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1:13 the New Month and on the Sabbath

56:2 keeps the Sabbath without profaning

56:6 —all who keep the Sabbath without

58:13 from trampling the Sabbath—from

58:13 and consider the Sabbath a delight,

66:23 New Moon, Sabbath after Sabbath,


56:4 the eunuchs who keep my Sabbaths


45:14 the Sabeans, a people tall in stature.


15:3 sackcloth openly; on the housetops

20:2 and ungird the sackcloth from your

22:12 for austerity and wearing sackcloth.

32:11 sackcloth around your waists. Beat

37:1 rent his clothes and put on sackcloth

37:2 the elders of the priests in sackcloth

50:3 put up sackcloth to cover them. My

58:5 bed of sackcloth and ashes? Do you


24:3 when the earth is sacked, it shall be

42:22 a people plundered and sacked, all


57:15 name is sacred: I dwell on high in


19:21 worship by sacrifice and offerings,

40:16 its beasts be adequate for sacrifice.

40:20 poor for this type of sacrifice select

61:8 extortion in those who sacrifice—

65:7 To those who kindle sacrifice in the


1:11 are your abundant sacrifices to me?

56:7 Their offerings and sacrifices shall

57:7 there you ascend to offer sacrifices.

66:3 man, and whoever sacrifices a lamb


43:23 me homage by sacrificial slaughter


65:3 me to my face, sacrificing in parks


32:18 safe neighborhoods, in comfortable


14:30 and the needy recline in safety. But


46:2 gods altogether sag and bow down


29:14 their sages, the intelligence of their


6:3 called out to one another, and said,

6:7 Touching it to my mouth, he said,

6:9 send me! And he said, Go, and say

6:11 long, my Lord? And he said, Until

7:3 Jehovah said to Isaiah, Go out and

7:10 Jehovah addressed Ahaz, and said,

7:12 But Ahaz said, I will not. I will not

7:13 Isaiah said, Take heed, O house of

8:1 said to me, Take a large scroll and

8:3 birth to a son. And Jehovah said to

8:5 me again, and said, Because these

8:11 he said, Do not call a conspiracy all

8:16 For Jehovah has said, Bind up the

10:13 infamous conceit, because he said,

14:13 earth! You said in your heart, I will

16:14 But now Jehovah has said, Within

18:4 For thus said Jehovah to me: I will

20:3 said, Just as my servant Isaiah has

21:6 Because of this my Lord said to me

21:16 On account of this, my Lord said to

22:4 away. Because of this I said, Turn

22:15 Hosts. Thus said my Lord, Jehovah

28:12 said, This is rest; let the weary rest

31:4 thus said Jehovah to me: As a lion

36:4 Rabshakeh said to them, Please tell

36:11 Shebna and Joah said to Rabshakeh

36:22 him the things Rabshakeh had said

37:3 Isaiah, they said to him, Thus says

37:6 Isaiah said to them, Tell your lord,

37:15 and said, O Jehovah of Hosts, God

38:1 son of Amoz came to him and said

38:22 Hezekiah said, What of a sign that

38:10 his recovery: I said, In the prime of

39:3 King Hezekiah and said, What did

39:4 in your palace? And Hezekiah said

39:5 Then Isaiah said to Hezekiah, Hear

39:8 Hezekiah said to Isaiah, The word

40:6 it. A voice said, Announce it. And I

45:24 said of me, By Jehovah alone come

49:3 He said to me, You are my servant,

49:5 For now Jehovah has said—he who

49:6 said: It is too small a thing for you

49:14 Zion said, Jehovah has forsaken me

51:23 who said of your life, Lie prostrate

57:14 will be said: Excavate, pave a road

65:1 me. I said, Here I am; I am here, to


33:21 warships sail or majestic fleets pass

33:23 * spread out the sail. Now shall spoil


37:35 it, for my own sake and for the sake

43:14 For your sake I launch an attack on

43:25 for my own sake, who blot out your

45:4 calls you by name. For the sake of

48:9 my own name’s sake I have bridled

48:11 own sake, on my own account, I do

62:1 of all nations. For Zion’s sake I will

62:1 not keep silent; for Jerusalem’s sake

63:17 the sake of your servants, the tribes

65:8 I will do for the sake of my servants


12:2 the God of my salvation I will trust

12:2 when he became my salvation. In

12:3 from the fountains of salvation. In

17:10 forgotten your God, your salvation

25:9 us joyfully celebrate his salvation!

26:1 Our city is strong; salvation he has

26:18 wrought salvation in the earth, that

33:2 morning, our salvation in troubled

33:6 knowledge your salvation; your

43:12 salvation, making it known when

45:8 receive it and salvation blossom;

45:17 an everlasting salvation; you shall

46:13 off—my salvation shall no longer

49:6 salvation may be to the end of the

49:8 you; in the day of salvation I have

51:5 at hand and my salvation proceed;

51:6 my salvation shall be everlasting;

51:8 shall endure forever, my salvation

52:7 heralds salvation, saying to Zion,

52:10 * earth may see our God’s salvation

56:1 for my salvation will soon come

59:11 look for salvation, but it eludes us.

59:16 own arm brought about salvation

59:17 breastplate and made salvation the

60:18 regard salvation as your walls and

61:10 in garments of salvation, he arrays

62:1 her salvation like a flaming torch.

62:11 your Salvation comes, his reward

63:5 own arm brought about salvation


7:9 nation. But as surely as Samaria is

7:9 Remaliah the head of Samaria, you

8:4 plunder of Samaria will be brought

9:9 who dwell in Samaria—shall know

10:9 Samaria no better than Damascus?

10:10 Jerusalem and Samaria, shall I not

10:11 to Samaria and its idols? But when

36:19 Did they deliver Samaria out of my


10:32 This same day he will but pause at

28:24 and harrowing the same ground?


8:13 sanctify Jehovah of Hosts, making


15:2 to the sanctuaries, and in Dibon to

16:12 and enter their sanctuaries to pray


6:1 robe filling the sanctuary. Seraphs

8:14 And to you he will be a sanctuary,

60:13 of my sanctuary, to make glorious

62:9 the environs of my sanctuary. Pass

63:18 enemies trod down your sanctuary


5:27 their sandal thongs undone. Their


10:22 be as the sands of the sea, only a

48:19 have been as the sands in number


53:2 revealed? Like a sapling he grew


54:11 building stones and sapphires for


51:2 father, to Sarah who bore you. He


20:1 general who was sent by Sargon


43:24 fragrant calamus or sate me with


9:20 but not be satisfied: men will eat

44:16 meat and are satisfied. They also

53:11 his soul and be satisfied; because


55:2 does not satisfy? Hear me well:

58:10 own to the hungry and satisfy the

58:11 continually; he will satisfy your


34:7 be saturated with blood, their soil


10:29 alarm, Gibeah of Saul is fleeing.


58:4 striking out savagely with the fist


25:9 expected would save us. This is

33:22 our King; he himself will save us.

36:15 will surely save us; this city shall

36:18 you by saying, Jehovah will save

36:18 able to save their lands out of my

36:20 hand, that Jehovah should save

37:35 I will protect this city and save it,

38:20 may it please you to save me, and

44:17 adoration and pray, Save us; you

45:20 prayed to gods that could not save

45:22 is no Savior? Turn to me and save

46:7 it cannot save them from trouble.

47:13 month stand by you and save you

47:15 is there to save you. Hear this, O

57:13 those who flock to you save you!

59:1 has not become too short to save,

63:1 save, announcing righteousness!


36:20 countries saved his land from my

45:17 Israel is saved by Jehovah with an

64:5 that we might ever be saved. Alas


19:20 send them a savior, who will take

43:3 of Israel, am your Savior; Egypt I

43:11 no savior. It is I who foretold and

45:15 who dissembles himself, O Savior

45:21 whom there is no Savior? Turn to

49:26 Jehovah am your Savior, that your

60:16 Savior, that your Redeemer is the

63:8 became their Savior: with all their


2:1 which Isaiah the son of Amoz saw

6:1 of King Uzziah’s death, I saw my

10:15 or a saw vaunt itself over him who

13:1 which Isaiah the son of Amoz saw

22:9 protection. When you saw the city

39:4 said, They saw everything there is

59:15 saw that there was no justice, and

59:16 When he saw it, he wondered why


3:6 and say, You have a tunic: be our

3:14 people and their rulers, and say to

4:1 man in that day, and say, We will

6:9 And he said, Go, and say to these

7:4 Laundry Plaza. Say to him, See to

7:5 and the son of Remaliah, who say

8:4 child knows how to say, Father, or

8:19 huddle together and mutter, say to

9:9 it, who say in pride and arrogance

10:8 will say, Are not my commanders

12:1 day you will say, I praise you, O

12:4 that day you will say, Give thanks

14:4 Babylon, and say, How the tyrant

14:10 were moved to say to you, Even

16:3 solution, they say; judge our case

18:2 the water! They say, Go speedily,

19:11 How can you say to Pharaoh, We

20:6 isle say, See what has become of

22:16 palace. Say to him, What are you

23:12 will say, You will frolic no more,

25:1 that day you will say, O Jehovah,

25:9 day you will say, This is our God

26:19 You will say to them, Awake, and

28:23 have to say! Will the plowman be

29:16 what is made say of its maker, he

30:10 of Jehovah, who say to the seers,

30:22 her impurity and say, Away with

33:24 None who resides there shall say

35:4 Say to those with fearful hearts,

36:12 me to say these things to you and

38:15 But what shall I say when he has

39:3 those men say to you, and where

41:7 pounds the anvil. They say of the

40:27 you say, O Jacob, and speak thus

41:9 to you I say, You are my servant

41:13 by the right hand and say to you,

41:26 that we might say, He was right?

43:6 will say to the north, Give up! To

43:9 within hearing may say, It is true

44:5 say, I am Jehovah’s, and another

44:16 warm themselves and say, Ah, it

44:19 comprehension to say, A part of

44:20 say, Surely this thing in my hand

44:28 will say of Jerusalem that it must

45:9 were to say to him who molds it,

45:10 the work! Woe to those who say

48:5 you should say, My idols did it;

48:7 should say, Indeed I knew them!

48:20 to end of the earth. Say, Jehovah

49:9 say to the captives, Come forth!

49:20 yet say in your ears, This place is

49:21 which to settle! And you will say

51:16 say to Zion, You are my people.

52:7 Then shall they say, How comely

56:3 adheres to Jehovah say, Jehovah

56:3 let not the eunuch say, I am but a

56:12 say, let us get wine and have our

58:9 should you cry, he will say, I am

66:5 name, say, Let Jehovah manifest


2:3 go, saying, Come, let us go up to

6:8 of my Lord saying, Whom shall I

14:24 Hosts made an oath, saying, As I

19:25 of Hosts will bless them, saying,

20:2 the son of Amoz, saying, Go and

29:11 learned, saying, Please read this,

29:12 who is unlearned, saying, Please

30:21 you saying, This is the way; walk

36:15 Jehovah by saying, Jehovah will

36:18 by saying, Jehovah will save us.

37:21 word to Hezekiah, saying, Thus

41:6 another’s aid, saying, each to his

52:7 saying to Zion, Your God reigns!


29:4 your sayings shall whisper out of


1:11 sacrifices to me? says Jehovah. I

1:18 us put it to the test, says Jehovah:

3:15 the poor? says Jehovah of Hosts.

3:16 Jehovah says, moreover, Because

7:7 son of Tabeal. Thus says my Lord

10:24 whole earth. Therefore, thus says

14:22 up against them, says Jehovah of

14:22 and descendants, says Jehovah. I

14:23 says Jehovah of Hosts. Jehovah

17:3 Aram’s remnant, says Jehovah of

17:6 fruitful branch, says Jehovah, the

19:4 will subject them, says the Lord,

22:14 forgiven you till you die, says my

22:25 In that day, says Jehovah of Hosts

28:16 thus says my Lord Jehovah: I lay

29:13 But my Lord says, Because these

29:22 Therefore thus says Jehovah, who

30:1 Woe to you, rebellious sons, says

30:12 Therefore thus says the Holy One

30:15 says my Lord Jehovah, the Holy

31:9 ensign, says Jehovah, whose fire

33:10 Now will I arise, says Jehovah; I

36:4 Thus says the great king, the king

36:14 the king of Assyria! Thus says the

36:16 Hezekiah! Thus says the king of

37:3 said to him, Thus says Hezekiah:

37:6 Tell your lord, Thus says Jehovah

37:21 says Jehovah, the God of Israel:

37:33 thus says Jehovah concerning the

37:34 not enter this city, says Jehovah.

38:1 him and said, Thus says Jehovah:

38:5 Hezekiah, Thus says Jehovah, the

39:6 be left, says Jehovah. And from

40:1 my people, says your God; speak

40:25 be compared? says the Holy One

41:14 says Jehovah; your Redeemer is

41:21 Present your case, says Jehovah;

41:21 evidence, says the king of Jacob.

42:5 his law. Thus says Jehovah, God,

43:1 But now, thus says Jehovah—he

43:10 my witnesses, says Jehovah, my

43:12 my witnesses, says Jehovah, that

43:14 Thus says Jehovah, the Holy One

43:16 your King. Thus says Jehovah—

44:2 Thus says Jehovah, your Maker,

44:6 says Jehovah, the King of Israel,

44:24 be glorified in Israel. Thus says

44:26 who says of Jerusalem, It shall be

44:27 says to the deep, Become dry; I

44:28 your currents, who says of Cyrus

45:1 says Jehovah, to his anointed, to

45:11 Thus says Jehovah, the Holy One

45:13 says Jehovah of Hosts. Thus says

45:14 says Jehovah of Hosts. Thus says

45:18 worlds without end. For thus says

47:4 says our Redeemer, the Holy One

48:17 Thus says Jehovah, the Holy One

48:22 is no peace, says Jehovah, for the

49:7 Thus says Jehovah, the Redeemer

49:8 says Jehovah: At a favorable time

49:18 As surely as I live, says Jehovah,

49:22 says my Lord Jehovah: I will lift

49:25 says Jehovah: The warrior’s spoil

50:1 Jacob. Thus says Jehovah, Where

51:22 says Jehovah, your Lord and God

52:3 of Zion. Thus says Jehovah: You

52:4 without money. For thus says my

52:5 I here? says Jehovah. My people

52:5 act presumptuously, says Jehovah

54:1 says Jehovah. Expand the site of

54:6 in youth only to be rejected, says

54:8 compassion on you, says Jehovah

54:10 of peace be shaken, says Jehovah

54:17 vindication by me, says Jehovah.

55:8 nor are your ways my ways, says

56:1 be done away. Thus says Jehovah

56:4 For thus says Jehovah: As for the

56:8 Thus says my Lord Jehovah, who

57:15 the path of my people! Thus says

57:19 are near, says Jehovah who heals

57:21 is no peace, says my God, for the

59:20 who repent of transgression, says

59:21 says Jehovah: My Spirit which is

59:21 the mouth of their offspring, says

65:7 their fathers’ alike, says Jehovah.

65:8 has accrued. Thus says Jehovah:

65:8 and someone says, Don’t destroy

65:13 thus says my Lord Jehovah: My

65:25 my holy mountain, says Jehovah.

66:1 Thus says Jehovah: The heavens

66:2 all came into being, says Jehovah

66:9 nor bring on birth? says Jehovah.

66:9 birth, shall I hinder it? says your

66:12 For thus says Jehovah: See, I will

66:17 be made an end of, says Jehovah.

66:20 my holy mountain, says Jehovah

66:21 priests and Levites, says Jehovah

66:22 endure before me, says Jehovah,

66:23 come to worship before me, says


40:9 of our God endures forever. Scale


40:12 in scales, hills in a balance? Who

46:6 weigh out silver on the scales hire


3:17 afflict the scalps of the women of


40:24 and void. When scarcely they are

40:24 planted, or scarcely they are sown


13:12 I will make mankind scarcer than


1:18 your sins are as scarlet, they shall


3:19 the pendants, chains and scarves,


24:1 scatter its inhabitants. And it shall

28:25 fennel and scatter cumin? Does he


11:12 gather the scattered of Judah from

33:3 your uprising the nations scattered


8:22 a depressing scene of anguish and


32:7 scheme by malevolent means and


29:15 hide their schemes from Jehovah


47:10 me. By your skill and science you


28:22 Now therefore scoff not, lest your


28:14 the word of Jehovah, you scoffers


30:14 which to scoop lit embers from a


37:27 weeds on a roof that scorch before


9:19 of Hosts the earth is scorched, and


25:5 wall, or like scorching heat in the


37:4 king of Assyria has sent to scorn

37:22 laughs you to scorn. The Daughter


29:20 shall come to nought and scorners


28:15 flooding scourge sweep through

28:18 flooding scourge sweeps through


42:14 will scream like a woman in labor


22:8 defensive screen is removed, you


8:1 and write on it in common script:


8:1 Take a large scroll and write on it

34:4 are rolled up as a scroll, and their


40:20 sculptor to carve them an image


2:16 [all vessels at sea,] both merchant

5:30 that day, even as the Sea is stirred

9:1 exalt the Sea Route by the Jordan

10:22 O Israel, be as the sands of the sea

10:26 of Oreb. His staff is over the Sea,

11:11 the sea. He will raise the ensign to

11:15 tongue of the Egyptian Sea by his

16:8 abroad across the sea. Therefore I

18:2 sea, in swift craft across the water

23:4 because the Sea, the mighty haven

23:4 the Sea, has declared, I no longer

23:11 stretch out his hand over the Sea

24:14 joy, and those from across the sea

24:15 the isles of the sea to the name of

27:1 that devious sea monster, when he

27:1 he slays the dragons of the Sea. In

42:10 the sea roar, and all that lives in it

43:16 way in the Sea, a path through the

48:18 the sea; your offspring would have

50:2 By a mere rebuke I dry up the Sea

51:10 dried up the Sea, the waters of the

51:15 Hosts, who stir up the Sea so that

57:20 the wicked are like the raging Sea

60:5 multitude of the Sea shall resort to

63:11 Sea with the shepherd of his flock


8:16 the testimony; seal the law among


29:11 as the words of a sealed book that

29:11 I cannot; it is sealed. Or if the give

49:16 on my palms; I have sealed you to


18:4 searing heat overtakes the reapers


17:12 the raging of the seas—tumultuous

23:2 traders of Sidon crossing the seas.

23:3 the high seas when she became the


14:13 the stars of God; I will seat myself


6:1 my Lord seated on a throne, highly


43:3 you, Cush and Seba I give in place


4:6 the heat of the day, a secret refuge

45:3 hidden treasures and secret hoards

45:19 not in secret from somewhere in a

48:16 made predictions in secret; at their

49:2 in his quiver he kept me secret. He


36:3 of the palace, Shebna the secretary

36:22 of the palace, Shebna the secretary

37:2 of the palace, Shebna the secretary


24:16 sector of the earth we hear singing


26:3 in you they are secure. Ever trust

45:18 the earth—who made it secure and

47:10 Secure in your wickedness, you


47:8 lady, securely enthroned, thinking


1:12 you come to see me, who requires

5:19 his work so we may see it! Let the

6:7 he said, See, this has touched your

6:10 their eyes lest they see with their

7:4 him, See to it that you remain calm

11:3 not judge by what his eyes see, nor

13:17 their wives ravished. See, I stir up

20:6 say, See what has become of those

21:3 am too distraught to see. My mind

22:15 Jehovah of Hosts: Go and see that

26:10 and see not the glory of Jehovah. O

29:15 will see us? Who will know? What

29:18 and the eyes of the blind see out of

30:10 who say to the seers, See not! And

30:20 but your eyes shall see the Master.

32:3 country. The eyes of those who see

33:7 your riches. See, their stalwarts sob

35:2 they shall see there. Strengthen the

35:4 See, your God is coming to avenge

37:7 me. See, I will give him a notion to

37:17 O Jehovah, open your eyes and see

38:8 See, I make the shadow cast by the

38:11 I thought, I shall not see Jehovah in

39:4 Isaiah asked, What did they see in

40:5 revealed and all flesh see it at once

40:10 God! See, my Lord Jehovah comes

40:26 Lift your eyes heavenward and see

41:11 righteous right hand. See, all who

41:20 all may see it and know, consider it

42:18 look and see! Who is blind but my

43:19 the past. See, I do a new thing; it is

44:18 are glazed so they cannot see, their

47:14 See, as stubble they are burnt up in

48:10 you. See, I am refining you, though

49:7 rise up when they see you, princes

49:12 be on high. See these, coming from

49:16 forget, I will not forget you. See, I

50:9 See, my Lord Jehovah sustains me.

52:8 for joy, for they shall see eye to eye

52:10 * ends of the earth may see our God’s

52:15 told them, they shall see; what they

53:10 for guilt, he might see his offspring

53:11 in his hand. He shall see the toil of

55:4 David. See, have appointed him as

58:7 and when you see men underclad to

60:5 to your side. Then, when you see it

61:9 all who see them will acknowledge

62:11 of Zion. See, your Salvation comes

64:9 iniquity forever. See, consider that

65:6 fire smoldering all day long. See, it

65:17 eyes. See, I create new heavens and

65:18 create. See, I create Jerusalem to be

66:5 we may see cause for your joy! But

66:12 Jehovah: See, I will extend peace to

66:14 rejoice to see it, your limbs flourish

66:15 enemies. See, Jehovah comes with


5:10 a homer of seed but an ephah. Woe

17:10 choice crops and sow hybrid seed,

28:24 to sow seed, disking and harrowing

30:23 water with rain the seed you sow in

55:10 fertile and fruitful—providing seed


6:9 these people, Go on seeing, but not

42:20 —seeing much but not giving heed


40:20 resists decay. They seek an expert

45:19 offspring to seek me amid chaos. I

57:13 seek refuge in me shall possess the

65:1 did not seek me. I said, Here am I,

65:10 of my people who seek me. As for


51:1 righteousness, seekers of Jehovah


30:2 my mouth—on seeking protection


26:9 me seeks after you. For when your


10:7 shall not seem so to him; this shall


6:5 of unclean speech: I have seen the

9:2 darkness have seen a bright light;

29:7 as a dream seen in the night: like a

33:19 insolent people are not to be seen,

38:5 I have heard your prayer and seen

57:18 I have seen his conduct and I will

64:4 by the ear, nor has any eye seen a

66:8 like, or who has seen such things?

66:19 concerning me, nor seen my glory


28:7 with strong drink; they err as seers

29:10 covered your heads, the seers. For

30:10 who say to the seers. See not! And

56:10 bark, lolling seers fond of slumber


21:6 who will report what he sees. Let

28:4 who sees it devours it the moment

29:23 no more. For when he sees among


21:11 to me from Seir, Watchman, what


5:29 growling, they seize the prey, and

28:19 day and by night it shall seize you


13:8 agony, seized with trembling like

21:3 seized me like a woman in labor. I

28:19 shall be seized by it: morning after

36:1 fortified cities of Judea and seized


16:1 who rule in the earth, from Sela in

42:11 the inhabitants of Sela sing for joy


40:20 sacrifice select a wood that resists

44:14 he must select holms and oaks and


50:1 my creditors did I sell you? Surely


24:2 mistress as with maid, with seller


52:14 likeness, his semblance unlike that


6:8 I send? Who will go for us? And I

6:8 I replied, Here am I; send me! And

10:16 Hosts, send a consumption into his

16:1 Send couriers to those who rule in

19:20 he will send them a savior who will

22:18 about and send you spinning like a

36:12 lord send me to say these things to

57:9 you send your solicitors far abroad


66:19 sending those of them who survive


18:2 which sends emissaries by sea, in


36:1 reign, Sennacherib king of Assyria

37:9 Now Sennacherib received a report

37:17 all the words Sennacherib has sent

37:21 to me concerning Sennacherib king

37:37 their dead bodies! So Sennacherib


44:19 have the sense or comprehension to


46:8 and come to your senses; take it to


9:8 my Lord sent to Jacob, and it shall

20:1 was sent by Sargon king of Assyria

36:2 the king of Assyria sent Rabshakeh

37:2 he sent Eliakim the overseer of the

37:4 lord the king of Assyria has sent to

37:9 it, he sent messengers to Hezekiah,

37:17 all the words Sennacherib has sent

37:21 son of Amoz sent word to Hezekiah

39:1 of Babylon, sent letters and gifts to

42:19 as the messenger I have sent? Who

48:16 Now my Lord Jehovah has sent me

55:11 which I sent it. You shall depart in

61:1 tidings to the lowly; he has sent me


34:5 sentenced to damnation. Jehovah


59:2 is your iniquities that separate you


36:19 Where are the gods of Sepharvaim

37:13 of the cities of Sepharvaim, Hena,


22:16 those who hew their sepulchres up

65:4 who sit in sepulchres, spend nights


6:2 filling the sanctuary. Seraphs stood

6:6 Then one of the seraphs flew to me


14:29 be a fiery flying serpent. The elect

27:1 serpent, Leviathan that devious sea

30:6 vipers and the fiery flying serpent

59:5 emerges a serpent. Their cobwebs

65:25 the ox; as for the serpent, dust shall


20:3 Just as my servant Isaiah has gone

22:20 day I will commission my servant

24:2 servant, with mistress as with maid

37:35 sake and for the sake of my servant

41:8 O Israel, my servant, Jacob, whom

41:9 to you I say, You are my servant; I

42:1 servant whom I sustain, my chosen

42:19 is blind but my own servant, or so

42:19 uncomprehending as the servant of

43:10 my servant whom I have chosen, to

44:1 Jacob my servant, and Israel whom

44:2 Be not afraid, O Jacob, my servant,

44:21 you are my servant. I have created

44:21 I have created you to be my servant

44:26 who fulfills the word of his servant

45:4 of my servant Jacob, and Israel my

48:20 his servant Jacob. They thirsted not

49:3 He said to me, You are my servant

49:5 the womb be his servant, to restore

49:6 thing for you be my servant to raise

49:7 servant to those in authority: Rulers

50:10 heeds the voice of his servant, who,

52:13 you. My servant, being astute, shall

53:11 shall my servant, the righteous one


36:9 of my lord’s servants, depending as

36:11 your servants in Aramaic, which we

37:5 * Hezekiah’s servants came to Isaiah

37:24 One of Israel! By your servants you

54:17 heritage of the servants of Jehovah,

56:6 servants—all who keep the Sabbath

63:17 the sake of your servants, the tribes

65:8 for the sake of my servants, by not

65:9 them, my servants shall dwell there

65:13 says my Lord Jehovah: My servants

65:13 you shall hunger; my servants shall

65:13 while you shall thirst; my servants

65:14 My servants shall shout indeed, for

65:15 you. But his servants he will call by

66:14 be manifest among his servants and


7:25 they shall serve as a cattle range, a

19:20 at its border. They shall serve as a

39:7 to serve as eunuchs in the palace of

55:13 nettles, the myrtle. This shall serve

56:6 Jehovah to serve him, who love the

60:7 Nebaioth will serve you; they shall

60:12 that will not serve you shall perish;

65:15 to serve my chosen ones as a curse

66:1 build me? What would serve me as


44:15 serves men as fuel, which they use


40:2 to her that she has served her term,


14:3 arduous servitude imposed on you,

58:9 Indeed, if you will banish servitude


7:6 by force and set a ruler over it—the

9:18 Wickedness shall be set ablaze like

13:8 one another aghast, their faces set

14:13 set up my throne above the stars of

16:5 shall a throne be set up in the abode

18:5 time of flowering is past and the set

23:13 Assyrians who set up observatories

24:5 set at nought the ancient covenant.

26:1 is strong; salvation he has set up as

27:4 them and altogether set them ablaze

33:12 set ablaze. Take heed what I have

37:9 of Cush had set out to fight against

45:13 and set free my exiles without price

46:7 shoulders; when they set it in place

50:7 not be disgraced; I have set my face

51:14 is bowed down be set free; he shall

51:16 while I replant the heavens and set

58:6 yoke, to set the oppressed at liberty

60:20 set no more, nor your moon wane:

66:19 will set a mark upon them, sending


42:25 till it sets them on fire; yet they take

45:6 sun rises to where it sets may know

51:13 heavens, who sets the earth in place


7:19 come and settle with one accord in

14:1 choose Israel; he will settle them in

23:7 led her to settle far-off lands? Who

49:20 in which to settle! And you will say


32:18 shall dwell in peaceful settlements,


4:1 Seven women will take hold of one

11:15 into seven streams to provide a way

30:26 as the light of seven days shall it be


30:26 light of the sun increase sevenfold;


23:15 shall be forgotten seventy years, the

23:15 the end of seventy years, Tyre shall

23:17 seventy years, Jehovah will revisit


28:22 your bonds grow severe, for I have


33:20 any of its cords severed. None who


27:1 sword, punish severely Leviathan,


38:12 is severing me from the loom. Can


21:15 and the severity of war. On account


30:28 that severs at the neck. He comes to


4:6 shall be a shelter and shade from the

25:4 from the downpour and shade from

25:5 heathen: burning heat by the shade

32:2 place, or the shade of a large rock in


9:2 the land of the shadow of Death has

30:2 on taking shelter in Egypt’s shadow

30:3 shame, shelter in Egypt’s shadow to

38:8 shadow cast by the afternoon sun on

49:2 —in the shadow of his hand he hid

51:16 and shelter you in the shadow of my


14:16 made the earth shake and kingdoms

24:18 are opened, the earth shall shake to

52:2 enter you. Shake yourself free, rise


7:2 the minds of his people were shaken

7:2 trees in a forest are shaken by a gale

44:8 not perturbed or shaken. Have I not

54:10 peace be shaken, says Jehovah, who


37:22 of Jerusalem shakes her head at you


54:10 shaking, but my charity toward you


20:4 uncovered—to Egypt’s shame. Men

24:23 shame, when Jehovah manifests his

30:3 protection shall turn to your shame,

41:11 at you shall earn shame and disgrace

45:17 be dismayed or put to shame worlds

45:24 Before him must come in shame all

47:3 exposed and your shame uncovered.

54:4 shall forget the shame of your youth

61:7 provision. Because their shame was

66:5 But it is they who shall suffer shame


33:9 forlorn, Lebanon wilts shamefully;


24:20 a shanty; its transgressions weigh it


44:12 over the coals and gives it shape by


30:14 fragments not be found a shard with


45:9 mere shards of earthenware pottery


14:20 pit. You shall not share burial with

58:7 to share your food with the hungry,


37:38 his sons Adrammelech and Sharezer


33:9 shamefully; Sharon has been turned

35:2 splendor of Carmel and Sharon. The

65:10 there. Sharon shall become pasture


5:28 sharp; all their bows are strung. The

28:27 threshed with a sharp-toothed sledge

41:15 you a sharp-toothed threshing sledge

49:2 made my mouth like a sharp sword


10:33 of Hosts, shatter the towering trees

30:14 It shall shatter with a crash like an


1:28 altogether shattered when those who

7:8 years shall Ephraim be shattered as


7:20 shave your head and the hair of your


3:22 the shawl, the kerchief and the purse


53:7 a sheep, dumb before its shearers, he


7:3 your son Shear-Jashub, at the end of


60:6 from Sheba will come, bearing gold


22:15 that steward, Shebna, overseer of the

36:3 the palace, Shebna the secretary, and

36:11 Then Eliakim, Shebna and Joah said

36:22 the palace, Shebna the secretary, and

37:2 the palace, Shebna the secretary, and


26:21 the earth will uncover the blood shed

34:4 as a scroll, and their starry hosts shed

59:7 hasten to shed innocent blood. Their


1:11 bulls and sheep and he-goats I do not

5:17 righteousness. Then shall his sheep

7:21 young cow and a pair of sheep. And

7:25 sheep to tread down. Jehovah said to

13:14 flock of sheep that no one rounds up

22:13 sheep, eating meat and drinking wine

53:6 we are healed. We all like sheep had

53:7 slaughter, like a sheep, dumb before


3:23 purse, hosiery, sheer linen, millinery


15:5 Zoar and as far as Eglath Shelishiah.


1:8 left like a shelter in a vineyard, a hut

4:6 a shelter and shade from the heat of

16:3 noon as though it were night! Shelter

25:4 were a refuge for the poor, a shelter

30:2 on taking shelter in Egypt’s shadow.

30:3 shame, shelter in Egypt’s shadow to

32:2 And a man shall become as a shelter

51:16 and shelter you in the shadow of my


5:14 with thirst. Sheol becomes ravenous

14:9 risen against us! Sheol below was in

14:11 down to Sheol, along with the music

14:15 have been brought down to Sheol, to

28:15 reached an understanding with Sheol

28:18 void, your understanding with Sheol

38:18 Sheol cannot praise you, nor Death


38:10 must I depart through Sheol’s gates,


40:11 him. Like a shepherd he pastures his

44:28 is my shepherd; he will do whatever

63:11 up out of the Sea with the shepherd


13:20 will shepherds rest their flocks in it.

31:4 the prey when the shepherds muster

56:11 are insensible shepherds. They are


38:12 me like a shepherd’s tent. My life is


23:3 Shihor, the harvest of the Nile, was


8:6 have rejected the Waters of Shiloah


11:11 Egypt, Pathros, Cush, Elam, Shinar


13:10 will not shine. When the sun rises,

60:1 on and forever. Arise, shine, your

60:2 upon you Jehovah will shine; over


62:1 till her righteousness shines like a


17:8 and the shining images. In that day

27:9 shining images standing. Because


23:13 shipping. Was it not the Assyrians

43:14 the praises of shipping. I Jehovah,


2:16 merchant ships and pleasure craft.

23:1 O merchant ships! For Tyre is laid

23:14 O merchant ships; your haven is

60:9 the ships of Tarshish in the lead, to


20:2 shoes from your feet. And he had


6:4 threshold shook to its foundation


11:1 spectacularly. A shoot will spring

37:33 shall not enter this city or shoot an

44:4 your posterity. They shall shoot up


28:20 proverb: The couch is too short to

50:2 Was my hand too short to redeem

59:1 hand has not become too short to


9:6 son appointed, who will shoulder


10:27 shall be lifted from your shoulders

14:25 their shoulders. These are things

46:7 aloft, carrying it on their shoulders

49:22 your daughters on their shoulders.


12:6 the earth! Shout and sing for joy, O

16:10 vintage shout I will bring to an end

24:14 lift up their voice and shout for joy

35:6 the dumb shout for joy. Water shall

42:2 not shout or raise his voice to make

42:13 give the war cry, raise the shout of

49:13 Shout for joy, O heavens; celebrate

65:14 My servants shall shout indeed, for


61:7 twofold, and shouted insults were


16:9 when your shouts of cheer over the

16:10 orchards; no shouts of delight shall


30:24 grain silage winnowed with shovel


5:16 holy God show himself holy by a

13:18 young. They will show no mercy

36:5 words are sufficient tactics or show

39:2 Hezekiah did not show them. Then

39:4 not show them. Then Isaiah said to

49:9 darkness, Show yourselves! They

60:10 will gladly show you mercy. Your


39:2 showed the envoys his treasury—

47:6 you showed them no mercy; even


44:3 soil, showers upon the dry ground


49:13 is comforting his people, showing


26:10 favor be shown the wicked, they

48:9 I have shown restraint toward you


27:11 their Maker shows them no mercy


37:27 timorous inhabitants shrank away


31:2 of Jehovah! Yet he too is shrewd


10:13 own ability and shrewdness, for I


15:2 the hill shrines, to weep; they will

16:12 on the hill shrines, and enter their

36:7 he not the one whose shrines and


31:9 and their officers shrink from the


19:7 shrivel and blow away and be no


34:4 vine, or shriveled fruit from a fig


25:7 the shroud that shrouds all nations


25:7 shrouds all nations, by abolishing


59:15 they who shun evil become a prey


53:3 he was shunned, deemed by us of


6:10 dull their ears and shut their eyes,

22:22 he opens none shall shut, when he

24:22 a dungeon and shut in confinement

26:20 your chambers and shut the doors

29:10 he has shut your eyes, the prophets

32:3 of those who see shall not be shut,

33:15 mention of murder, who shut their

45:1 letting no gates remain shut: I will

60:11 be shut day or night, that a host of


22:22 shuts none shall open. I will fasten


24:10 all houses are shuttered, that none


52:15 kings shutting their mouths at him


16:9 mourns for the vines of Sibmah; I


16:8 ruling nations will smite Sibmah’s


1:5 whole head is sick, the whole heart


60:4 to your side. Then, when you see it


23:2 by the traders of Sidon crossing the

23:4 Sidon, because the Sea, the mighty

23:12 virgin, Daughter of Sidon. Get up


1:8 in a melon field, a city under siege.

21:2 O Elamites! Lay siege, you Medes!

29:3 posts, and erect siege installations


37:33 erect siegeworks against it. By the


30:28 sieve of falsehood; with an erring


30:28 severs at the neck. He comes to sift


21:2 the sighing that Babylon has caused

35:10 when sorrow and sighing flee away

51:11 and sorrow and sighing flee away. I


14:16 who catch sight of you stare at you

33:15 their eyes at the sight of wickedness


44:9 themselves sightless and mindless,


7:11 Ask sign for yourself from Jehovah

7:14 Lord of himself give you a sign: the

19:20 as a sign and testimony of Jehovah

20:3 for three years as a sign and portent

37:30 to you this shall be a sign: This year

38:22 * a sign that I shall again go up to the

38:7 shall be a sign to you from Jehovah

55:13 an everlasting sign that shall not be


7:18 Jehovah signal for the flies from the

10:32 pause at Nob and signal the advance


33:8 signatories held in contempt; man is


3:20 and ribbons, zodiac signs and charm

8:18 me, we shall be signs and portents in

45:11 you ask me for signs concerning my


30:24 asses that till the soil eat grain silage


18:4 will watch silence over my dwelling

64:12 will you restrain yourself, in silence


15:1 Moab shall be silenced; when in one


26:16 poured out silent prayers when your

36:21 remained silent, replying nothing, for

41:1 Be silent before me, O isles; become

42:14 long time I have been silent, keeping

57:11 I have so long kept silent that you no

62:1 For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent

62:6 O Jerusalem, who shall not be silent


1:22 Your silver has become dross, your

2:7 is full of silver and gold and there is

2:20 their idols of silver and gods of gold

13:17 Medes, who do not value silver, nor

30:22 graven idols plated with silver, your

31:7 silver and gold by which your hands

39:2 —the silver and gold, the spices and

40:19 silver chain from the craftsman? The

46:6 the purse and weigh out silver on the

48:10 not as silver; I am testing you in the

60:9 from afar, and with them their silver

60:17 gold, in place of iron, silver; in place


46:5 that we should appear similar? They


1:4 weighed down by sin, the offspring

3:9 sin like Sodom; they cannot hide it.

5:18 affluent. Woe to those drawn to sin

30:1 my approval, only adding sin to sin!

57:4 sin, a spurious brood, who burn with

57:17 sin of covetousness I was provoked;


7:17 day unlike any since Ephraim broke

14:8 do the cedars of Lebanon. Since you

46:3 load on me since birth, borne up by

47:12 exerted yourself since your youth. It

47:15 since your youth—each deviates his


48:4 neck was an iron sinew, your brow


55:7 ways and sinful men their thoughts.


5:1 me sing for my Beloved a love song

12:5 his exalted name. Sing in praise of

12:6 the earth! Shout and sing for joy, O

23:16 Play skillfully; sing song after song

26:19 say to them, Awake, and sing for joy

27:2 In that day, sing of the earth as of a

42:10 to you. Sing to Jehovah a new song;

42:10 Jehovah a new song; sing his praise

42:11 of Sela sing for joy and cry out from

43:14 all the Chaldeans, they who sing the

44:23 redeemed you. Sing, O heavens, for

54:1 for the transgressors. Sing, O barren

55:12 hills shall sing at your presence and


24:16 a sector of the earth we hear singing

30:29 But for you there shall be singing, as

35:2 out in flower, singing with delight; it

35:10 singing to Zion, their heads crowned

51:11 Let them come singing to Zion, their


9:14 single day; the elders or notables are

10:17 his briars and thorns in a single day.


49:12 these, from the land of Sinim. Shout


42:24 against whom we have sinned? For

43:27 your spokesmen sinned against me.

64:5 to anger when we sinned, and now


1:28 sinners shall be altogether shattered

13:9 earth a desolation, that sinners may

33:14 sinners in Zion are struck with fear;


50:1 by sinning you have sold yourselves


1:18 though your sins are as scarlet, they

6:7 your lips: your sins are taken away,

27:9 as a result of this his sins removed:

38:17 my sins behind you, [restoring and

40:2 double for all her sins. A voice calls

43:24 me with your sins, wearied me with

43:25 offenses, remembering your sins no

44:22 a thick fog, your sins like a cloud of

53:12 he bore the sins of many, and made

58:1 to the house of Jacob their sins. Yet

59:2 God; your sins hide his face, so that

59:12 sins testify against us. Our offenses

64:6 our sins, like a wind, sweep us away


23:1 Sound your sirens, O merchant ships

23:14 Sound your sirens, O merchant ships


3:26 she shall sit on the ground destitute.

16:5 in faithfulness a judge sit on it who

42:7 prison those who sit in darkness. I

47:1 sit in the dust, O Virgin Daughter of

47:5 Sit speechless; retire into obscurity,

47:14 such is no fire to sit by! This is what

52:2 the dust; sit enthroned, O Jerusalem

65:4 bricks, who sit in sepulchres, spend


4:5 Over the whole site of Mount Zion,

54:2 Expand the site of your tent; extend

60:13 to beautify the site of my sanctuary


28:6 justice to him who sits in judgment,

37:16 Israel, who sits enthroned between

40:22 who sits enthroned above the earth’s


36:12 to the men sitting on the wall, who


6:2 overhead, each having six wings—


7:8 head of Damascus, within sixty-five


44:13 draws a diagram, sketching his idol


45:8 skies overflow with righteousness


45:9 no skill for the work! Woe to those

47:10 By your skill and science you were


3:3 skilled craftsmen, and orators. I,


23:16 skillfully; sing song after song that


6:1 exalted, the skirt of his robe filling


55:10 the sky and return not to it without


54:12 will make your skylights of jacinth


57:10 therefore have not slackened. Yet


10:4 fall among the slain. Yet for all this

14:19 exposed like the slain disfigured by

14:30 survivors shall be slain. Wail at the

22:2 city of revelry! But your slain were

26:21 it and no more conceal its slain. In

27:7 was he slain as were they who slew

34:3 slaughter. Their slain shall be flung

66:16 and those slain by Jehovah shall be


18:5 new branches by slashing. All shall


22:13 cattle and slaughter of sheep, eating

30:25 great slaughter, when the towers

34:2 to the slaughter. Their slain shall be

34:6 For Jehovah will hold a slaughter in

43:23 me homage by sacrificial slaughter.

53:7 his mouth—a lamb led to slaughter

65:12 shall succumb to the slaughter. For


66:3 slaughters an ox is as one who kills


11:4 with the breath of his lips slay the


57:5 burgeoning tree, slayers of children


27:1 monster, when he slays the dragons

65:15 Jehovah slays you. But his servants


28:27 with a sharp-toothed sledge, nor is

41:15 a sharp-toothed threshing sledge of


29:10 out on you a spirit of deep sleep: he


38:14 am utterly sleepless from bitterness


27:7 he slain as were they who slew him

37:36 angel of Jehovah went out and slew

37:38 slew him with a sword and fled to

51:9 Rahab, you who slew the dragon?


57:6 slippery stones of the ravines shall


32:7 with false slogans and accusations


15:5 tears they will ascend the slopes of

63:14 like cattle descending the slopes of


56:10 bark, lolling seers fond of slumber


40:30 and weary, and young men slump


46:1 Bel slumps down, Nebo is stooped


49:6 —he said: It is too small a thing for

49:19 small for your inhabitants, despite


9:4 divide spoil. For you have smashed

30:14 smashed, among whose fragments

59:5 is smashed, there emerges a serpent


1:25 over you and smelt away your dross


11:4 lowly in the land; he will smite the

11:15 his hand over the River and smite

16:8 wither; the ruling nations will smite

19:22 and fulfill them. Jehovah will smite


27:7 smitten as were his smiters? Or was

50:6 away: I offered my back to smiters,


9:13 him who smites them, nor will they


40:19 by the artisan, overlaid by the smith

41:7 * artisan encourages the smith, and he

44:12 smith with his tools works the iron

46:6 scales hire a smith to make them a

54:16 I who create the smith who fans the


19:22 by smiting heal: they will turn back


1:5 be smitten further by adding to your

27:7 Was he smitten as were his smiters

49:10 not hunger or thirst, nor be smitten

53:4 we thought him stricken, smitten of


9:18 mushrooming clouds of smoke. At

14:31 shall come pillars of smoke, and no

34:10 smoke shall ascend forever. It shall

51:6 as by smoke, the earth wear out like

65:3 making smoke upon bricks, who sit

65:5 Such are a smoke to my nostrils, a


7:4 two smoking tail ends of kindling,


65:5 a fire smoldering all day long. See


28:25 When he has smoothed its surface,


14:29 that snake shall spring up a viper,


8:14 and a snare, catching unawares the


9:20 for one another. They will snatch


37:29 of your snortings and bellowings


1:18 they can be made white as snow;


55:10 the rains and snows descend from


42:3 dim wick he will not snuff out. He


43:17 flicker and die, snuffed out like a


22:17 will make you soar like a dart. He


33:7 See, their stalwarts sob in public;


44:11 benefit them? Their whole society


1:9 we should have been as Sodom, or

1:10 leaders of Sodom; give heed to the

3:9 sin like Sodom; they cannot hide it

13:19 Sodom and Gomorrah. Never shall


1:7 native soil is devoured by aliens in

30:24 the soil eat grain silage winnowed

34:7 with blood, their soil enriched with

44:3 I will pour water on the thirsty soil


21:13 bands of Dedanites, who sojourn

52:4 to Egypt to sojourn there. Then the


40:1 and give solace to my people, says

51:3 bringing solace to all her ruins; he


50:1 sold yourselves; because of your

52:3 Thus says Jehovah: You were sold


3:2 soldier, the magistrate and prophet


1:13 solemn gathering I cannot approve

4:5 and over its solemn assembly, the

33:20 of our solemn assemblies; let your


1:6 diseased. From the soles of the feet

37:25 soles of my feet I have dried up all


57:9 send your solicitors far abroad and


16:3 of Arnon. Provide a solution, they


65:8 someone says, Don’t destroy it, it


41:23 Perform something good or evil at


45:19 somewhere in a land of darkness;


1:1 the son of Amoz which he beheld

2:1 which Isaiah the son of Amoz saw

7:1 When Ahaz son of Jotham, the son

7:1 Rezin king of Aram and Pekah son

7:3 son Shear-Jashub, at the end of the

7:4 and the Aram and son of Remaliah

7:5 and the son of Remaliah, who say,

7:6 —the son of Tabeal. Thus says my

7:9 the capital of Ephraim and the son

7:14 with child shall give birth to a son

8:2 the priest and Zechariah the son of

8:3 birth to a son. And Jehovah said to

8:6 the son of Remaliah, therefore will

9:6 us a child is born, a son appointed

13:1 which Isaiah the son of Amoz saw

14:12 O morning star, son of the dawn!

20:2 Isaiah the son of Amoz, saying, Go

22:20 servant Eliakim the son of Hilkiah

36:3 the son of Hilkiah, overseer of the

36:3 Shebna the secretary, Joah the son

36:22 the son of Hilkiah, overseer of the

36:22 Shebna the secretary, Joah the son

37:2 the son of Amoz. And when King

37:21 Isaiah the son of Amoz sent word

37:38 his son Esarhaddon succeeded him

38:1 And the prophet Isaiah the son of

39:1 -Baladan the son of Baladan, king

66:7 she delivers a son! Who has heard


5:1 love song about his vineyard: My

12:2 and my song when he became my

23:15 the harlot in the song: Take a lyre

23:16 sing song after song that you may

24:9 wine amid song; liquor has turned

26:1 dust. In that day shall this song in

42:10 you. Sing to Jehovah a new song:

44:23 earth beneath! Burst into song, O

49:13 into song, O mountains! Jehovah

51:3 of song. Listen to me, my people;

52:9 all together into song, you ruined

54:1 break into jubilant song, you who


1:2 I have reared sons, brought them

14:21 their sons in consequence of their

21:17 of the sons of Kedar shall be few

30:1 Woe to you, rebellious sons, says

30:9 rebellious people, sons who break

37:38 sons Adrammelech and Sharezer

38:19 day; from father to sons they pass

39:7 from among your own sons, your

43:6 not! Bring my sons from afar and

49:17 before me. Your sons shall hasten

49:22 they will bring your sons in their

51:18 the hand of all the sons she reared

56:5 house that is better than sons and

60:4 assembled to you; your sons shall

60:14 The sons of those who tormented

62:5 so shall your sons wed you; as the

63:8 are my people, sons who will not


5:11 those who go after liquor as soon

5:19 the Holy One of Israel soon come

10:25 my anger will very soon come to

30:19 voice; he will answer you as soon

51:14 the oppressor? Soon now shall he

56:1 for my salvation will soon come

66:8 as soon as she was in labor, Zion


48:3 no sooner did they issue from my


1:6 out or bound up, nor soothed with


57:3 here, you children of the sorceress


1:6 sores; they have not been pressed


29:2 and sorrow when she becomes as

35:10 sorrow and sighing flee away. In

51:11 and sorrow and sighing flee away


11:10 sought by the nations, and his rest


1:14 soul detests. They have become a

26:9 contemplate your name. My soul

32:6 the hungry soul empty, depriving

32:6 depriving the thirsty soul of drink

38:14 bitterness of soul . . . .] O Jehovah

38:17 soul out of the Pit of Dissolution.

53:11 his soul and be satisfied; because

53:12 he poured out his soul unto death

61:10 my soul delights in my God. For


3:9 cannot hide it. Woe to their souls

55:2 your souls shall enjoy abundance

55:3 souls may live! And I will make

57:16 the spirits and souls I have made

66:3 to go their own ways, their souls


26:8 O Jehovah; the soul’s desire is to


1:6 head there is nothing sound, only

6:4 at the sound of those who called

13:2 barren mountain; sound the voice

15:4 Jahaz. They will sound the alarm

15:8 Moab; the sound of it shall reach

16:10 shall sound in the vineyards. The

23:1 oracle concerning Tyre: Sound

23:14 caused her downfall? Sound your

24:18 earth; those who flee at the sound

27:13 a loud trumpet shall sound, and

31:4 not dismayed at the sound of their

65:19 heard there the sound of weeping


18:3 heed the trumpet when sounded!


19:17 source of terror to the Egyptians;

23:3 source of revenue upon the high

28:6 in judgment, a source of strength


21:1 the South, they come from the

43:6 to the south, Withhold not! Bring


9:7 Peace—that sovereignty may be

17:3 the sovereignty of Damascus: as


17:10 sow hybrid seed, and though you

17:11 morning you sow them, yet shall

28:24 sow seed, disking and harrowing

30:23 with rain the seed you sow in the

32:20 who shall then sow by all waters,

37:30 in the third year sow and harvest,


55:10 providing seed for the sower and


19:7 and estuaries, and all things sown

40:24 they are sown, when hardly their

61:11 what is sown to spring up in it, so


49:20 too cramped for us; give us space


8:8 his outspread wings will span the

40:12 heavens by the span of his fingers


1:31 be as refuse, their works a spark;


50:11 who illuminate with mere sparks.

50:11 the sparks you have kindled. This


63:3 spattered my whole attire. For I


28:11 must he speak to these people, to

29:4 laid low, you will speak from the

36:11 speak to your servants in Aramaic

36:11 understand. Do not speak to us in

37:10 to Hezekiah, telling them, Speak

40:2 God; speak kindly to Jerusalem.

40:27 O Jacob, and speak thus, O Israel

42:12 to Jehovah, and in the isles speak

43:21 formed for myself to speak out in

43:26 our case. Speak up and vindicate

45:19 there is none other. I speak not in

45:21 Speak up and present you case; go

46:10 times things not yet done. I speak

52:6 they shall know that I, who speak

59:3 your lips speak guile, your tongue


19:18 In that day five Hebrew-speaking

58:13 and speaking of business matters

65:24 while they are yet speaking I will


2:4 into plowshares, their spears into


40:15 mere specks. Lebanon would not


22:1 Arena of Spectacles: Whatever is

22:5 the Arena of Spectacles, a day of


10:34 and Lebanon fall spectacularly. A


6:5 man of unclean speech, and I live

6:5 of unclean speech: I have seen the

28:11 speech and a strange tongue must

33:19 incomprehensible speech, whose

45:19 of speech. Gather yourselves and

58:9 offensive speech, if you will give


47:5 of Hosts. Sit speechless; retire into


5:19 who think, Let him quickly speed


5:26 speedily. Not one of them grows

18:2 Go speedily, you messengers! Go

58:8 and your healing speedily appear;


55:2 spend money on what is not bread

65:4 who sit in sepulchres, spend nights


49:4 vain, I have spent my strength for


40:22 enthroned above the earth’s sphere


39:2 gold, the spices and fragrant oils,


59:5 spin spiders’ webs; whoever eats


41:15 spikes: you shall thresh mountains


59:5 spin spiders’ webs; whoever eats


22:18 about and send you spinning like a


4:4 bloodshed, in the spirit of justice,

11:2 from its graft bear fruit. The Spirit

11:2 him—the spirit of wisdom and of

11:2 understanding, the spirit of counsel

11:2 spirit of knowledge and of the fear

15:4 but their spirit shall be broken. My

19:3 Egypt’s spirit shall be drained from

19:14 has permeated them with a spirit of

26:9 my spirit within me seeks after you

28:6 a spirit of justice to him who sits in

29:10 on you a spirit of deep sleep: he has

29:24 spirit gain understanding and they

31:3 are flesh, not spirit: when Jehovah

32:15 a Spirit from on high be poured out

34:16 Spirit he brings them together. It is

38:16 the renewal of my spirit. Surely for

40:7 the Spirit of Jehovah breathe within

40:13 comprehended the Spirit of Jehovah

42:1 him I have endowed with my Spirit

42:5 upon it, spirit to those who walk on

44:3 ground; I will pour out my Spirit on

48:16 Jehovah has sent me; his Spirit is in

57:15 and lowly in spirit—refreshing the

59:19 Spirit of Jehovah. But he will come

59:21 with them, says Jehovah: My Spirit

61:1 it in its time. The Spirit of my Lord

61:3 in place of a downcast spirit. They

63:10 rebelled and grieved his holy Spirit

63:11 he who put into him his holy Spirit

63:14 Spirit of Jehovah that guided them,

65:14 howling from brokenness of spirit.

66:2 a humble and contrite spirit and are


8:19 mediums and spiritists who huddle

19:3 idols and to spiritists, to mediums


14:9 account she roused all the spirits of

26:14 to live no more, spirits who will not

57:15 —refreshing the spirits of the lowly

57:16 spirits and souls I have made would


50:6 not my face from insult and spitting


13:19 the most splendid of kingdoms, the


28:1 Ephraim! Their crowning splendor

35:2 the splendor of Carmel and Sharon

35:2 of Jehovah and the splendor of our

60:13 splendor of Lebanon shall become


36:6 of Egypt, that splintered reed which


8:1 Hasten the plunder, hurry the spoil.

9:3 joyous when they divide spoil. For

10:2 mere spoil of the fatherless! What

10:6 for plunder, to spoliate for spoil, to

33:4 spoil was harvested in the manner

33:23 * shall spoil in abundance be divided

42:22 spoil, yet none demands restitution

49:24 warrior’s spoil be taken from him,

49:25 The warrior’s spoil shall indeed be

53:12 great, and he shall divide the spoil


5:9 Jehovah of Hosts spoke this in my

8:11 Jehovah spoke to me, clasping my

16:13 Jehovah spoke hitherto about Moab

65:12 did not respond; when I spoke, you

66:4 I spoke, none gave heed. They did


1:2 Jehovah has spoken: I have reared

1:20 By his mouth Jehovah has spoken

20:2 Jehovah had spoken through Isaiah

21:17 the God of Israel, has spoken it. An

22:25 on it cut off. Jehovah has spoken it

25:8 the earth. Jehovah has spoken it. In

37:22 is what Jehovah has spoken against

38:15 I say when he has already spoken

39:8 word of Jehovah you have spoken

40:5 By his mouth Jehovah has spoken

46:11 What I have spoken, I bring to pass

47:1 You shall no more be spoken of as

48:15 have spoken it, and also called him

58:14 By his mouth Jehovah has spoken

59:4 empty words, deceitfully spoken;


43:27 your spokesmen sinned against me


10:6 for plunder, to spoliate for spoil, to


28:8 spot is without excrement. Whom

46:7 from its spot. Though they cry to it


54:6 spouse forsaken and forlorn, a wife


1:15 When you spread forth your hands

16:8 desert; its branches spread abroad

33:23 * spread out the sail. Now shall spoil

54:3 shall spread abroad to the right and

65:11 holy mountain, who spread tables


25:11 it, as a swimmer spreads his hands


11:10 In that day the sprig of Jesse, who


11:1 spring up from the stock of Jesse

14:29 that snake shall spring up a viper,

34:1 the world, and all who spring from

42:9 I yet foretell. Before they spring up

45:8 blossom; let righteousness spring

58:11 a spring of unfailing waters. They

61:11 sown to spring up in it, so will my

61:11 righteousness and praise to spring


43:19 do a new thing; it is now springing


35:7 place springs of water; in the haunt

37:30 the following year what springs up

41:18 country, springs in the midst of the

49:10 will lead them by springs of water.


28:25 sprinkle fennel and scatter cumin?


17:11 plant them, causing them to sprout


66:14 sprouting grass, when the hand of


57:4 spurious brood, who burn with lust


1:4 they have spurned the Holy One of


46:6 who squander gold from the purse


47:1 squat on the ground dethroned, O


3:1 Jerusalem of both staff and crutch

9:4 the staff of submission, the rod of

10:5 the rod of my anger! He is a staff

10:15 As though the staff held up the one

10:24 the rod or raise their staff over you

10:26 Oreb. His staff is over the Sea, and

14:5 has broken the staff of the wicked,

30:32 rod. At every sweep of the staff of


19:14 she does, causing her to stagger like

28:7 and stagger because of strong drink

29:9 not with wine; stagger, but not from


63:1 from Edom in red-stained garments

63:3 I have stained my whole attire. For


33:20 immovable tent, whose stakes shall

54:2 and strengthen your stakes. For you


53:2 stalk out of arid ground. He had no


1:3 owner, the ass its master’s stall, but


33:7 your riches. See, their stalwarts sob


32:4 of the stammerers master eloquence


1:17 justice, stand up for the oppressed;

3:13 take a stand and contend with them

32:8 are of noble intent and stand up for

41:1 their case; let us stand trial together

41:23 will be dazzled and all stand in awe

44:11 all to assemble and take their stand

47:13 month by month, stand by you and

59:14 righteousness to stand at a distance


6:13 is left standing. When Ahaz son of

21:8 standing on the watchtower day in

27:9 images standing. Because of them


11:10 stands for an ensign to the peoples,

46:7 there it stands, unable from its spot


14:12 morning star, son of the dawn! You


14:16 who catch sight of you stare at you


34:4 up as a scroll, and their starry hosts


13:10 from it. The stars and constellations

14:13 my throne above the stars of God; I

47:13 heavens, who observe the stars and


10:29 Geba. Ramah is in a state of alarm,

14:18 nations lie in state, each among his

19:2 city and state against state. Egypt’s

19:13 heads of state have led Egypt astray

41:1 and state their case; let us stand trial


10:10 I could do this to the pagan states,


10:10 statues exceeded those of Jerusalem


10:33 terrifying power; the high in stature

45:14 the Sabeans a people tall in stature.


33:15 who disdain extortion and stay their


56:2 who stays his hand from doing any


26:3 Those whose minds are steadfast, O


35:3 feeble, steady the failing knees. Say


27:10 like a wilderness; steers forage and

34:7 bulls, and steers. Their land shall be


48:1 you stem from the lineage of Judah


3:24 of perfume there shall be a stench,

34:3 out and their corpses emit a stench


45:13 up, who facilitate his every step; he


21:1 they come from the steppes, a land

41:19 elms and box trees in the steppes—


22:15 see that steward, Shebna, overseer


28:27 beaten out with a stick and cumin

57:4 open wide the mouth and stick out


5:25 his hand is upraised still. He raises

9:12 his hand is upraised still. But the

9:17 hand is upraised still. Wickedness

9:21 his hand is upraised still. Woe to

10:4 his hand is upraised still. Hail the

21:12 still night. If you would ascertain it

41:1 O isles; become still, you peoples!

42:14 silent, keeping still and restraining

47:12 youth. It may still be of use to you

62:1 sake I will not remain still till her

65:6 me that I will not be still till I have

65:8 Don’t destroy it, it is still good, so


16:9 are stilled. The joyful festivity will


7:6 Judea and stir up trouble there. We

13:17 stir up against them the Medes, who

19:2 melt within them. I will stir up the

51:15 name is Jehovah of Hosts, who stir


5:30 stirred up against them in that day

5:30 that day, even as the Sea is stirred

28:21 stirred to anger, as in the Valley of

37:28 goings, and how stirred up you are


9:11 against them when he stirs up their


11:1 stock of Jesse and a branch from

40:24 when hardly their stock has taken


9:10 will rebuild with hewn stone; the

28:16 lay in Zion a stone, a keystone, a

37:19 of wood and of stone, and so they


5:2 clearing it of stones, and planted it

27:9 all altar stones, leaving no idols of

54:11 your building stones and sapphires

54:12 entire boundary of precious stones

57:6 slippery stones of the ravines shall

60:17 in place of stones, iron. I will make

62:10 cleared of stones; raise the ensign


6:2 filling the sanctuary. Seraphs stood

21:8 have stood guard. Now they come:

36:13 Rabshakeh stood and called out in


44:15 to which they stoop. Half of it they

44:19 not stoop to a mere lump of wood?


46:1 Bel slumps down, Nebo is stooped


33:15 hand from taking bribes, who stop


10:29 They cross over the pass, stopping


24:8 revelers’ din stops; the pulsating of


2:12 Jehovah of Hosts has a day in store

19:17 Hosts has in store for them. In that

22:5 Jehovah of Hosts, has in store a day

28:2 has in store one mighty and strong:


23:18 it shall not be hoarded or stored up.


17:13 or as whirling dust in a storm. At

32:2 refuge from the storm, like brooks

40:24 them and they wither, and a storm


26:7 The path of the righteous is straight

40:3 wilderness pave a straight highway


38:14 . . . . ] O Jehovah, I am in straits; be


28:11 a strange tongue must he speak to

43:12 known when there was no strange


23:8 Who devised this stratagem against


11:7 together; the lion will eat straw like

25:10 straw is trampled in a dung pit. For

65:25 will eat straw like the ox; as for the


63:17 you made us stray from your ways,


57:17 my face in anger when he strayed


19:5 the lakes shall ebb away as stream

66:12 bounty of the nations like a stream


11:15 seven streams to provide a way on

27:12 River to the streams of Egypt. But

30:25 appear streams of running water,

33:21 of rivers and broad streams, where

34:9 Edom’s streams shall turn into lava

35:6 and streams flow in the desert. The

41:18 will open up streams in barren hill

43:19 streams in the wasteland. The wild

43:20 water to the wilderness, streams to

44:4 shoot up like grass among streams

47:2 legs, wade through streams; your


51:20 a faint at the corner of every street


5:25 lie like litter about the streets. Yet

10:6 underfoot like mud in the streets.

15:3 on the housetops and in the streets

58:12 restorer of streets for resettlement.


12:2 my strength and my song when he

28:6 in judgment, a source of strength to

33:2 our strength of arm from morning

33:6 of trial shall prove to be a strength

36:5 or show of strength? In whom have

37:3 no strength to deliver them. It may

40:29 in vigor those who lack strength.

40:31 in Jehovah be renewed in strength

43:17 men in full strength; they lie down

44:12 by the strength of his arm: when he

44:12 no longer has strength; if he fails to

49:4 have spent my strength for nothing

49:5 when my God became my strength

63:1 pressing forward in the strength of


9:11 strengthen Rezin’s enemies against

35:3 Strengthen the hands grown feeble

41:10 am your God. I will strengthen you

54:2 lengthen your cords and strengthen


23:11 is no more. Jehovah will stretch out

28:20 The couch is too short to stretch out


48:13 earth, my right hand that stretched


25:11 when he stretches his hands into the

31:3 spirit: when Jehovah stretches out


40:22 like a canopy, stretching them out


30:31 be terror-stricken, they who used to

53:4 we thought him stricken, smitten of


58:4 You fast amid strife and contention


10:24 though they strike you with the rod

30:31 who used to strike with the rod. At


2:19 his glory, he arises and strikes terror

2:21 his glory, he arises and strikes terror

5:25 hand against them and strikes them


58:4 amid strife and contention, striking


3:18 my Lord will strip away their finery

32:11 Strip yourselves bare; put sackcloth


23:1 is laid waste, stripped of warehouse


27:10 and recline there, stripping bare the


26:1 Our city is strong; salvation he has

28:2 in store one mighty and strong: as a

28:7 giddy with strong drink; priests and

28:7 and stagger because of strong drink;

29:9 not from strong drink. Jehovah has

47:9 strong combinations. Secure in your


29:7 who congregate at her stronghold to


34:13 thistles and briars its strongholds; it


6:5 Woe is me: I have been struck dumb

10:20 longer rely on him who struck them

10:26 when he struck the Midianites at the

14:6 him who with unerring blows struck

14:29 the rod which struck you is broken.

33:14 sinners in Zion are struck with fear;

57:17 struck him and hid my face in anger

60:10 Though I struck you in anger, I will


5:28 sharp; all their bows are strung. The


5:24 As a blazing fire consumes stubble,

33:11 stubble, the fire of your own breath

41:2 sword, as driven stubble to his bow

47:14 stubble they are burnt up in the fire,


48:4 how stubborn you were—your neck


46:12 Hear me, you stubborn-hearted, who


50:4 my ear to hear, as at study; my Lord


5:27 grows weary, nor does any stumble;

8:15 Jerusalem. Many will stumble into

31:3 them will stumble and those helped

59:10 like those without eyes. We stumble


63:13 desert, they stumbled not; like cattle


59:14 stand at a distance; truth stumbles in


8:14 stumbling block or obstructing rock

28:13 they might lapse into stumbling and


6:13 whose stump remains alive, so shall


51:17 dregs the bowl of stupor. There was

51:22 of stupor from your hand; you shall


45:1 right hand, to subdue nations before


14:6 anger, who subdued peoples in his

25:5 a cloud, you subdued the power of


3:12 people, babes subject them; women

19:4 a harsh ruler will subject them, says


9:4 those who subjected them, as in the

52:4 there. Then the Assyrians subjected


58:6 and abolish all forms of subjection?


9:4 of submission, the rod of those who


53:7 all. He was harassed, yet submissive


41:21 says Jehovah; submit your evidence


37:6 subordinates ridicule me. See, I will


10:18 life and substance, turning them into


54:17 shall not succeed; every tongue that


37:38 Esarhaddon succeeded him as king.


29:1 and the feastdays recur in succession


41:10 succor you and uphold you with my


44:2 the womb and succored you: Be not


25:6 a feast of leavened cakes, succulent


65:12 you shall succumb to the slaughter.


60:16 generation. You will suck the milk


11:8 A suckling infant will play near the

49:15 a woman forget her suckling infant,

60:16 milk of the nations, suckling at the


47:11 come upon you sudden ruin such as


29:5 of the dust. Suddenly, in an instant,

30:13 in a high wall which suddenly and

47:9 suddenly overtake you, both in one

48:3 announced. Then, suddenly, I acted

51:4 peoples. Then, suddenly, I will act:


59:4 one sues for an honest cause. They


19:10 work for wages suffer distress. The

64:12 yourself, in silence letting us suffer

66:5 they who shall suffer shame. Hark,


53:3 grief, accustomed to suffering. As

53:10 him, causing him suffering, that, if


53:4 our sufferings, endured our griefs,


40:16 specks. Lebanon would not suffice


36:5 mere words are sufficient tactics or


54:16 weapons to suit his purpose; it is I


29:11 you the sum of vision has become

64:6 the sum of our righteousness as a


16:9 of cheer over the summer fruit and

18:6 on them all summer and the beasts

28:4 -ripe fruit before summer harvest:


37:24 have reached its loftiest summit, its


15:4 alarm to summon the armed men of

34:12 Shall they summon its nobles when

46:11 will. I summon a bird of prey from

55:5 You will summon a nation that you


5:26 and summons them from beyond the


25:6 a sumptuous feast for all peoples, a


13:10 shine. When the sun rises, it shall be

24:23 The moon will blush and the sun be

30:26 moon shall be as the light of the sun

30:26 of the sun increase sevenfold; as the

38:8 cast by the afternoon sun on the dial

38:8 has gone down. So the sun reversed

45:6 that men from where the sun rises to

49:10 the heatwave or the sun: he who has

59:19 the rising of the sun his glory. For he

60:19 No longer shall the sun be your light

60:20 Your sun shall set no more, nor your


26:1 In that day shall this song be sung in


24:15 to Jehovah in the regions of sunrise,

26:19 dust: your dew is the dew of sunrise

41:25 come from the direction of sunrise.


2:18 supplant the false gods. Men will go


40:29 be fathomed. He supplies the weary


3:1 —all food supply and water supply,


36:6 the support of Egypt, that splintered


5:20 those who suppose what is evil to be

36:5 you suppose that in war mere words


28:15 You have supposed, by taking refuge


33:5 upon it. But Jehovah is supreme, for


22:23 fasten him as a nail in the sure place,

22:25 nail that was fastened in a sure place

28:16 cornerstone, a sure foundation. They

33:16 is provided them, their water is sure.

61:8 a sure reward; I will make with them


5:9 hearing: Surely many buildings shall

7:8 transpire. For as surely as Damascus

7:9 as a nation. But as surely as Samaria

8:20 a testimony? Surely, while they utter

36:15 Jehovah will surely save us; this city

38:13 frame? Surely, as night has followed

38:17 my spirit. Surely, for my own good I

41:29 a word. Surely they are all iniquitous

43:19 up. Surely, you are aware of it: I am

44:20 say, Surely this thing in my hand is a

45:14 entreating you. Surely God is in you;

49:18 As surely as I live, says Jehovah, you

50:1 sell you? Surely, by sinning you have

50:9 incriminate me? Surely all such shall

56:3 Jehovah will surely exclude me from

57:4 Surely you are born of sin, a spurious

59:1 spoken it. Surely Jehovah’s hand has

63:8 Surely they are my people, sons who

63:16 withheld from us! Surely you are our


38:14 Jehovah, I am in straits; be my surety


24:1 empty it; he will disfigure its surface

28:25 has smoothed its surface, does he not


28:29 whose inspiration is surpassing. Woe


15:7 surplus they have acquired, and their


34:11 surveyed with muddled measure and


10:20 who survive of Israel and who escape

66:19 sending those of them who survive to


37:31 the house of Judah that survives shall


1:9 us a few survivors, we should have

4:2 glory of the survivors of Israel. Then

14:30 your survivors shall be slain. Wail at

37:32 from Mount Zion a band of survivors


45:12 with my hand suspended the heavens


40:22 suspends the heavens like a canopy,

42:5 and suspends the heavens, who gives

44:24 of all things, who alone suspends the

51:13 Jehovah your Maker—who suspends


42:1 I sustain, my chosen one in whom I

46:4 you turn grey, it is I who sustain you


50:9 Lord Jehovah sustains me. Who then


14:23 will turn it into swamplands, a haunt


24:20 a drunkard, sway back and forth like


3:7 raise his hand in that day and swear,

19:18 Egypt will swear loyalty to Jehovah

45:23 is none other. By myself I swear it—

45:23 swear allegiance. It shall be said of

54:9 the earth. So I swear to have no more

65:16 those of them who swear oaths in the


8:8 banks. He will sweep into Judea like

14:23 haunt for ravens; I will sweep it with

28:15 flooding scourge sweep through the

28:17 weight; a hail shall sweep away your

28:19 after morning it shall sweep through,

30:32 every sweep of the staff of authority

64:6 our sins, like a wind, sweep us away.


21:1 Like tornadoes sweeping through the

28:2 ravaging hailstorm sweeping down,


28:18 the flooding scourge sweeps through

28:19 often as it sweeps through, you shall

40:24 wither, and a storm sweeps them off


5:20 bitterness sweet and the sweet bitter.


60:5 swell with awe: the multitude of the


38:21 * apply them to the swelling so that he


18:2 by sea, in swift craft across the water

19:1 enters Egypt riding on swift clouds,

30:16 will ride on swift mounts! Therefore


30:16 pursuers be swifter. You will flee by


5:26 they come, swiftly and speedily. Not


25:11 swimmer spreads his hands to swim,


25:11 swimmer spreads his hands to swim,


66:17 swine and prawn and rodents—they


65:4 eat swine’s flesh, their bowls full of

66:3 as one who offers swine’s blood, and


11:14 swoop on the Philistine flank toward


1:20 you shall be eaten by the sword. By

2:4 will not lift the sword against nation

3:25 the sword, your might overthrown

13:15 caught shall fall by the sword. Their

14:19 the sword, whose mangled remains

21:15 the bared sword, the drawn bow and

22:2 not killed by the sword; they did not

27:1 his great and powerful sword, punish

31:8 fall by a sword not of man; a sword

31:8 devour them: before that sword they

34:5 When my sword drinks its fill in the

34:6 sword that shall engorge with blood

37:7 to fall by the sword in his own land.

37:38 Sharezer slew him with a sword and

41:2 rendering them as dust to his sword,

49:2 made my mouth like a sharp sword

51:19 the sword—and who consoles you?

65:12 will destine you to the sword; all of

66:16 with fire and with his sword shall


2:4 peoples. They will beat their swords


54:9 the days of Noah, when I swore that


62:8 sworn by his right hand, his mighty


9:10 with hewn stone, the sycamores have