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36:2 the king of Assyria sent Rabshakeh

36:4 him. And Rabshakeh said to them,

36:11 and Joah said to Rabshakeh, please

36:12 on the wall. But Rabshakeh replied

36:13 Rabshakeh stood and called out in

36:22 him the things Rabshakeh had said

37:4 the words of Rabshakeh, whom his

37:8 land. And when Rabshakeh heard


21:3 is racked with trembling; throes of


38:13 he racks my whole frame? Surely,


60:19 your God your radiant glory. Your


64:6 menstruous rag. We are decaying


17:12 rage like the raging of the seas—

30:30 in furious rage, with flashes of

34:2 from it. Jehovah’s rage is upon all

51:13 the oppressor’s rage as he readies

63:6 my rage when I cast their glory to

66:14 his rage among his enemies. See,


17:12 the raging of the seas—tumultuous

30:28 like a raging torrent that severs at

57:20 the wicked are like the raging Sea


51:9 not you who carved up Rahab, you


4:6 from the downpour and from rain

5:6 forbid the rainclouds to rain on it.

30:23 you! Then will he water with rain

44:14 plants firs, which rain makes grow

45:8 Rain down from above, O heavens


5:6 I will forbid the rainclouds to rain

18:4 when the rainclouds appear amid


55:10 the rains and snows descend from


3:7 will raise his hand in that day and

10:24 of the Assyrians, though they raise

10:26 Hosts will raise the whip against

11:11 my Lord will again raise his hand

11:12 sea. He will raise the ensign to the

13:2 saw in vision: Raise the ensign on

15:5 Horonaim they will raise the cry

23:4 no longer rear young men or raise

40:9 tidings. Raise your voice mightily

42:2 will not shout or raise his voice to

42:11 and its cities raise their voice, and

42:13 give the war cry, raise the shout of

45:13 I who rightfully raise him up, who

49:6 be servant to raise up the tribes of

49:22 the nations, raise my ensign to the

58:1 aloud without restraint; raise your

61:4 raise up the old waste places; they

62:10 cleared of stones; raise the ensign


37:23 whom have you raised your voice

40:4 must be raised up, every mountain

41:2 Who has raised up Righteousness

41:25 have raised up one from the north


5:26 upraised still. He raises an ensign


59:16 righteousness rallied to his cause


10:29 overnight at Geba. Ramah is in a


1:11 rams and fat of fatted beasts; the

34:6 -goats, fat the kidney fat of rams.

60:7 rams of Nebaioth will serve you;


7:25 a cattle range, a terrain for sheep

32:20 letting oxen and asses range free


49:11 water. All my mountain ranges I


43:3 ransom for you, Cush and Seba I

47:11 ransom yourself; there shall come


1:27 be ransomed by justice, those of

35:10 ransomed of Jehovah shall return

51:11 the ransomed of Jehovah return!


13:12 more rare than gold of Ophir. I


32:4 The minds of the rash shall learn


28:16 it will not do rashly. I will make


6:11 and the land ravaged to ruin. For

10:13 of nations, I have ravaged their

24:3 shall be utterly ravaged. Jehovah

49:19 and ravaged places shall now be


54:16 it is I who create the ravager to


49:17 shall hasten your ravagers away


28:2 a ravaging hailstorm sweeping


5:14 becomes ravenous, opening her


14:23 swamplands, a haunt for ravens

34:11 and ravens inhabit it. It shall be


40:4 every ravine must be raised up,


7:19 prairie and in rocky ravines, and

57:6 the slippery stones of the ravines

63:14 descending the slopes of ravines


13:16 plundered, their wives ravished.

23:12 frolic no more, O ravished virgin


15:1 night Kit is razed, Moab shall be

21:9 All her idol gods he has razed to


25:12 he will lay low by razing them to


7:20 my Lord will use a razor hired at


8:8 through, reach the very neck; his

11:8 the toddler reach his hand over the

11:14 Edom and Moab at hand’s reach,

15:5 its fugitives will reach Zoar and as

15:8 shall reach Eglaim and echo as far

28:15 it shall not reach you. Therefore,

59:9 is unable to reach us. We look for

65:20 who fail to reach a hundred shall


16:8 reached Jazer, trailing through the

28:15 or reached an understanding with

37:3 disgrace. Children have reached

37:24 I have reached it loftiest summit,


23:5 news of Tyre reaches Egypt, men

37:24 the farthest reaches of Lebanon. I


29:11 Please read this, and he answers,

29:12 Please read this, he answers, I am

34:16 and read it in the book of Jehovah

37:14 letter from messengers and read it


51:13 the oppressor’s rage as he readies


30:33 made ready for rulers; broad and


39:2 in all his realm that Hezekiah did


17:5 ripe grain, whose ears are reaped


18:4 searing heat overtakes the reapers


18:4 appear amid the fever of reaping.


49:8 Land and reapportion the desolate


23:4 no longer rear young men or raise


1:2 have reared sons, brought them up

49:21 whom were these reared? When I

51:18 by hand of all the sons she reared.


58:8 of Jehovah will be your rearguard


50:5 has opened my ear, and I rebel not


36:5 that you have rebelled against me

63:10 they rebelled and grieved his holy


30:1 Woe to you, rebellious sons, says

30:9 rebellious people, sons who break


9:10 fallen down, but we will rebuild

45:13 his every step; he will rebuild my

58:12 out of you will rebuild the ancient

60:10 Foreigners will rebuild your walls

61:4 They will rebuild the ancient ruins


58:12 called a rebuilder of fallen walls,


25:2 cities, nor ever be rebuilt! For this

44:26 Judah, They shall be rebuilt, their

44:28 be rebuilt, its temple foundations


37:4 God, and will rebuke him for the

50:2 to deliver? By a mere rebuke I dry

51:20 of your God’s angry rebuke. Now

54:9 toward you, never again to rebuke

66:15 rebuke with conflagrations of fire


17:13 he rebukes them they will flee far


26:13 we recall by name. They are dead


63:11 Then his people recalled the days

65:17 or recalled to mind. Rejoice, then


19:6 Egypt’s waterways recede and dry

38:8 recede the ten degrees it has gone


45:8 receive it and salvation blossom;

57:13 receive an inheritance in my holy


37:9 Sennacherib received a report that

37:14 Hezekiah received the letter from

40:2 has received from Jehovah’s hand


32:15 lands now productive be reckoned

40:17 the ether they are reckoned by him


10:3 of reckoning when the holocaust


11:11 reclaim the remnant of his people


14:30 have pasture, and the needy recline

17:2 herds to recline, where no one will

27:10 forage and recline there, stripping


43:10 the end that you may recognize it

63:16 not know us or Israel recognize us


26:14 wiping out all recollection of them


49:4 my recompense with my God. For


27:5 they shall be reconciled to me. For


10:19 so few, a child could record them.

30:8 record it in a book for the end-time

36:3 Asaph, the record keeper, went out

36:22 the son of Asaph, the record keeper


33:18 You shall recount in your mind the

41:22 them come forward and recount to

43:26 your sins no more. Recount for me

63:7 I will recount in praise of Jehovah


38:1 You will die; you will not recover.

38:21 * would recover. But Hezekiah said,


38:9 illness, written upon his recovery:

39:1 heard of his illness and recovery.


29:1 to year, and the feastdays recur in


63:1 coming from Edom in red-stained

63:2 clothed in red, your garments like


1:18 snow; though they have reddened


50:2 Was my hand too short to redeem


29:22 Jehovah, who redeemed Abraham

35:9 But the redeemed shall walk them

43:1 not fear, for I have redeemed you.

44:22 to me; I have redeemed you. Sing,

44:23 Jehovah has redeemed Jacob; he

48:20 Jehovah has redeemed his servant

51:10 way by which the redeemed might

52:3 shall be redeemed without money.

52:9 people; he has redeemed Jerusalem

62:12 the redeemed of Jehovah; and you

63:4 the year of my redeemed had come

63:9 redeemed them; he lifted them up


41:14 your Redeemer is the Holy One of

43:14 Holy One of Israel, your Redeemer

44:6 Hosts, their Redeemer: I was at the

44:24 Thus says Jehovah, your Redeemer

47:4 Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel,

48:17 of Israel, your Redeemer: I Jehovah

49:7 Redeemer and Holy One of Israel,

49:26 your Savior, that your Redeemer is

59:20 he will come as Redeemer to Zion,

60:16 your Savior, that your Redeemer is

63:16 us! Our Redeemer from Eternity is


54:5 who redeems you is the Holy One

54:8 who redeems you. This is to me as


59:9 Therefore redress remains far from

59:14 redress is compelled to back away


63:1 coming from Edom in red-stained


10:13 have vastly reduced the inhabitants

41:12 shall be reduced to nothing. For I,


9:14 tail, palm top and reed, in a single

19:15 head nor tail, palm top or reed. In

36:6 reed which enters and pierces the

42:3 public. Even a bruised reed he will

58:5 bowing one’s head like a reed and


19:6 and dry up. Reeds and rushes shall

35:7 shall come rushes and reeds. There


24:20 The earth shall reel to and fro like


21:4 distraught to see. My mind reels, I


62:7 till he reestablishes Jerusalem and


30:7 vain; therefore I refer to her as an


61:6 and referred to as the ministers of

62:4 your land referred to as desolate;


25:6 matured wines well refined. In this

47:1 of as delicate and refined. Take two


48:10 See, I am refining you, though not


44:19 They reflect not nor have the sense


58:13 it by refraining from your everyday


57:15 —refreshing the spirits of the lowly


4:6 a secret refuge from the downpour

14:32 people find refuge there. An oracle

16:4 with you; be a refuge to them from

25:4 were a refuge for the poor, a shelter

27:5 of me for a refuge and make peace

28:15 have supposed, by taking refuge in

28:17 shall sweep away your false refuge

32:2 as a shelter from the wind or refuge

57:13 who seek refuge in me shall possess


16:3 the refugees! Let the exiles of Moab


1:31 The mighty shall be as refuse, their


54:17 accuse you, you shall refute. This is


5:12 they regard not what Jehovah does,

17:7 In day men will have regard to their

17:8 Israel, and regard not the altars, the

22:11 regard for the One who designed it

60:18 will regard salvation as your walls

66:2 And yet I have regard for those who


29:16 potter be regarded as the clay? Shall

32:5 shall no longer be regarded as noble


24:15 to Jehovah in the regions of sunrise


1:14 Your monthly and regular meetings


24:23 Jehovah of Hosts manifests his reign

32:1 A king shall reign in righteousness

36:1 King Hezekiah’s reign, Sennacherib

39:8 be peace and loyalty during my reign


1:1 which he beheld during the reigns of

52:7 Zion, Your God reigns! Hark! Your


2:15 every tall tower and reinforced wall,


13:20 Never shall it be reinhabited; it shall

44:26 of Jerusalem, It shall be reinhabited


7:15 reject what is evil and choose what is

7:16 the child learns to reject the evil and


8:6 these people have rejected the Waters

30:12 you have rejected this word, and rely

41:9 I have accepted you and not rejected

54:6 married in youth only to be rejected,


8:6 gently, and rejoice in Rezin and the

9:3 they rejoice at your presence as men

9:3 as men rejoice at harvest time, or as

12:3 salvation. Then shall you rejoice in

14:8 The pine trees, too, rejoice over you,

14:29 Rejoice not, all you Philistines, now

29:19 and the poorest of men rejoice in the

35:1 desert shall rejoice when it blossoms

41:16 you rejoice in Jehovah and glory in

61:10 I rejoice exceedingly in Jehovah; my

62:5 so shall your God rejoice over you.

65:13 shall thirst; my servants shall rejoice

65:18 Rejoice, then, and be glad forever in

65:19 in Jerusalem, rejoice in my people;

66:10 Rejoice with Jerusalem and be glad

66:14 rejoice to see it, your limbs flourish


62:5 a bridegroom rejoices over the bride


30:29 and rejoicing of heart, as when men

51:3 Jehovah. Joyful rejoicing takes place


44:28 rebuilt, its temple foundations relaid


58:6 I require: To release from wrongful


63:17 Relent, for the sake of your servants


14:6 his wrath by relentless oppression.


8:2 I called in reliable witnesses, Uriah


20:6 looked up to, on whom we relied for


14:3 Jehovah gives relief from grief and


50:10 Jehovah and relies on his God? But


1:24 I will relieve me of my adversaries,


42:8 name. I will not relinquish my glory


10:20 longer rely on him who struck them

10:20 truly rely on Jehovah, the Holy One

30:12 and rely on manipulation and double

36:6 king of Egypt to all who rely on him

36:7 you tell me, We rely on Jehovah, is

59:4 an honest cause. They rely on empty


31:1 to Egypt for help, relying on horses,


4:3 are left in Zion and they who remain

6:13 of the people remain in it, or return,

7:4 it that you remain calm and unafraid

7:22 All who remain in the land will feed

9:20 on the right, yet remain hungry; they

10:4 wealth? There shall nothing remain

15:6 foliage shall remain. The surplus they

15:9 and on those who remain in the land.

24:6 little of mankind remain. The new

26:10 uprightness they remain perverse and

30:18 toward you he will remain aloof. For

30:20 shall your Teacher remain hidden no

34:10 remain a wasteland from generation

42:25 remain unaware—till it sets them on

45:1 letting no gates remain shut: I will go

45:18 organized it, not to remain a chaotic

58:3 bodies and you remain indifferent! It

60:11 Your gates shall always remain open

62:1 for Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain


28:13 them the word of Jehovah remained

36:21 remained silent, replying nothing, for


21:17 valiant archers remaining of the sons


6:13 stump remains alive, so shall the holy

14:19 whose mangled remains are thrown in

21:11 Watchman, what remains of the night

24:12 is gone. Havoc remains in the city; the

29:13 while their heart remains far from me

59:9 Therefore redress remains far from us


7:1 Pekah son of Remaliah king of Israel

7:4 and the son of Remaliah, even though

7:5 has Ephraim and the son of Remaliah

7:9 son of Remaliah the head of Samaria

8:6 of Remaliah, therefore will my Lord


38:3 beseech you to remember, O Jehovah

47:7 consider these, or remember her final

54:4 of your youth and remember no more

64:5 who remember you by following your

64:9 remember not iniquity forever. See,


17:10 and not remembered the Rock, your

23:16 remembered. For after seventy years

26:16 in their distress they remembered you

65:17 shall not be remembered or recalled


43:25 offenses, remembering your sins no


19:17 terror to the Egyptians; all reminded


10:21 of Jacob a remnant will return to the

10:22 of the sea, only a remnant will return

11:11 to reclaim the remnant of his people—

11:16 Assyria for the remnant of his people

14:22 cut off Babylon’s name and remnant

17:3 shall it be with Aram’s remnant, says

28:5 of glory to the remnant of his people:

37:4 prayer on behalf of the remnant that is

37:31 the remnant of the house of Judah that

37:32 of Jerusalem shall go a remnant, and

46:3 all you remnant of the house of Israel


1:16 Wash yourselves clean: remove your

1:25 a crucible, and remove all your alloy.

18:5 remove the new branches by slashing

20:2 your loins and remove the shoes from

25:8 faces; he will remove the reproach of

57:14 remove the obstacles from the path of


5:5 I will have its hedge removed and let

10:27 their yoke removed from your neck:

14:25 burden removed from their shoulders

22:8 Judea’s defensive screen is removed

22:25 a sure place shall be removed. It shall

27:9 result of this his sins removed: when

44:22 I have removed your offenses like a

54:10 For the mountains shall be removed

54:10 never be removed, nor my covenant


64:1 that you would rend the heavens and


55:10 earth, to render it fertile and fruitful

59:18 the isles he will render retribution.


63:7 most graciously rendered the house


29:14 upon wonder, rendering void the

41:2 rendering them as dust to his sword


1:23 rulers are renegades, accomplices of


61:4 renew the desolate cities demolished


38:16 and throughout them all the renewal


40:31 Jehovah shall be renewed in strength


48:9 account of my renown I have shown

63:14 acquiring illustrious renown. O look


12:6 for renowned among you is the Holy

61:9 offspring shall be renowned among

62:7 makes it renowned in the earth. The


24:19 The earth shall be crushed and rent;

36:22 Hezekiah with their clothes rent and

37:1 Hezekiah heard it, he rent his clothes


59:18 deserve, he will repay them. Wrath


1:27 of her who repent by righteousness.

6:10 their heart, and repent, and be healed

59:20 of Jacob who repent of transgression


21:12 do so by repenting and coming back


17:5 in the Valley of Rephaim when only


9:10 but we will replace them with cedars


51:16 I replant the heavens and set the earth


33:5 righteousness he will replenish Zion


23:2 who were amply replenished by the


6:8 replied, Here am I; send me! And he

6:11 healed. And I replied, For how long,

36:12 Rabshakeh replied, Did my lord send

38:7 Isaiah replied, This shall be a sign to

39:3 Hezekiah replied, They came from a


21:12 left? The watchman replies, Morning


21:9 gave the reply, She is fallen; Babylon

65:24 they call I will reply; while they are


36:21 remained silent, replying nothing, for


21:6 a watchman who will report what he

23:5 be in anguish at the report. Move on

37:9 received a report that Tirhakah king


21:10 reported what I heard from Jehovah

36:22 their clothes rent and reported to him


34:14 find repose and discover for herself


59:18 upon his adversaries, reprisals upon


4:1 your name—take away our reproach

25:8 faces; he will remove the reproach of

51:7 law: Do not fear the reproach of men

54:4 reproach of your widowhood. For he


35:8 them shall no reprobates wander. No


37:3 is a woeful day, a day of reproof and


14:19 cast away unburied like a repugnant


28:6 to those who repulse the attack at the

36:9 How then shall you repulse even one


41:17 the needy require water, and there is

58:6 not this the fast I require: To release


43:23 Yet I required not that you bring me

44:14 required to cut down cedars; he must

58:5 of fasting I have required, just a time


1:12 requires you to trample my courts so


5:29 to the rescue. He shall be stirred up

46:2 down, unable to rescue their burden;

46:4 who carry and rescue you. To whom


42:22 one rescues them, a spoil, yet none


40:18 does he resemble in your estimation

59:10 prime of life we resemble the dead.


5:28 resembles flint; their chariot wheels

46:9 am divine; nothing resembles me. I


44:13 likeness, resembling man’s beauty,


11:13 nor Judah resent Ephraim. But they


34:13 creatures, a reserve for birds of prey


10:13 I have ravaged their reserves, I have

35:7 the reserves shall come rushes and


7:3 of the Upper Reservoir, on the road

22:9 in the Lower Reservoir. You took a

22:11 from the Old Reservoir, but did not

36:2 Upper Reservoir, on the road to the


54:3 the nations and resettle the desolate


13:20 be resettled through all generations.


58:12 a restorer of streets for resettlement


33:24 * who reside there shall say, I am ill;


40:20 of sacrifice seek a wood that resists


63:4 my whole attire. For I had resolved


19:3 and they will resort to the idols and

60:5 the multitude of the Sea shall resort


32:14 and panoramic resorts shall become


30:30 voice to resound, and make visible

44:23 to resound, O earth beneath! Burst


22:2 You resounded with loud cheers—


29:6 thunderous quakings, resounding

48:20 with resounding voice; broadcast it


32:5 rogues considered respectable. For


28:12 let the weary rest! This is a respite!

62:7 give him respite till he reestablishes


61:3 of mourning, a resplendent robe in


19:22 will respond to their pleas and heal

30:19 respond at the cry of your voice; he

58:9 call, Jehovah will respond; should

65:12 called, you did not respond; when I

65:24 they are yet speaking I will respond


66:4 I called, no one responded; when I


30:15 calm response triumph; with quiet


11:2 of Jehovah will rest upon him—the

11:7 will rest together; the lion will eat

11:10 by the nations, and his rest shall be

13:20 nor will shepherds rest their flocks

14:7 whole earth is at rest and at peace;

23:12 even there you will find no rest. So

28:12 This is rest; let the weary rest! This

33:20 eyes rest upon Jerusalem, the abode

44:17 the rest they make a god, their idol

57:2 attain peace, and rest in their beds.

57:20 unable to rest, whose waters heave

66:1 would serve me as a place of rest?


49:4 Yet my cause rested with Jehovah,


34:14 discover for herself a resting place.

65:10 Valley of Achor a resting place for


42:22 spoil, yet none demands restitution


1:25 will restore my hand over you and

1:26 remove all your alloy. I will restore

44:26 be rebuilt, their ruins I will restore,

49:5 to be his servant, to restore Jacob to

49:6 Jacob and to restore those preserved

49:8 to restore the Land and reapportion

58:12 you will restore the foundations of


58:12 a restorer of streets for resettlement


38:17 my sins behind you, [restoring and


64:12 Jehovah, will you restrain yourself,


42:14 keeping still and restraining myself


48:9 have shown restraint toward you by

58:1 Proclaim it aloud without restraint;


5:8 are restricted to dwell in the centers


25:10 For in this mountain rests the hand


27:9 expiated, as a result of this his sins

32:17 result of righteousness an assured


66:15 retaliate in furious anger, to rebuke


47:5 Sit speechless; retire into obscurity


45:16 the makers of inventions retired in


31:2 them, and not retract his words. He


42:17 gods shall retreat in utter confusion


34:8 vengeance, the year of retribution

59:18 the isles he will render retribution


6:13 of the people remain in it, or return

10:21 Jacob a remnant will return to the

10:22 the sea, only a remnant will return;

13:14 no one rounds up, each will return

14:17 captives to return home? All rulers

23:17 she will return to her trade and hire

31:6 Return to him from whom you have

35:10 ransomed of Jehovah shall return;

37:7 return home upon hearing a rumor,

37:34 By the way he came he shall return

43:4 give men in return for you, peoples

44:22 cloud of mist. Return to me; I have

51:11 of Jehovah return! Let them come

55:7 Let them return to Jehovah, and he

55:10 return not to it without watering the

55:11 my mouth: it does not return to me

60:4 your daughters shall return to your


37:37 And he returned to Nineveh, where


52:8 eye to eye when Jehovah returns to


21:2 A grim vision has been revealed to

22:14 die! Jehovah of Hosts revealed this

40:5 of Jehovah shall be revealed and all

53:1 the arm of Jehovah been revealed?

56:1 righteousness is revealed. Blessed


28:9 shall he enlighten with revelation?

53:1 believed our revelation? On whose


5:14 their boisterous ones and revelers.


24:8 ceases, the revelers’ din stops; the


22:2 tumultuous town, a city of revelry!


23:3 the Nile, was her source of revenue


25:3 will powerful peoples revere you,


43:4 you are precious and revered in my


29:23 One of Jacob, reverencing the God


38:8 the sun reversed its descent by ten


7:24 shall revert to wilderness. And on


46:9 to heart, you offenders. Review the


5:24 Hosts and reviled the words of the

60:14 bowing before you; all who reviled


23:17 revisit Tyre. And she will return to


38:17 behind you, [restoring and reviving

57:15 reviving the hearts of the humble,


14:27 has determined, who shall revoke?


45:23 a decree that cannot be revoked: To


1:2 they have revolted against me. The


5:28 their chariot wheels revolve like a


35:4 avenge and to reward; God himself

40:10 for him. His reward is with him; his

61:8 I will appoint them a sure reward; I

62:11 your Salvation comes, his reward


1:23 after rewards; they do not dispense


37:12 Haran, Rezeph and the Edenites in


7:1 king of Judah, Rezin king of Aram

7:4 burning anger of Rezin and Aram

7:8 capital of Aram and Rezin the head

8:6 gently, and rejoice in Rezin and the


9:11 strengthen Rezin’s enemies against


24:8 lighthearted lament. The rhythm of


3:20 bracelets and ribbons, zodiac signs


30:23 land’s increase of food may be rich

53:9 rich was his burial; yet he had done


30:6 asses, their riches on the humps of

33:6 be your riches. See, their stalwarts


30:16 shall you flee indeed. We will ride


21:7 riders on asses and riders on camels

36:8 are able to put riders on them. How


37:6 Assyria’s subordinates ridicule me

51:7 undaunted by their ridicule. For the


37:23 and ridiculed? Against whom have


19:1 enters Egypt riding on swift clouds


33:23 * by. Their riggings hang loose; they

9:20 will snatch on the right, yet remain

10:2 the poor of my people of their right

29:21 turn away him who is in the right.

30:10 visions, Predict not what is right for

30:21 it! should you turn left or right. You

41:10 uphold you with my righteous right

41:13 hold you by the right hand and say

41:26 we might say, He was right? Indeed

45:1 I grasp by the right hand, to subdue

48:13 my right hand that stretched out the

54:3 spread abroad to the right and to the

62:8 sworn by his right hand, his mighty

63:12 proceed at the right hand of Moses,


3:10 righteous it shall be well with them;

24:16 Glorious are the righteous! Whereas

26:2 the nation righteous because it keeps

26:7 The path of the righteous is straight;

41:10 uphold you with my righteous right

53:11 shall my servant, the righteous one,

57:1 better! The righteous disappear, and

57:1 righteous are withdrawn. They who

60:21 people shall be righteous; they shall


33:15 conduct themselves righteously and


1:21 righteousness made its abode in her

1:26 called the City of Righteousness, a

1:27 of her who repent by righteousness

5:7 he expected righteousness, but there

5:16 himself holy by his righteousness.

9:7 justice and righteousness from this

10:22 shall overflow with righteousness.

11:4 judge the poor with righteousness,

11:5 wicked. Righteousness will be as a

16:5 justice and expedite righteousness.

19:18 of Righteousness. In that day there

26:9 world learn righteousness. Though

26:10 they will not learn righteousness; in

28:17 measure, righteousness the weight;

32:1 A king shall reign in righteousness

32:16 the desert, and righteousness abide

32:17 result of righteousness an assured

33:5 and righteousness he will replenish

41:2 Who has raised up Righteousness

42:21 his righteousness, they magnify the

45:8 skies overflow with righteousness.

45:8 righteousness spring up forthwith. I

45:19 righteousness and am forthright of

45:21 Did not I, the God of righteousness

45:23 swear it—righteousness has issued

46:12 from righteousness; I have brought

46:13 my righteousness; it is not now far

48:1 not in truth or in righteousness, who

48:18 righteousness like the waves of the

51:1 followers of righteousness, seekers

51:5 will act: My righteousness shall be

51:6 everlasting; my righteousness shall

51:7 who know righteousness, O people

51:8 righteousness shall endure forever,

54:14 righteousness; you will be far from

56:1 and perform righteousness, for my

56:1 when my righteousness is revealed

58:2 righteousness and not forsaking the

58:8 appear; your righteousness will go

59:4 for righteousness; no one sues for

59:9 righteousness is unable to reach us

59:14 away, and righteousness to stand at

59:16 righteousness rallied to his cause.

59:17 his cause. He put on righteousness

60:17 your rulers and righteousness your

61:3 righteousness, planted by Jehovah

61:10 in a robe of righteousness—like a

61:11 Lord Jehovah cause righteousness

62:1 till her righteousness shines like a

62:2 behold your righteousness and all

63:1 to save, announcing righteousness

64:5 righteousness, who remember you

64:6 our righteousness as a menstruous


42:6 Jehovah have rightfully called you

45:13 I who rightfully raise him up, who


37:29 my ring in your nose and my bit in


3:21 signs and charm amulets, the rings


22:5 commotion and trampling and riot


17:5 a harvest of ripe grain, whose ears

28:4 -ripe fruit before summer harvest:


8:7 in all his glory. He will rise up over

14:9 all who had ruled nations to rise up

14:13 heart, I will rise in the heavens and

14:21 of their fathers’ deeds, lest they rise

14:22 rise up against them, says Jehovah

24:20 it collapses it shall rise no more. In

26:14 will not rise up; you appoint them

28:21 oneself in. For Jehovah will rise up

31:2 He will rise up against the brood of

43:17 as one, to rise no more, they flicker

49:7 authority. Kings shall rise up when

51:17 Rouse yourself; awaken and rise up

52:2 rise from the dust; sit enthroned, O


14:8 laid low no hewer has risen against

60:1 the glory of Jehovah has risen upon


13:10 will not shine. When the sun rises,

32:14 deserted. High rises and panoramic

45:6 sun rises to where it sets may know

54:17 succeed; every tongue that rises to


59:19 from the rising of the sun his glory


7:19 with one accord in the riverbeds of

7:20 razor hired at the River—the king

8:7 of the River—the king of Assyria

11:15 his hand over the River and smite

27:12 torrent of the River to the streams

30:33 burns within it like a river of lava.

48:18 peace would have been as a river,

66:12 extend peace to her like a river, the


7:18 from the far rivers of Egypt and for

18:1 buzzing wings beyond the rivers of

18:2 continually infringing, whose rivers

18:7 continually infringing, whose rivers

19:6 dry. The rivers shall turn foul, and

33:21 country of rivers and broad streams

37:25 I have dried up all Egypt’s rivers!

42:15 vegetation wither; I will turn rivers

43:2 traverse the rivers, you shall not be

50:2 up the Sea; rivers I turn into desert


41:7 * riveting that it may not come loose


7:3 the road to the Laundry Plaza. Say

15:5 on the road to Horonaim they will

36:2 the Upper Reservoir, on the road to

57:14 will be said: Excavate, pave a road


35:8 highways and roads which shall be

43:19 are aware of it: I am making roads

49:11 as roads; my highways shall be on


8:21 light, they roam about embittered


5:29 the roar of a lion; they are aroused

17:13 roar like the roaring of great waters

42:10 earth. Let the sea roar, and all that

51:15 up the Sea so that its waves roar. I


17:13 roar like the roaring of great waters

30:6 lions and the roaring king of beasts


44:16 they broil a roast; they eat the meat


44:19 in its embers, roasted meat and ate


1:23 renegades, accomplices of robbers:


6:1 robe filling the sanctuary. Seraphs

22:21 will clothe him with your robe and

59:17 in fury as in a robe, According to

61:3 of mourning, a resplendent robe in

61:10 in a robe of righteousness—like a


52:1 O Zion! Put on your robes of glory


8:14 or obstructing rock, and a snare

10:26 the Midianites at the Rock of Oreb

17:10 the Rock, your fortress. Therefore,

19:1 Egypt will rock at his presence and

22:16 in the rock? Jehovah will hurl you

26:4 everlasting Rock. He has put down

30:29 Jehovah, to the Rock of Israel. The

32:2 of a large rock in arid country. The

44:8 me? There is no Rock unknown to

48:21 from the rock; he cleaved the rock

51:1 of Jehovah: Look to the rock from


2:10 the rocks; hide in the dust from the

2:19 Men will go into caves in the rocks

2:21 crevices in the rocks and fissures in

57:5 the gullies under the crags of rocks


7:19 in rocky ravines, and by all ditches


9:4 of submission, the rod of those who

10:5 the Assyrian, the rod of my anger!

10:15 it? As though the rod wielded him

10:24 you with the rod or raise their staff

11:4 will smite the earth with the rod of

14:5 wicked, the rod of those who ruled

14:29 the rod which struck you is broken

28:27 with a stick and cumin with a rod.

30:31 who used to strike with the rod. At


66:17 and prawn and rodents—they with


32:5 rogues considered respectable. For

32:7 And rogues scheme by malevolent


9:5 in battle and tunics rolled in blood

28:27 rolled over cumin: fennel is beaten

34:4 when the heavens are rolled up as


37:27 or like weeds on a roof that scorch


27:6 root and Israel bursts into blossom

37:31 survives shall once more take root

40:24 taken root in the earth, he puffs at


5:24 shall their roots decay away and


29:13 of men learned by rote—therefore


10:18 turning them into a rotting morass


40:4 level and rough terrain a plain. For


11:5 waist. faithfulness a girdle round

29:3 encamp against you round about,


13:14 sheep that no one rounds up, each


51:17 people. Rouse yourself; awaken


14:9 on your account she roused all the

64:5 roused to anger when we sinned,


64:7 rouses himself to take hold of you.


9:1 the last he will exalt the Sea Route


8:9 shall be routed. Give heed, all you


62:3 of Jehovah, a royal diadem in the


25:2 a heap of rubble, fortified towns a

37:26 turning them into heaps of rubble,


6:11 to ruin. For Jehovah will drive men

16:7 groan at the ruin of Kir Hareseth in

22:4 not to comfort me at the ruin of the

24:12 the gates lie battered to ruin. Then

25:2 a ruin—heathen mansions shall no

32:7 means and insidious devices to ruin

47:11 upon you sudden ruin such as you

51:19 desolation, ruin—and who laments

54:14 have no cause to fear, far from ruin


3:6 take charge of this ruination! But he


1:7 ointment. Your land is ruined, your

49:17 away—those who ruined you shall

52:9 ruined places of Jerusalem: Jehovah

60:12 such nations shall be utterly ruined.


5:17 eat in the ruins of the affluent. Woe

17:1 be a city and become a heap of ruins

44:26 their ruins I will restore, who says to

49:19 your ruins and ravaged places, and

51:3 Zion, bringing solace to all her ruins

58:12 of you will rebuild the ancient ruins

61:4 the ancient ruins, raise up the waste

64:11 and all places dear to us lie in ruins.


9:7 and over his kingdom, his rule may

14:2 and rule over their oppressors. In the

16:1 to those who rule in the earth, from

32:1 in righteousness and rulers rule with


14:5 wicked, the rod of those who ruled—

14:9 all who had ruled nations to rise up

26:13 lords other than you have ruled over

63:19 as those whom you have never ruled


7:6 set a ruler over it—the son of Tabeal

19:4 a harsh ruler will subject them, says


1:23 rulers are renegades, accomplices of

3:4 adolescents their rulers; delinquents

3:14 elders of his people and their rulers,

7:16 the land whose two rulers you loathe

14:18 All rulers of nations lie in state, each

19:11 are as wise as the first rulers? Where

24:21 on earth with the rulers of the earth.

30:33 hearth indeed, made ready for rulers

32:1 in righteousness and rulers rule with

41:2 toppled their rulers, rendering them

45:1 to ungird the loins of rulers, opening

60:17 peace your rulers and righteousness

62:2 all their rulers your glory; you shall


16:8 ruling nations will smite Sibmah’s


37:7 return home upon hearing a rumor,


1:23 one accord they love bribes and run

40:31 as on eagles’ wings; they shall run


16:8 runner vines reached Jazer, trailing


30:25 appear streams of running water, on

44:4 by running brooks. One will say, I


59:7 rush after evil; they hasten to shed


33:4 insatiable locusts they rushed upon


19:6 and dry up. Reeds and rushes shall

35:7 the reserves shall come rushes and


27:4 up, I will ruthlessly attack them and

30:14 like an earthenware vessel ruthlessly