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7:6 set a ruler over it—the son of Tabeal


38:12 tabernacle is being uprooted, carried


21:5 They prepare tables; they deck them

28:8 tables are filled with vomit; no place

65:11 who spread tables for Luck and pour


30:8 Go now, write on tablets concerning


36:5 war mere words are sufficient tactics

47:13 are powerless, despite all your tactics


7:4 smoking tail ends of kindling, by the

9:14 head and tail, palm top and reed, in a

9:15 teach falsehood, the tail. The leaders

19:15 nor tail, palm top or reed. In that day


3:6 be our leader and take charge of this

3:13 traditional ways. Jehovah will take a

4:1 will take hold of one man in that day

4:1 your name—take away our reproach

7:6 We will take it for ourselves by force

7:13 the test. Then Isaiah said, Take heed

8:1 Take a large scroll and write on it in

8:9 may take courage in one another, but

11:14 will take Edom and Moab at hand’s

13:3 not upon those who take pride in me

14:2 The nations will take them and bring

14:2 Jehovah: they will take captive their

14:4 take up this taunt against the king of

14:21 rise up again and take possession of

19:20 send them a savior, who will take up

22:7 and cavalry take up positions at your

23:16 Take a lyre and go about the town, O

27:5 ablaze. But should they take hold of

33:13 ablaze. Take heed what I have done,

33:23 * the lame take part in the plunder. For

35:4 Take courage, be unafraid! See, your

36:17 back and take you to a land like your

37:31 take root below and bear fruit above.

38:21 * take fig packs and apply them to the

39:7 descendants, they shall take some to

41:16 you winnow them, a wind shall take

42:23 will take heed of it hereafter, and be

42:25 fire; yet they take it not to heart. But

44:11 assemble and take their stand before

46:8 come to your senses; take it to heart

46:10 I speak, and my purposes take effect

47:2 of as delicate and refined. Take two

47:3 take vengeance and not be entreated

48:1 lineage of Judah—who take oaths in

51:18 bore, none to take her by the hand of

57:13 of them off; a vapor shall take them

64:7 or rouses himself to take hold of you


6:6 which he had taken with tongs from

6:7 your lips: your sins are taken away,

8:15 ensnared shall be taken captive. For

14:25 their yoke shall be taken from them

28:9 those just taken from the breast? For

28:13 and be taken captive. Therefore hear

40:24 stock has taken root in the earth, he

41:9 whom I have taken from the ends of

49:24 warrior’s spoil be taken from him,

49:25 shall indeed be taken from him, and

51:20 taken in a net like bison. They have

52:5 people are taken over without price;

53:8 he was taken away. Who can apprise


1:7 waste at its takeover by foreigners.


22:6 mountains! When Elam takes up the

27:6 to come, when Jacob takes root and

51:3 takes place there, thanksgiving with


28:15 have supposed, by taking refuge in

30:2 on taking shelter in Egypt’s shadow

33:15 stay their hand from taking bribes,

51:22 taking the cup of stupor from your


2:15 every tall tower and reinforced wall

45:14 the Sabeans, a people tall in stature


37:24 felled its tallest cedars, its choicest


30:14 fireplace, or dip water from a tank.


23:6 at the report. Move on to Tarshish

23:10 O Daughter of Tarshish: the harbor

60:9 the ships of Tarshish in the lead, to

66:19 Tarshish, Pul, and Lud (the archers)


54:13 taught by Jehovah, and great shall


14:4 take up this taunt against the king


33:18 who levied the tax? Where are the


9:15 the prophets who teach falsehoods


30:20 shall your Teacher remain hidden


21:7 for chariots with teams of horses,

21:9 come: cavalry and teams of horses


22:10 Jerusalem, tearing down buildings


13:18 covet gold. Their bows shall tear


15:5 In tears they will ascend the slopes

16:9 my tears, O Heshbon and Elealeh,

25:8 wipe away the tears from all faces

38:5 your prayer and seen your tears. I


37:12 in Tel Assar? Where are the kings


3:10 disaster upon themselves! Tell the

8:19 tell you to inquire of mediums and

19:12 please tell you, if they can discern

36:4 to them, Please tell Hezekiah, Thus

36:7 if you tell me, We rely on Jehovah

37:6 Tell your lord, Thus says Jehovah:

38:5 tell Hezekiah, Thus says Jehovah,

41:22 Tell us, that we may examine them

41:23 predict the future for us: Tell us of

45:19 seek me amid chaos. I Jehovah tell

62:11 end of the earth: Tell the Daughter


36:7 Hezekiah abolished, telling Judea

37:9 Hezekiah, telling them, Speak thus


21:14 O inhabitants of the land of Tema.


41:16 them away, a tempest dispel them


54:11 you. Poor wretch, tempest-tossed


29:6 resounding booms, tempestuous


6:4 and a mist filled the temple. Then

37:38 the temple of Nisroch his god, his

44:28 its temple foundations relaid. Thus

64:11 temple where our fathers praised

66:6 from the temple! It is the voice of


5:10 A ten-acre vineyard shall yield but

38:8 dial of Ahaz recede the ten degrees

38:8 the sun reversed its descent by ten


61:5 Aliens will tend and pasture your


33:20 immovable tent, whose stakes shall

38:12 like a shepherd’s tent. My life is cut

40:22 tent to dwell in. By him who brings

54:2 Expand the site of your tent; extend


6:13 a tenth of the people remain in it, or


13:20 their tents there, nor will shepherds


6:13 like the terebinth or the oak when it


16:14 as the term of a lease, Moab’s glory

21:16 Within a year, as the term of a lease

40:2 that she has served her term, that her


7:25 terrain for sheep to tread down. The

40:4 must become level and rough terrain


13:8 shall be terrified, in throes of agony


10:33 towering trees with terrifying power


2:19 when he arises and strikes terror on

2:21 when he arises and strikes terror on

19:17 source of terror to the Egyptians; all

21:1 from the steppes, a land of terror. A

24:18 those who flee at the sound of terror

28:19 cause terror merely to hear word of

30:31 the Assyrians will be terror-stricken

31:9 terror and their officers shrink from

33:18 shall recount in your mind the terror


8:9 but shall be terrorized. Though you


24:17 Terrors and pitfalls and traps await


1:18 let us put it to the test, says Jehovah

7:12 put Jehovah to the test. Then Isaiah


59:12 sins testify against us. Our offenses


8:16 said, Bind up the testimony; seal the

8:20 doctrine and for a testimony? Surely

19:20 testimony of Jehovah of Hosts in the

55:13 serve as a testimony of Jehovah, an


48:10 not as silver; I am testing you in the


19:10 fabrics will be dismayed. The textile


12:4 say, Give thanks to Jehovah; invoke


51:3 thanksgiving with the voice of song


44:22 like a thick fog, your sins like cloud

60:2 covers the earth, and a thick mist the


8:12 afraid or awed by the thing they fear

37:26 ordained this thing long ago, how in

38:7 do the thing he has promised: See, I

43:19 I do a new thing; it is now springing

44:20 say, Surely this thing in my hand is a

49:6 said: It is too small a thing for you to

66:4 bring upon them the thing they dread


2:8 their hands, things their own fingers

2:22 earth. Desist from the things of man,

14:26 These are things determined upon the

16:13 things Jehovah spoke hitherto about

17:8 nor look to things their fingers have

19:7 things sown along irrigation channels

25:1 you have performed wonders, things

28:29 These things originate with Jehovah

32:6 perverse things concerning Jehovah,

36:12 to say these things to you and to your

36:22 to him the things Rabshakeh had said

37:4 him for the things Jehovah your God

42:9 new things I yet foretell. Before they

42:16 These things I will not fail to perform

43:9 among them foretold these things, or

43:18 not dwell on things of the past. See, I

44:7 of old as types, foretelling things to

44:9 the things they cherish profit nothing

44:21 a fraud. Ponder these things, O Jacob

44:24 I am Jehovah, the Maker of all things

45:7 I, Jehovah, do all these things. Rain

45:21 foretold these things of old, predicted

46:10 things not yet done. I speak, and my

48:6 now, I announce to you new things,

48:6 things withheld and unknown to you

48:7 to you, things now coming into being

48:7 things you have not heard of before,

48:14 Who among you foretold these things

57:6 appeased of such things? On a lofty

64:3 perform awesome things unexpected

66:2 are all things my hand has made, and

66:8 the like, or who has seen such things


5:19 who think, Let him quickly speed up

22:16 Who do you think you are, that you

65:5 polluted broth, who think, Keep your


29:15 work in the dark, thinking, Who will

37:10 thinking that Jerusalem shall not be

47:8 thinking to herself, I exist, and other

47:10 were led astray, thinking to yourself


19:24 third party to Egypt and to Assyria,

37:30 the third year sow and harvest, plant


5:13 with thirst. Sheol become ravenous,

41:17 tongue becomes parched with thirst

49:10 not hunger or thirst, nor be smitten

50:2 of water and perish because of thirst

55:1 all who thirst; come for water! You

65:13 drink indeed, while you shall thirst;


48:21 They thirsted not when he led them


21:14 greet the thirsty; meet the fugitives

29:8 a thirsty man who dreams he drinks

32:6 empty, depriving the thirsty soul of

35:7 of lakes, the thirsty place springs of

44:3 I will pour water on the thirsty soil,


34:13 thistles and briars its strongholds; it


5:27 sandal thongs undone. Their arrows


55:13 of the thornbush shall come up the


5:6 briars and thorns shall overgrow it.

7:23 shall be briars and thorns. Men will

7:25 for fear of the briars and thorns, but

9:18 a fire, and briars and thorns shall it

10:17 his briars and thorns in a single day.

27:4 Should briars and thorns come up, I

32:13 briars and thorns. Mourn for all the

33:12 like lime, mown down like thorns

34:13 exist? For thorns shall overgrow its


51:23 as the ground, a mere thoroughfare


6:5 temple. Then I thought, Woe is me:

24:16 the righteous! Whereas I thought, I

30:16 you thought, Not so; we will flee on

37:24 Jehovah. You thought, On account

38:11 I thought, I shall not see Jehovah in

39:8 For he thought. Then there shall be

47:7 with your yoke. You thought, I, the

47:10 your wickedness, you thought, No

49:4 had thought, I have labored in vain

53:4 we thought him stricken, smitten of

57:1 and no man gives it a thought; the

57:11 me, nor even give me a thought? Is

63:8 thought, Surely they are my people


55:7 sinful men their thoughts. Let them

55:8 my thoughts are not your thoughts,

55:9 thoughts higher than your thoughts

59:7 innocent blood. Their thoughts are


7:23 a thousand vines worth a thousand

30:17 by the thousand at the threat of one

36:8 thousand horses, if you are able to

37:36 hundred and eighty-five thousand


30:17 thousands at the threat of five, till


30:17 by the thousand at the threat of one

30:17 thousands at the threat of five, till


16:14 Within three years, as the term of a

17:6 three berries in the topmost bough,

20:3 naked and barefoot for three years


27:12 Jehovah will thresh out his harvest

41:15 you shall thresh mountains to dust


28:27 fennel is not threshed with a sharp-


28:28 does not go on endlessly threshing

28:28 threshing cart over it. These things

41:15 sharp-toothed threshing sledge of


6:4 threshold shook to its foundation at


17:11 you make them thrive the day you


13:8 terrified, in throes of agony, seized

21:3 is racked with trembling; throes of


6:1 my Lord seated on a throne, highly

9:7 on the throne of David and over his

14:13 set up my throne above the stars of

16:5 kindness, shall a throne be set up in

22:23 be a throne of glory to the house of

66:1 The heavens are my throne and the


14:9 rise up from their thrones. All alike


2:20 In that day men will throw away to


13:19 be thrown down as God overthrew

14:19 remains are thrown in a gravel pit.


13:15 shall be thrust through; all who are

22:19 I will thrust you out of office; you


29:6 Jehovah of Hosts with thunderous

33:3 peoples fled from your thunderous


43:13 when I work, who can thwart it?


3:20 and scarves, tiaras, bracelets and


40:9 herald of good tidings. Raise your

41:27 herald of good tidings to Jerusalem

52:7 peace, who brings tidings of good,

61:1 me to announce good tidings to the


22:18 He will bind you tightly about and


5:8 who link field to field till no place

22:14 cannot be forgiven you till you die

30:17 five, till you are left as a flagstaff

30:24 oxen and asses that till the soil eat

42:25 on them the violence of war, till it

42:25 —till it sets them on fire; yet they

46:4 am present; till you turn grey, it is

62:1 till her righteousness shines like a

62:7 till he reestablishes Jerusalem and

63:10 his holy Spirit, till he became their

65:6 me that I will not be still till I have


7:15 time he has learned to reject what

9:3 as men rejoice at harvest time, or

9:7 and righteousness from this time

13:22 amusement halls. Her time draws

17:14 a storm. At evening time shall be

18:5 when the time of flowering is past

18:7 of the land all winter. At that time

33:6 Your faithfulness in time of trial

39:1 the house of Jehovah. At that time

39:6 Hosts: The time shall come when

41:26 declared it ahead of time, that we

42:14 For a long time I have been silent

49:8 says Jehovah: At a favorable time

49:20 The children born during the time

58:5 have required, just a time for men

60:22 I Jehovah will hasten it in its time


33:2 troubled times. The peoples fled

46:10 ancient times things not yet done.

51:9 yourself, as in ancient times, as in


37:27 timorous inhabitants shrank away


37:9 report that Tirhakah king of Cush


56:12 tomorrow will be like today, only


11:8 the toddler reach his hand over the


8:19 huddle together and mutter, say to

11:6 and young lions will feed together

11:7 their young will rest together; the

11:14 together plunder those to the east;

24:22 herded together like prisoners to a

31:3 both shall come to an end together

34:15 too shall kites come together, each

34:16 his Spirit he brings them together.

41:1 let us stand trial together. Who has

41:5 together and come to one another’s

43:9 the peoples were gathered together

52:9 all together into song, you ruined

53:6 together upon him the iniquity of

60:13 cypresses, pines, and firs together


53:11 shall see the toil of his soul and be

58:3 and constrain all who toil for you.


62:8 the new wine you have toiled for.


14:32 be told the envoys of the nation?

36:10 Jehovah told me to come against

40:21 you not been told before, that you

48:5 brazen—therefore I told you them

52:15 what was not told them, they shall


22:16 have hewn yourself a tomb here,


22:13 for tomorrow we die! Jehovah of

56:12 tomorrow will be like today, only


6:6 he had taken with tongs from the


3:8 fall because their tongue and their

11:15 dry up the tongue of the Egyptian

28:11 by a strange tongue must he speak

30:27 his tongue is like a devouring fire

33:19 babbling tongue was unintelligible

35:6 tongue of the dumb shout for joy.

41:17 and their tongue becomes parched

45:23 and every tongue swear allegiance

50:4 a learned tongue, that I may know

54:17 succeed; every tongue that rises to

57:4 mouth and stick out the tongue?

59:3 guile, your tongue utters duplicity


32:4 tongues of the stammerers master

66:18 nations and tongues, that they may


20:1 came to Ashdod took it by combat

22:10 You took a census of the buildings

36:2 took up a position by the aqueduct


44:12 with his tools works the iron over


28:27 not threshed with a sharp-toothed

41:15 sharp-toothed threshing sledge of


9:14 Israel head and tail, palm top and

19:15 neither head nor tail, palm top or

22:18 a top into an open country. There


30:33 Tophet has been prepared of old,


17:6 topmost bough, or four or five in


41:2 delivered nations to him, toppled


42:11 for joy and cry out from the tops


62:1 like a flaming torch. The nations


58:5 men to torment themselves? Is it


21:3 tormented beyond giving heed; I

60:14 tormented you will come bowing


51:23 into the hand of your tormentors


21:1 Like tornadoes sweeping through


27:12 torrent of the River to the streams

30:28 a raging torrent that severs at the

59:19 like a hostile torrent, impelled by


25:4 down like torrents against a wall,


52:11 Turn away, depart; touch nothing


6:7 he said, See, this has touched your


6:7 Touching it to my mouth, he said,


2:15 hills, against every tall tower and


10:33 of Hosts shatter the towering trees


30:25 when the towers fall. The light of

33:18 the ones who appraised the towers


22:2 tumultuous town, a city of revelry

23:16 Take a lyre and go about the town


17:9 deserted towns of the Hivites and

24:10 The towns of disorder are broken

25:2 a heap of rubble, fortified towns a

32:14 abandoned, the clamorous towns


23:17 return to her trade and hire herself


23:2 traders of Sidon crossing the seas

23:8 imperial city, whose traders were


3:12 abolishing your traditional ways.


5:18 to transgression like a trailer, who


16:8 reached Jazer, trailing through the


21:2 the traitor in the act of treachery,


24:16 the traitors have been treacherous


1:12 requires you to trample my courts

14:25 land, trample them underfoot on


5:5 and let it be trampled. I will make

25:10 him Moab shall be trampled down

25:10 as straw is trampled in a dung pit.

63:3 my wrath I trampled them. Their


22:5 trampling and riot in the Arena of

58:13 keep your his feet from trampling


59:13 and pondering illicit transactions.


24:5 they have transgressed the laws,

43:27 Your first father transgressed;

66:24 people who transgressed against


5:18 to transgression like a trailer, who

59:20 Jacob who repent of transgression


6:7 away, your transgressions atoned

24:20 its transgressions weigh it down,

53:5 was pierced for our transgressions

58:1 to my people their transgressions

59:12 For our transgressions before you


48:8 transgressor from the womb. For


53:12 intercession for the transgressors.


37:27 as wild grass, transiently green, or


7:7 It shall not occur or transpire. For


48:5 to you before they transpired, lest


24:18 be caught in a trap. For when the


42:22 trapped in holes, hidden away in


24:17 and pitfalls and traps await you, O


33:8 highways are desolate, travel is at


30:4 and their envoys’ travels to Hanes


34:10 endless ages none shall traverse it.

35:8 shall not traverse them; on them

43:2 you; when you traverse the rivers,

58:14 will make you traverse the heights


24:16 the traitors have been treacherous

33:1 treacherous one, with whom none

33:1 none have been treacherous: when

48:8 knew you would turn treacherous;


21:2 the act of treachery, the destroyer


5:28 tread of their warhorses resembles

7:25 sheep to tread down. Jehovah said

10:6 to tread underfoot like mud in the

16:10 wine treaders will tread no wine in

41:25 as on mud, tread them as clay like

63:2 who tread grapes in the winepress


16:10 vineyards. The wine treaders will


59:8 their paths; none who treads them


39:6 your forefathers have treasured up


45:3 hidden treasures and secret hoards


39:2 his treasuries. There was nothing

39:4 nothing in my treasuries that I did


39:2 his treasury—the silver and gold,


33:8 at an end. The treaties have been


17:6 olive tree is beaten, having two or

24:13 when an olive tree is beaten, or as

34:4 or shriveled fruit from a fig tree.

36:16 own vine and his own fig tree and

56:3 eunuch say, I am but a barren tree

57:5 every burgeoning tree, slayers of

65:22 lifetime of a tree; my chosen ones


7:2 people were shaken, as trees in a

10:19 the trees left of his forest shall be

10:33 the towering trees with terrifying

14:8 trees, too, rejoice over you, as do

27:10 of trees. A harvest of twigs dries,

41:19 elms and box trees in the steppes

44:14 and care for them among the trees

44:23 O mountains, forests, and all trees

55:12 your presence and the trees of the


13:8 agony, seized with trembling like

21:3 is racked with trembling; throes

33:14 grip of trembling: Who among us

41:5 ends of the earth are in trembling.

64:2 adversaries, the nations trembling


3:14 will bring to trial the elders of his

33:6 in time of trial shall prove to be a

41:1 trial together. Who has raised up

53:8 and trial he was taken away. Who


38:16 my Lord, by means of such trials


49:6 to raise up the tribes of Jacob and

63:17 the tribes that are your inheritance


18:7 that time shall tribute be brought


28:10 measure by measure; a trifle here,

28:10 here, a trifle there. Therefore, by

28:13 measure by measure; a trifle here,

28:13 a trifle there, that, persisting, they


30:15 By a calm response triumph; with


41:3 by paths his feet have never trod.

63:3 I trod them down in my anger; in

63:6 me. I trod nations underfoot in my

63:18 holy place when our enemies trod


26:6 It is trodden underfoot by the feet

28:3 trodden underfoot. And the fading

63:3 Alone I have trodden out a vatful;


7:6 stir up trouble there. We will take

46:7 them from trouble. Put yourselves


33:2 troubled times. The peoples fled

63:9 their troubles he troubled himself


63:9 their troubles he troubled himself

65:16 by the God of truth. The troubles


43:9 within hearing may say, It is true.

65:16 earth shall do so by the true God,


45:15 no other gods exist! Truly you are


18:3 the mountains; heed the trumpet

27:13 Israel. In that day a loud trumpet

58:1 a trumpet! Declare to my people


12:2 salvation I will trust without fear;

26:4 Ever trust in Jehovah, for Jehovah

31:1 their trust in immense numbers of

36:5 have you put your trust, that you

36:15 not let Hezekiah make you trust in

37:10 you trust delude you into thinking

42:17 who trust in idols and esteem their


50:10 darkness and have no light, trusts


42:3 the cause of truth. Neither shall he

48:1 in truth or in righteousness, who

59:14 stand at a distance; truth stumbles

65:16 by the God of truth. The troubles


7:13 enough for you to try the patience

7:13 Must you also try the patience of

30:28 bridle on their jaws he will try the


66:19 (the archers), to Tubal and Javan,


13:4 Hark! A tumult on the mountains,

66:6 tumult from the city, a noise from


17:12 of the seas—tumultuous nations,

22:2 tumultuous town, a city of revelry


3:6 house, and say, You have a tunic:


9:5 all boots used in battle and tunics


17:12 commotion like the turbulence of


9:13 turn back to him who smites them

9:21 own offspring. Manasseh will turn

14:23 turn it into swamplands, a haunt

14:27 is upraised, who can turn it away?

19:6 rivers shall turn foul, and Egypt’s

19:22 and by smiting heal: they will turn

22:4 said, Turn your attention from me

29:21 for nothing turn away him who is

30:3 shall turn to your shame, shelter in

30:21 in it! should you turn left or right.

34:9 of Zion. Edom’s streams shall turn

37:29 and turn you back by the way you

41:18 of the plains; I will turn the desert

42:15 I will turn rivers into dry land and

42:16 them I will turn into light, and the

45:22 is no Savior? Turn to me and save

46:4 am present; till you turn grey, it is

48:8 knew you would turn treacherous;

50:2 rivers I turn into desert—their fish

52:11 redeemed Jerusalem. Turn away,


24:16 treacherous, the turncoats have


12:1 me, your anger is turned away

14:17 and kingdoms quake, who turned

24:9 liquor has turned bitter to drinkers

33:9 Sharon has been turned into a dry

38:2 recover. At this Hezekiah turned

51:12 men who shall be turned to grass?


10:18 and substance, turning them into

37:26 turning them into heaps of rubble


44:25 turns wise men about and makes


18:5 down the fruit-bearing twigs with

27:11 twigs dries, broken off by women


58:10 amid darkness and your twilight


3:24 girdle, a piece of twine, instead of


38:14 twitter, like a dove I murmur. My


6:2 each having six wings—with two

6:2 they could veil presence, with two

6:2 location, and with two fly about.

7:4 two smoking tail ends of kindling,

7:16 land whose two rulers you loathe

8:14 a sanctuary, but to the two houses

17:6 beaten, having two or three berries

36:8 will give you two thousand horses

47:2 refined. Take two grindstones and


51:19 sons she reared. Twofold calamity

61:7 Because their shame was twofold,

61:7 be twofold and everlasting joy be


40:20 type of sacrifice select wood that


44:7 as types, foretelling things to come


25:3 a community of tyrannous nations


14:4 tyrant has met his end and tyranny

60:18 tyranny shall no more be heard of


14:4 tyrant has met his end and tyranny


13:11 humble the pride of tyrants. I will

16:4 ceased, when tyrants are destroyed

25:4 the blasts of tyrants beat down like

25:5 you subdued the power of tyrants.

29:20 of Israel. For tyrants shall come to


49:24 or the tyrant’s captives escape free

49:25 the tyrant’s captives escape free. I


23:1 An oracle concerning Tyre: Sound

23:1 O merchant ships! For Tyre is laid

23:5 of Tyre reaches Egypt, men will be

23:8 devised this stratagem against Tyre

23:13 founded Tyre for shipping. Was it

23:15 In that day Tyre shall be forgotten

23:15 end of seventy years, Tyre shall be

23:17 Jehovah will revisit Tyre. And she