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47:2 legs, wade through streams: your


7:1 to Jerusalem to wage war against

31:4 be when he descends to wage war


36:8 altar? Come now, wager with my


19:10 and all who work for wages suffer


66:20 on horses, in chariots and wagons


14:31 Wail at the gates; howl in the city

15:2 will wail in Moab over Nebo and

15:3 will altogether wail and give way


5:27 drowse or fall asleep. Their waist-

11:5 band about his waist, faithfulness


32:11 put sackcloth around your waists.


8:17 I will wait for Jehovah, who hides

30:18 all who wait for him. O people of

64:4 who wait for him. But you wound


25:9 for whom we have waited; let us

33:2 waited for you. Be our strength


50:4 a word to wake them up. Morning

59:7 and disaster follow in their wake.


50:4 morning he wakens my ear to hear


29:8 but wakes up faint and craving. So


3:16 eyes, ever flirting when they walk

30:21 saying, This is the way; walk in it

35:9 the redeemed shall walk them, the

40:31 without wearying, they shall walk

42:5 it, spirit to those who walk on it: I

42:24 have no desire to walk in his ways

43:2 Though you walk through the fire

45:14 in stature. They shall walk behind

50:10 walk in the dark and have no light

50:11 sparks. Walk then by the light of

57:2 walk uprightly shall attain peace,

59:9 of hope, but we walk amid gloom.

65:2 people, who walk in ways that are


38:3 have walked before you faithfully


9:2 the nations. The people walking in


2:15 tower and reinforced wall, against

5:5 its wall broken through and let it be

22:10 buildings to fortify your wall. You

25:4 like torrents against a wall, or like

30:13 in a high wall which suddenly and

36:11 on the wall. But Rabshakeh replied

36:12 to the men sitting on the wall, who

38:2 face toward the wall and prayed to


25:12 Your highly walled fortifications he


22:5 day of battering down walls and of

22:11 built cisterns between the walls for

26:1 salvation he has set up as walls and

56:5 name within the walls of my house

58:12 be called a rebuilder of fallen walls

60:10 Foreigners will rebuild your walls,

60:18 walls and homage as your gates. No

62:6 appointed watchmen on your walls,


35:8 on them shall no reprobates wander


21:13 You wandering bands of Dedanites,


5:24 as dry weeds wane before the flame

17:4 In that day Jacob’s glory shall wane

60:20 moon wane: to you Jehovah shall be


1:11 do not want. When you come to see

41:17 I Jehovah will answer their want; I,

51:14 neither shall he want for food. It is I


57:12 and the wantonness of your exploits


3:25 your might overthrown in war. Her

7:1 to wage war against it, but could not

13:4 Hosts is marshaling an army for war

21:15 drawn bow and the severity of war.

31:4 when he descends to wage war upon

36:5 you suppose that in war mere words

42:13 will give the war cry, raise the shout

42:25 the violence of war, till it envelopes


23:1 stripped of warehouse and wharf. On


2:4 nor will they learn warfare any more


5:28 their warhorses resembles flint; their


44:15 use to warm themselves or light fires

44:16 They also warm themselves and say,

44:16 say, Ah, it is warm in front of the fire

47:14 These are no embers to warm anyone


42:13 a warrior, his passions aroused like a


49:24 the warrior’s spoil be taken from him

49:25 warrior’s spoil shall indeed be taken


41:12 find them; whoever wars against you


33:21 warships sail or majestic fleets pass


1:16 Wash yourselves clean: remove your


4:4 when my Lord has washed away the


1:7 aliens in your presence, laid waste at

21:2 treachery, the destroyer laying waste.

23:1 ships! For Tyre is laid waste, stripped

24:1 Jehovah will lay waste the earth and

31:8 Before that sword they shall waste

33:9 a dry waste, Basham and Carmel are

42:15 once. I will lay waste mountains and

45:18 remain a chaotic waste, but designed

49:19 and your land laid waste, shall now

61:4 ruins, raise up the old waste places;


34:10 remain a wasteland from generation

43:19 in the wasteland. The wild beasts do


24:16 I am wasting away; I am weakening:


18:4 Jehovah to me: I will watch over my

21:7 sees. Let him watch for chariots with

27:3 water constantly, watch over it night

29:20 watch for iniquity shall be cut off—


56:10 but dumb watchdogs unable to bark,


21:6 appoint a watchman who will report

21:11 from Seir, Watchman, what remains

21:11 Watchman, how much of the night is

21:12 left? The watchman replies, Morning


52:8 Your watchmen lift up their voice; as

56:10 Their watchmen are altogether blind

62:6 I have appointed watchmen on your


5:2 a watchtower in its midst and hewed

21:8 been standing on the watchtower day


1:22 dross, your wine diluted with water.

1:30 as a garden that has no water. The

3:1 supply and water supply, the valiant

7:19 ditches and water holes. In that day

12:3 drawing water from the fountains of

16:9 water you with my tears, O Heshbon

18:2 by sea, in swift craft across the water

19:8 those who cast nets on water will be

21:14 bring water to greet the thirsty; meet

22:9 water in the Lower Reservoir. You

22:11 for the water from the Old Reservoir

27:3 which I, Jehovah, am keeper. I water

30:14 a fireplace, or dip water from a tank.

30:20 adversity and the water of affliction,

30:23 he water with rain the seed you sow

30:25 streams of running water, on the day

32:2 from the storm, like brooks of water

33:16 is provided them, their water is sure.

35:6 the dumb shout for joy. Water shall

35:7 the thirsty place springs of water; in

36:16 and his own fig tree and drink water

41:17 require water, and there is none, and

41:18 into fountains of water. I will bring

43:20 for bringing water to the wilderness

44:3 I will pour water on the thirsty soil,

44:4 grass among streams of water, like

44:12 he fails to drink water, he begins to

48:21 caused water to flow for them from

48:21 cleaved the rock and water gushed

49:10 will lead them by springs of water.

50:2 lack of water and perish because of

55:1 all who thirst; come for water! You

64:2 lit for boiling water, which bubbles


58:11 become like a well-watered garden


55:10 not to it without watering the earth,


8:6 have rejected the Waters of Shiloah

8:7 them the great and mighty waters of

11:9 overspread with waters. In that day

15:6 Waters of Nimrim shall be desolate

15:9 the Waters of Dibon shall flow with

17:12 like the turbulence of mighty waters

17:13 roar like the roaring of great waters

19:5 Hosts. The waters of the lakes shall

28:2 inundating deluge of mighty waters

28:17 waters flood the hiding place. Your

32:20 then sow by all waters, letting oxen

37:25 foreign waters. With the soles of my

40:12 along. Who measured out the waters

43:2 When you cross the waters, I will be

43:16 path through the mighty waters, who

51:10 who dried up the Sea, the waters of

54:9 Noah, when I swore that the waters

57:20 to rest, whose waters heave up mire

58:11 of unfailing waters. They who came

63:12 who divided the waters before them


19:6 foul, and Egypt’s waterways recede


48:18 righteousness like the waves of the

51:15 stir up the Sea so that its waves roar


10:31 of the way, the inhabitants of Gebim

11:15 into seven streams to provide a way

15:3 give way to weeping. Heshbon will

23:1 On their way from the land of Kittim

30:11 Get out of the way; move aside, off

30:21 you saying, This is the way; walk in

30:29 lyres], on their way to the mountain

35:8 shall be called the Way of Holiness,

37:29 turn you back by the way you came

37:34 By the way he came he shall return;

40:3 desert prepare the way for Jehovah;

40:14 him with the way of understanding?

42:16 lead the blind by a way they did not

43:16 —who provides a way in the Sea, a

47:15 deviates his own way; none is there

48:15 will prosper his way. Come near me

48:17 the way you should go. Had you but

49:9 feed along the way and find pasture

51:10 and made of ocean depths a way by

53:6 of us headed his own way; Jehovah

56:11 diverted to their own way, every one

57:14 a road! Prepare the way; remove the

59:8 with the way of perfection; integrity

62:10 gates; prepare the way for the people


2:3 may instruct us in his ways, that we

3:12 traditional ways. Jehovah will take a

8:11 follow the ways of these people. For

42:24 have no desire to walk in his ways or

55:7 wicked forsake their ways and sinful

55:8 ways my ways, says Jehovah. But as

55:9 are my ways higher than your ways

57:10 ways, you have not admitted despair

57:17 following the ways of his heart. Yet

58:2 eager to learn my ways, like a nation

59:13 ways of extortion, conceiving in the

63:17 stray from your ways, hardening our

64:5 you by following your ways—that in

65:2 who walk in ways that are not good,

66:3 preferred to go their own ways, their


1:5 your waywardness? The whole head


13:7 shall every hand grow weak and the


24:16 I am wasting away; I am weakening


2:7 end to their wealth; their land is full

8:4 or Mother, the wealth of Damascus

10:3 Where will you leave your wealth?

10:14 wealth of peoples like a nest, and I

30:6 they carry their wealth on the backs

45:3 of wealth—that you may know that

45:14 wealth of Egypt and merchandise of

61:6 You shall feed on the wealth of the


28:9 weaned from milk, those just taken


28:9 with revelation? Weanlings weaned


54:17 weapon is devised against you, it


10:28 marshals his weaponry. They cross


54:16 forging weapons to suit his purpose


4:1 We will eat our own food, wear our

10:27 fatness shall by fatness wear away.

15:3 every beard cut off. They will wear

50:9 Surely all such shall wear out like a

51:6 the earth wear out like a garment—


43:23 wearied you with burning incense.

43:24 me with your sins, wearied me with

57:10 Though wearied by your excessive


22:12 for austerity and wearing sackcloth


1:14 I am weary of putting up with them

5:27 Not of them grows weary, nor does

16:12 the Moabites weary themselves on

28:12 said, This is rest; let the weary rest!

40:28 or weary; his intelligence cannot be

40:29 supplies the weary with energy and

40:30 Youths grow faint and weary, and

43:22 grown weary of me, O Israel. Yet I

46:1 as burdens on weary animals. Such

50:4 those grown weary a word to wake


40:31 without wearying, they shall walk


13:21 its buildings overflow with weasels


19:9 and weavers of fine fabrics will be


59:5 vipers’ eggs and spin spiders’ webs


62:5 virgin, so shall your sons wed you;


62:5 young man weds a virgin, so shall


5:24 dry weeds wane before the flame,

37:27 or like weeds on a roof that scorch


15:2 hill shrines, to weep; they will wail

22:4 me, though I weep bitterly; hasten

30:19 cause to weep. He will graciously

33:7 peace weep bitterly. The highways


15:3 give way to weeping. Heshbon will

22:12 calls for weeping and lamentation,

65:19 the sound of weeping or the cry of


24:20 transgressions weigh it down, and

46:6 weigh out silver on the scales hire


1:4 a people weighed down by sin, the

47:6 mercy; even the aged you weighed


40:12 weighing mountains in scales, hills


28:17 measure, righteousness the weight

34:11 measure and chaotic weight. Shall


41:7 * They say of the welding, It is good


3:10 righteous it shall be well with them

5:2 for it a winepress as well. Then he

25:6 matured wines well refined. In this

55:2 satisfy? Hear me well: Eat what is

58:11 become like a well-watered garden


57:19 the lips: Peace, wellbeing, to those


37:25 forest. I have dug wells and drunk


36:3 of Asaph, the record keeper, went

36:22 Asaph, the record keeper, went to

37:14 Hezekiah went up to the house of

37:36 the angel of Jehovah went out and

52:4 my people went down to Egypt to


38:3 And Hezekiah wept disconsolately


9:12 east and Philistines from the west

11:14 west, and together plunder those to

21:1 the West: Like tornadoes sweeping

43:5 east and gather you from the west;

59:19 render retribution. From the West


23:1 wharf. On their way from the land


28:25 Does he not demarcate wheat from


5:28 their chariot wheels revolve like a


6:13 And while yet a tenth of the people

8:20 while they utter such words devoid

26:20 a little while until the wrath is past

29:13 their lips, while their heart remains

29:17 very little while, shall not Lebanon

37:27 them into heaps of rubble, while

38:13 while like a lion he racks my whole

49:21 bore me these while I was bereaved

51:16 shadow of my hand while I replant

55:6 of Jehovah while he is present; call

55:6 call upon him while he is near. Let

63:18 your inheritance. But a little while

65:13 eat indeed, while you shall hunger;

65:13 drink indeed, while you shall thirst;

65:13 servants shall rejoice indeed, while

65:14 indeed, for gladness of heart, while

65:24 reply; while they are yet speaking I


10:26 the whip against them, as when he


17:13 mountains, or as whirling dust in a


5:28 a whirlwind. They have the roar of

66:15 a whirlwind, to retaliate in furious


29:4 medium; your saying shall whisper


1:18 they can be made white as wool. If

1:18 they may become white as wool. If


1:5 whole head is sick, the whole heart

4:5 Over the whole site of Mount Zion,

7:24 for the whole land shall revert to

10:14 gathered up the whole world as one

10:23 destruction decreed upon the whole

14:7 Now the whole earth is at rest and at

14:26 things determined upon the whole

21:3 bring to an end. Therefore my whole

28:22 of Hosts upon the whole earth. Give

33:12 breath devours you! Whole nations

38:13 like a lion he racks my whole frame

44:11 benefit them? Their whole society is

48:6 But you have heard the whole vision

63:3 I have stained my whole attire. For I


42:3 a dim wick he will not snuff out. He

43:17 die, snuffed out like a wick—Never


1:16 wicked deeds from before my eyes;

3:11 labors. But woe to the wicked when

11:4 lips slay the wicked. Righteousness

13:11 world, punishment for the wicked; I

14:5 wicked, the rod of those who ruled—

26:10 favor be shown the wicked, they will

48:22 peace, says my Lord, for the wicked.

53:9 the wicked in death, among the rich

55:7 him while he is near. Let the wicked

57:20 the wicked are like the raging Sea,

57:21 peace, says my God, for the wicked.


1:13 and on the Sabbath, wickedness with

9:18 Wickedness shall be set ablaze like a

22:14 Such wickedness cannot be forgiven

33:15 their eyes at the sight of wickedness.

47:10 in your wickedness, you thought, No

59:4 beget wickedness. They hatch vipers’


18:2 nation dreaded far and wide, a people

18:7 nation dreaded far and wide, a people

57:4 whom do you open wide the mouth

57:8 your bed, you have laid it wide open.


1:17 behalf of the widow. Come now, let


1:23 fatherless, nor does the widow’s case


47:8 shall not be widowed or bereaved of


47:9 widowhood shall suddenly overtake

54:4 reproach of your widowhood. For he


9:17 he pity their fatherless and widows,

10:2 plunder of widows, mere spoil of the


3:12 women wield authority over them. O


10:15 As though the rod wielded him who


19:16 of Hosts wields over them. The land


54:1 of the deserted wife shall outnumber

54:6 forlorn, a wife married in youth only


5:2 to yield grapes, but it produced wild

5:4 why did it produce wild grapes? Let

13:21 in it. But wild animals will infest it,

32:14 after, the playground of wild animals

34:14 wolves shall greet jackals, and wild

35:9 nor shall wild beasts intrude. But the

37:27 wild grass, transiently green, or like

37:30 what grows wild, and the following

43:20 wild beasts do me honor, the jackals

56:9 already gathered. All you wild beasts


7:24 whole land shall revert to wilderness.

14:17 world into a wilderness, demolishing

21:1 An oracle concerning the Wilderness

27:10 wilderness; steers forage and recline

35:1 generation. Wilderness and arid land

35:6 in the wilderness and streams flow in

40:3 for Jehovah; in the wilderness pave a

41:19 and oleasters in the wilderness; I will

43:20 to the wilderness, streams to the dry

51:3 making her wilderness like Eden, her

64:10 holy cities have become a wilderness


42:21 It is the will of Jehovah that, because

44:28 shepherd; he will do whatever I will.

46:10 take effect; I accomplish all my will.

48:14 perform his will in Babylon; his arm

56:4 I will—holding fast to my covenant

65:12 do what was not my will. Therefore

66:4 to do what was not my will. Hear the


53:10 mouth. But Jehovah willed to crush


59:13 iniquities: willfully denying Jehovah


1:19 as wool. If you are willing and obey


15:7 away over the Valley of the Willows

44:4 like willows by running brooks. One


33:9 withered and forlorn, Lebanon wilts


4:4 justice, by a burning wind. Over the

11:15 by his mighty wind; he will extend

17:13 the wind like chaff on the mountains

26:18 brought forth only wind. We have

27:8 burning east wind. But by this shall

32:2 shelter from the wind or refuge from

41:16 them, a wind shall take them away,

41:29 but wind and emptiness. My servant

57:13 A wind shall carry all of them off; a

64:6 our sins, like a wind, sweep us away


24:18 the windows on high are opened, the


1:22 dross, your wine diluted with water.

5:11 parties, inflamed by wine! There are

5:12 and lyres, drums, flutes, and wine at

5:22 who are valiant at drinking wine and

16:10 The wine treaders will tread no wine

22:13 eating meat and drinking wine: let us

24:7 wine withers on languishing vines,

24:9 Men no longer drink wine amid song

24:11 Outside is heard the clamor for wine

28:1 overcome with wine. My Lord has in

28:7 These too have indulged in wine and

28:7 wine and stagger because of strong

29:9 Be drunk, but not with wine; stagger,

36:17 grain and wine, a land of grain fields

49:26 with their own blood as with wine.

51:21 wine. Thus says Jehovah, your Lord

55:1 wine and milk with no money and at

56:12 they say, let us get wine and have our

62:8 new wine you have toiled for. Those


5:2 and hewed for it a winepress as well.

63:2 tread grapes in the winepress? Alone


25:6 wines well refined. In this mountain

65:11 pour mixed wines for Fortune, I will


6:2 him overhead, each having six wings

8:8 neck; his outspread wings will span

10:14 not one flapped its wings, or opened

18:1 to the land of buzzing wings beyond

40:31 eagles’ wings; they shall run without


41:16 make chaff of hills. As you winnow


30:24 winnowed with shovel and fork. On


18:6 the land all winter. At that time shall


25:8 forever. My Lord Jehovah will wipe


26:14 appoint them to destruction, wiping


11:2 of wisdom and of understanding, the

33:6 prove to be a strength, your wisdom


5:21 those who are wise in their own eyes

19:11 We ourselves are as wise as the first

19:12 are your wise men indeed? Let them

29:14 of their wise men insignificant. Woe

44:25 wise men about and makes nonsense


19:11 the wisest of Pharaoh’s advisers give


19:3 spiritists, to mediums and witchcraft


26:15 withdrawn all borders in the earth. O

57:1 calamity the righteous are withdrawn


37:8 left Lachish, he withdrew and found

37:37 of Assyria broke camp and withdrew


1:30 like an oak whose leaves wither, and

16:8 vineyards of Heshbon shall wither;

19:6 and rushes shall wither; vegetation

40:24 at them and they wither, and a storm

42:15 all their vegetation wither; I will turn


33:9 withered and forlorn, Lebanon wilts

34:4 with one accord, like withered leaves


24:7 wine withers on languishing vines,

40:8 herbage—grass that withers, flowers


48:6 things withheld and unknown to you

63:15 withheld from us! Surely you are our


43:6 Give up! to the south, Withhold not!


8:2 Jeberechiah, to witness for me. And

55:4 I have appointed him as a witness to


8:2 I called in reliable witnesses, Uriah

43:9 pass? Let hem bring their witnesses

43:10 you are my witnesses, says Jehovah,

43:12 You are my witnesses, says Jehovah

44:8 being my witnesses? Is there a God,


13:16 plundered, their wives ravished. See


1:24 declares, Woe to them! I will relieve

3:9 Sodom; they cannot hide it. Woe to

3:11 labors. But woe to the wicked when

5:8 outcry. Woe to those who join house

5:11 homer of seed but an ephah. Woe to

5:18 of the affluent. Woe to those drawn

5:20 Woe to those who suppose what is

5:21 bitter. Woe to those who are wise in

5:22 view! Woe to those who are valiant

5:23 at drinking liquor! Woe to those who

6:5 Woe is me: I have been struck dumb

10:1 Woe to those who enact unjust laws

17:12 pain. Woe to the many peoples in an

18:1 who despoil us. Woe to the land of

24:16 treacherous, I am weakening: woe is

28:1 at Jerusalem. Woe to the garlands of

29:1 surpassing. Woe to Ariel—Ariel, the

29:15 insignificant. Woe to those contrive

30:1 instruction. Woe to you, rebellious

31:1 a river of lava. Woe to those who go

33:1 Woe to you, despoiler, who yourself

45:9 I, Jehovah, create it. Woe to those in

45:10 work! Woe to those who say to their


37:3 says Hezekiah: This is a woeful day


11:6 the wolf dwell among lambs and the

65:25 respond. The wolf and the lamb will


34:14 wolves shall greet jackals, and wild


7:14 woman with child shall give birth to

13:8 seized with trembling like a woman

21:3 agony have seized me like a woman

26:17 woman about to give birth cries out

30:22 eject them as a menstruous woman

42:14 now I will scream like a woman in

45:10 the Woman, What have you borne?

49:15 a woman forget her suckling infant,

54:1 Sing, O barren woman who did not


44:2 the womb and succored you: Be not

44:24 the womb: I am Jehovah, the Maker

46:3 by me from the womb: Even to your

48:8 called a transgressor from the womb

49:1 before I was in my mother’s womb,

49:5 formed me from the womb to be his

49:15 womb? Although these shall forget,


3:12 them; women wield authority over

3:16 women of Zion are haughty and put

3:17 of the women of Zion with baldness

4:1 Seven women will take hold of one

4:4 of the women of Zion and cleansed

16:2 of the nest, so are Moab’s women at

19:16 as women, fearful and afraid at the

27:11 dries, broken off women who come

32:9 to my voice, O complacent women;

32:11 complacent women; be perturbed, O


35:10 won joy and gladness when sorrow

49:5 I won honor in the eyes of Jehovah


29:14 people with wonder upon wonder,


59:16 he wondered why there was no man


9:6 Wonderful Counsellor, One Mighty

28:29 Hosts, whose counsel is wonderful,


14:16 stare at you, wondering, Is this the


12:5 who has performed wonders; let it

25:1 performed wonders, things planned


10:15 the one who is not made of wood!

37:19 men’s hands, of wood and of stone

40:20 type of sacrifice select a wood that

44:19 not stoop to a mere lump of wood?

60:17 place of wood I will bring copper,


45:20 wooden idols and prayed to gods


44:13 The woodworker draws a diagram


1:18 may become white as wool. If you

51:8 moths shall devour them like wool


1:10 the word of Jehovah, O leaders of

2:3 law, and from Jerusalem the word

24:3 has given word concerning it. The

28:13 not listen. So to them the word of

28:14 the word of Jehovah, you scoffers

28:19 to hear word of it. Then shall come

29:21 a word adjudge a man to be guilty

30:12 have rejected this word, and rely

33:15 word, who disdain extortion and

37:21 Isaiah the son of Amoz sent word

38:4 Then the word of Jehovah came to

39:5 Hear the word of Jehovah of Hosts

39:8 word of Jehovah you have spoken

40:8 only the word of our God endures

41:28 answer a word. Surely they are all

44:26 word of his servant, accomplishes

50:4 grown weary a word to wake them

55:11 is the word that leaves my mouth:

66:2 who are vigilant for my word. But

66:5 the word of Jehovah, you who are

66:5 you who are vigilant for his word:


5:24 reviled the words of the Holy One

8:20 while they utter such words devoid

29:4 your words uttering out of the dust

29:11 vision has become as the words of

29:18 shall the deaf hear the words of the

30:21 hear words from behind you saying

31:2 them, and not retract his words. He

32:9 careless daughters, hear my words!

36:5 mere words are sufficient tactics or

36:13 voice in Judean, Hear the words of

37:4 the words of Rabshakeh, whom his

37:6 words with which you have heard

37:17 all the words Sennacherib has sent

51:16 I will put my words in your mouth

59:4 empty words, deceitfully spoken;

59:21 and my words which I have placed


10:27 yoke that wore away your fatness


5:12 his hands at work. Therefore my

5:19 Let him quickly speed up his work

10:12 has fully accomplished his work in

19:10 who work for wages suffer distress

19:25 Assyria the work of my hands, and

28:21 and do this work, his bizarre work.

29:15 schemes from Jehovah! They work

29:16 a work of its designer, He doesn’t

29:23 his children, the work of my hands

40:10 is with him; his work precedes him

41:4 Who is at work accomplishing this

42:3 will perform the work of justice in

43:13 can deliver; when I work, who can

45:9 no skill for the work! Woe to those

60:21 the branch I have planted, the work

62:11 with him, his work preceding him.

64:8 potter, and we are all alike the work

65:22 the work of their hands. They shall


19:10 dismayed. The textile workers will


1:31 as refuse, their works a spark; both

2:8 they adore the works of their hands,

17:8 the altars, the works of their hands,

37:19 works of men’s hands, of wood and

41:24 account, that your works amount to

41:29 all iniquitous, their works worthless

44:12 smith with his tools works the iron

59:6 Their works consist of wrongdoing;


10:14 I have gathered up the whole world

13:11 have decreed calamity for the world

14:17 turned the world into a wilderness,

14:21 possession of the world, and fill the

18:3 live in the world, you inhabitants of

23:17 all the kingdoms of the world on the

24:4 the world miserably perish; the elite

26:9 world learn righteousness. Though

26:18 world might not fall. Yet shall your

34:1 are upon it, the world, and all who

40:23 world null and void. When scarcely


45:17 be dismayed or put to shame worlds


14:9 all the spirits of the world’s leaders,

23:8 the world’s celebrities? Jehovah of

23:9 and the world’s celebrities an utter


14:11 you are covered with worms. How

41:14 Be not afraid, you worms of Jacob;

66:24 whose worms do not die and whose


19:21 They will worship by sacrifice and

36:7 to worship only at this altar? Come

46:6 god they bow down to and worship.

66:23 to worship before me, says Jehovah


37:38 he was worshiping in the temple of


7:23 a thousand vines worth a thousand


1:13 more worthless offerings; they are

41:29 works worthless; their outpourings

59:6 worthless for covering themselves.


30:26 people and heals their open wound.

64:5 wait for him. But you wound those


1:6 is nothing sound, only wounds and

53:5 with his wounds we are healed. We


38:12 My life is cut off like woven fabric;


28:20 on, the covering too narrow to wrap


59:17 for a garment and wrapped himself


9:19 of smoke. At the wrath of Jehovah

10:5 is a staff—my wrath in their hand

10:25 soon come to an end; my wrath will

13:5 and the instruments of his wrath to

13:9 a cruel outburst of anger and wrath

13:13 the day of his blazing wrath. Then,

14:6 his wrath by relentless oppression.

26:20 a little while until the wrath is past

30:27 afar! His wrath is kindled, heavy is

48:9 have bridled my wrath; on account

51:13 to the wrath of the oppressor? Soon

51:17 his wrath, drinking to the dregs the

51:20 They have their fill of the wrath of

51:22 the bowl of my wrath. And I give it

59:18 them: wrath upon his adversaries,

63:3 in my wrath I trampled them. Their

63:5 me, and my wrath, it assisted me. O


51:13 himself to wreak destruction? What


28:5 of beauty and wreath of glory to the


28:1 wreaths on the heads of the opulent

28:4 fading wreaths, the crowns of glory


54:11 on you. Poor wretch, tempest-tossed


24:4 of the earth shall be made wretched.

51:21 this, O wretched one, drunk, though


58:7 to bring home the wretchedly poor,


8:1 Take a large scroll and write on it in

30:8 Go now, write on tablets concerning


38:9 illness, written upon his recovery: I

65:6 it is written before me that I will not


1:4 by sin, the offspring of wrongdoers,


59:6 Their works consist of wrongdoing;


58:6 To release from wrongful bondage,


26:18 wrought salvation in the earth, that

42:8 nor my praise to wrought idols. The

43:7 I have formed, molded and wrought

43:12 who foretold and wrought salvation

48:5 idols did it; my graven and wrought