyrants

13:19 of kingdoms, the glory and pride of

16:6 its excessive pride and its boasting,

25:11 to swim, he will pull down his pride

60:15 I will make you an everlasting pride


8:2 the priest and Zechariah the son of

24:2 it shall be with priest as with people


61:3 priestly headpiece in place of ashes

61:10 bridegroom dressed in priestly attire


28:7 giddy with strong drink: priests and

37:2 the elders of the priests in sackcloth

61:6 be called the priests of Jehovah and

66:21 be priests and Levites, says Jehovah


38:10 recovery: I said, in the prime of life

59:10 in the prime of life we resemble the


9:6 Father for Ever, a Prince of Peace—

55:4 prince and lawgiver of the peoples.


23:8 were princes, whose merchants the

49:7 they see you, princes shall prostrate


42:7 prison those who sit in darkness. I


24:22 be herded together like prisoners to


3:17 private parts. In that day Jehovah


28:26 the proper procedure. Fennel is not


51:5 at hand and my salvation proceed;

63:12 proceed at the right hand of Moses


40:9 be not afraid; proclaim to the cities

48:6 it you do not proclaim it? Yet as of

58:1 Proclaim it aloud without restraint;

61:1 proclaim liberty to the captives and


62:11 Jehovah has made proclamation to


29:9 against Mount Zion. Procrastinate,


47:15 procurers have profited you—those


5:4 to yield grapes, why did it produce

32:10 over, the produce shall fail to arrive


5:2 grapes, but it produced wild grapes


10:18 choice forests and productive fields

32:15 become productive land and lands

32:15 lands now productive be reckoned


43:28 holy cities be profaned; I gave them


56:2 without profaning it, who stays his

56:6 Sabbath without profaning, holding


9:17 mouth utters profanities. Yet for all


23:9 glorying in excellence a profanity,


30:6 to a people who cannot profit them

44:9 profit nothing. Those who promote


47:15 your procurers have profited you—


53:10 offspring and prolong his days, and


13:22 shall not be prolonged. Jehovah will


30:25 all mountain heights and prominent

33:10 I will now become prominent, now

57:7 you have made prominent your bed


38:7 do the thing he has promised: See, I


44:9 profit nothing. Those who promote


11:3 not establish proof by what his ears


16:6 of its outbursts of false propaganda.


28:26 him in the proper procedure. Fennel


41:22 their prophecies of events heretofore

42:9 The prophecies of the former events

43:18 prophecies of bygone events; do not

46:9 Review the prophecies of the events

48:3 prophecies of the events of the past


2:1 extinguish. A prophecy concerning


3:2 and prophet, the augur and elder, the

37:2 in sackcloth to the prophet Isaiah the

38:1 the prophet Isaiah the son of Amoz

39:3 them. Then the prophet Isaiah came


8:3 when I had been with the prophetess


41:26 you any [prophetic] utterance. But to


9:15 are the head, the prophets who teach

28:7 priests and prophets have gone astray

29:10 prophets; he has covered your heads,


8:10 make proposals, they shall not prove


5:17 and proselytes eat in the ruins of the

14:1 own land, and proselytes will adhere


48:15 will prosper his way. Come near me

53:10 purposes of Jehovah might prosper


17:8 their fingers—the idols of prosperity

27:9 stones, leaving no idols of prosperity


49:7 they see you, princes shall prostrate

51:23 your life, Lie prostrate that we may

60:14 reviled you will prostrate themselves


37:35 will protect this city and save it, for

38:6 Assyria; I will protect this city. And


31:5 guard Jerusalem; by protecting it he


22:8 the forest home as protection. When

30:2 on seeking protection in Pharaoh’s

30:3 protection shall turn to your shame,


2:12 all the proud and arrogant and for all

28:3 The proud garlands of the drunkards


8:10 shall not prove firm: God is with us

28:18 shall prove void, your understanding

33:6 prove to be a strength, your wisdom


28:20 Then shall come to pass the proverb


2:6 Philistines, they provide themselves

11:15 into seven streams to provide a way

16:3 Arnon. Provide a solution, they say;

23:18 up. Her commerce shall provide for


33:16 Bread is provided them, their water


43:16 says Jehovah—who provides a way


55:10 fertile and fruitful—providing seed


61:6 provision. Because their shame was


65:3 people who constantly provoke me


47:6 provoked by my people, so I let my

57:17 sin of covetousness I was provoked


5:6 it shall neither be pruned nor hoed,


2:4 into pruning hooks: nation will not


33:7 See, their stalwarts sob in public;

42:2 to make himself heard in public.

59:14 in the public place and uprightness


40:24 puffs at them and they wither, and


66:19 Tarshish, Pul, and Lud (the archers


25:11 pull down his pride in the attempt.


24:8 pulsating of lyres comes to an end


10:12 will punish the king of Assyria for

26:21 punish the inhabitants of the earth

27:1 sword, punish severely Leviathan,


13:11 world, punishment for the wicked.

24:22 punishment. The moon will blush


1:18 Come now, let us put it to the test,

3:16 of Zion are haughty and put on airs

5:20 evil! They put darkness for light

7:12 I will not. I will not put Jehovah to

13:11 will put an end to the arrogance of

24:23 blush and the sun be put to shame

26:5 has put down the elite inhabitants

32:11 put sackcloth around your waists.

36:5 In whom have you put your trust,

36:8 you are able to put riders on them.

37:1 and put on sackcloth and entered

37:29 will put my ring in your nose and

38:1 Jehovah: Put your house in order.

45:17 put to shame worlds without end.

46:8 Put yourselves in mind of this and

50:3 mourning. I will put up sackcloth

51:16 will put my words in your mouth

52:1 Zion! Put on your robes of glory,

57:8 and facades you have put up your

59:17 cause. He put on righteousness

63:11 old: Where is he who put into him


41:3 He puts them to flight, passing on


1:14 am weary of putting up with them.

31:1 for help, relying on horses, putting


52:11 be pure, you who bear Jehovah’s

66:20 Israelites brought offerings in pure


1:11 Gomorrah! For what purpose are

10:7 purpose shall be to annihilate and

38:3 with full purpose of heart and have

49:4 for nothing and to no purpose! Yet

54:16 weapons to suit his purpose; it is I

55:11 I desire, achieves the purpose for


46:10 purposes take effect; I accomplish

53:10 purposes of Jehovah might prosper


3:22 and the purse, hosiery, sheer linen

46:6 from the purse and weigh silver on


58:3 on your fast day you pursue your


30:16 your pursuers be swifter. You will


58:13 your everyday pursuits—from


30:33 pit and ample its pyre; Jehovah’s